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April 28th, 2002

Fruit Leather

A tasty find: Fruit Leather!

I first encountered Fruit Leather at Trader Joe’s, a fantastic grocery store. They featured Fruit Leather as a pick, and for just 29 cents I couldn’t pass it up. Since then, I’ve seen it selling for anywhere from 50 cents to a whole buck. The best part is that Fruit Leather is just… fruit. That’s it. As a bonus, the company offers Organic Fruit Leather too.

The Leather itself is very good. I used to enjoy eating dried fruits (massive bags are available at Costco, y’see) and Fruit Leather is a nice, cheaper alternative. I appreciate that the company’s site goes into some detail about how Fruit Leather is made.

If you haven’t tried Fruit Leather, you can get a free sample – 50 are given away each day. If you’ve tried it, what do you think? I think it tastes better than real leather would.

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