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May 13th, 2002

Craftmatic II Adjustable Beds

The commercial hasn’t changed in 20 years: buy a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed and get a coupon for a free 25″ TV. As a kid, I always thought these hospital beds for the bedroom were pretty cool, being able to elevate the back of the bed to watch television (even if it leaves your legs hanging off the edge) or lift your legs for better circulation. These days, though, I see they’re pretty much marketed strictly towards the silver generation.

Here’s the thing, though: I’ve never known anyone that’s actually owned a Craftmatic — have you? And what kind of TV comes with the bed? Which lasts longer before breaking, the bed or the TV? So many unanswered questions…

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday May 13, 2002 -- 12:25:06 pm
They don't tell you the price either, but financing is available. A bed should not cost so much that it needs a financing option. Odds are, most the geezers that buy these things kick it before its paid off ;)

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Tuesday May 14, 2002 -- 4:46:34 am
Ummm, my grandma has one of them upstairs. It's not the "Craftmatic" from their online TV ad, but it's a clone that I think she got through Sears or J.C. Penney or some other national retailer. She's had it since right after we moved into Lyons (from BERWYN!! Ode to ye Son of SvenGhoulie-heads) in 1990... things still chugging along strong after all of these years. From what I'm gathering, the Craftmatic's are rip-off's in terms of cost, even with the 25" TV tossed in. Wonder if we'll see 'em tossing 46" rear projections in, in a few years when 25" TV's cost as much as a bag of peanuts at the ballpark. Then again, we'll all probably be investing in Plasma (not the blood, but the TV's) by then...

FROM: mel
DATE: Wednesday May 15, 2002 -- 2:51:51 pm
What I want to know is what is a Craftmatic I??

DATE: Friday September 27, 2002 -- 4:39:20 pm
I have owned a Craftmatic bed for years and have found it to be the most comfortable and the best value for the money in the long run.


FROM: Dan Heric
DATE: Saturday November 9, 2002 -- 1:34:39 pm
Craftmatic has a 500.00 restocking fee that they don't tell thier customers about. When you call to tell them that you don't want the bed because you don't like it they are rude . Read your contracts before you sign. Because after you are stuck.

FROM: Dan Johnson
DATE: Friday February 21, 2003 -- 8:26:30 pm
I've been sleeping on a Craftmatic bed for 16 years; worth every dime.

FROM: Robert Broussard
DATE: Monday March 17, 2003 -- 12:04:33 am
I sleep 6 to 7 hours a night now on my Craftmatic compared to 2 to 3 hours per night previously and my back no longer bothers me as before my Craftmatic. Hasn't cured anything, but sure helps a lot!!!

FROM: Acie Austin
DATE: Wednesday May 21, 2003 -- 12:26:23 pm
Biggest scam on the market. The lifetime guarantee promised by the salers person is no good. The hand control went out in 6 months, and sure enough, the hand controls are not covered in the guarantee.Probably nothing else is either. Could have bought three electric beds for what we paid for this one. BIG SCAM, in my opinion.

FROM: Gerald Emery
DATE: Wednesday June 18, 2003 -- 6:29:21 pm
I am also one of those that didn't like the craftmatic bed ......and......they would not take it back. The people are rude and they play a nasty game of "you have only 5 days to cancel" and after that you are hooked. I am taking it to court and see what the law has to say.

FROM: Angela
DATE: Saturday January 3, 2004 -- 8:13:09 pm
I am only 25 and Love the Crafmatic bed, i got it during the end of my 3rd pregnacy and love it each and every night i get into it. It is worth every dime. The people i have spoken to in the company have been nothing but wonderful to us.

DATE: Sunday January 18, 2004 -- 12:17:35 am

DATE: Monday February 2, 2004 -- 12:12:14 pm
My wife and I both have back problems an purchased a craftmatic after being told it came with a wall hugger feature. This was necessary because my wife is short. The craftmatic cost us $1200 more than a bed we could have had locally and arrived without the feature we so wanted. Craftmatic appoligized, admitting that their salesman misled us but they refuse to take their product back or refund our money. (p.s. the Ohio Attourney General is sueing Craftmatic right now.)

FROM: Mary
DATE: Thursday April 1, 2004 -- 10:46:35 am
Interesting to read both the positive and negative comments. I am looking to purchase an adjustable bed and by chance came across your site.

FROM: rita gardner
DATE: Monday August 16, 2004 -- 1:25:02 pm
My mother bought a craftmatic from a high pressure salesman. She had purchased one years before which the hand controls went out and the bed stopped working within about a year. When she called to complain they never came out and fixed it. Then they talked her into another one in which they said it was a $4,000 bed they would sell her for $2,500 because of the trouble she had with the old one. Wrong the bed they sent and set up was worth probably $500. We stopped payment on the check and told them to come pick up the bed. They made two appointment to come get the bed. No one ever showed up. Of course they said no one was at one. No true. So we have turned this over the State of Fla. Attorney Generals Office.

FROM: Julie
DATE: Tuesday June 14, 2005 -- 12:59:53 pm
It is now 2005 and my parents just gave this company, Craftmatic, $7200.00 for two beds! Now all I can do is hope you positive folks are right and we have better, more ethical salespeople here in Michigan. Deal was done before I came into the picture. Don't mind spending the money, but I do mind the "no refund ever" part of the contract. It had better be good for them or there will be another lawsuit in the future.

FROM: R. Watson
DATE: Monday July 11, 2005 -- 1:29:42 am
These people are very difficult to deal with. MAKE SURE you know what you are doing and don't believe anything you are told without first checking it out!! Buy with a credit card or other financial instrument that allows you to GET YOUR MONEY BACK!! My parents were taken BIG TIME. What a shame!!! SHOP for better values and better terms and better Companies.

FROM: Jeffery Converry
DATE: Wednesday July 27, 2005 -- 8:59:42 pm
Bought a Craftmatic 6 months ago and have never slept better and my back pain is longer am I sore in the morning. Yes it is more expensive, yes they make you feel alot better and sleep better. It cost me less than back surgery! The higher price is SOOOOO worth it!

FROM: Sammy Reed
DATE: Thursday July 28, 2005 -- 2:55:02 pm
...and that TV is jammin', too, right?

FROM: Dave Harkins
DATE: Tuesday November 29, 2005 -- 4:27:02 pm
I actually "worked" for the company for a few days. Everything was a lie from the beginning. They lie to you to set up an appointment. They lie once they get into your house. They will lie and make up stories to get you to buy. The salespeople are slimy and so is everyone in corporate. The bed may work out, but if anything ever goes wrong, don't think it will ever be fixed or replaced. Oh by the way, there is no TV! They say they will credit the price of the TV to your purchase price and THERE IS NEVER ANY INTENT TO GIVE YOU THE TV. It isn't even an option once you decide to purchase.
Beware of this "company".

FROM: William Brown
DATE: Monday December 19, 2005 -- 4:14:45 pm
We recently bought the Craftmatic II and have asked them to take the bed back we where to late and now have to pay Hc Processing Center this is a finance company that has a card called the HelpCard the healthcare credit card we where late on the the first payment and they charged us $41.50 charge which is $39.00 delinquency charge and a monthly service charge of $2.50 will some one tell me where we can get help about this we do not want the beds but they will not take them back because it is turned over to finance company now.we do not want to pay this company any more is it legall for them to do this. Please some one help us on how to defeat this scam we got into.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday December 19, 2005 -- 6:28:02 pm
Only if you tell us if you got the free TV.

FROM: barbra1719
DATE: Sunday January 1, 2006 -- 10:26:29 am
just had a craftmatic salesman come to our home. did not make any appointment with them. only wanted info and price list. tried to keep him out but, my husband let him in. man what a bunch of lies he had for us. the price came after 2 hours of crap. i have never seen anyone like this guy except on "CHARMED". this would have been one of the demans who turned into a snake right before your eyes. are there any stores that let people see what they are buying when it comes to an adjustable bed???????/?????

FROM: Mike O.
DATE: Friday January 6, 2006 -- 7:35:38 pm
I was thinking about getting this Craftmatic bed,but after reading these comments I will not even consider it.

DATE: Friday January 6, 2006 -- 10:21:39 pm
I am supposed to start training for Craftmatic this coming Monday, does anyone have experience selling for the company?

DATE: Friday January 6, 2006 -- 10:37:22 pm
And what is the average first year's income? Is this something to stay away from?

FROM: dan
DATE: Friday January 6, 2006 -- 11:05:36 pm
Rob: might want to ask them about that free TV

FROM: Barbara
DATE: Saturday January 21, 2006 -- 2:04:48 pm
We bought an adjustable bed called a tempur-pedic, but it is made by legg and platt really. We bought it from Mattress Firm in St. louis. The first night my husband put the head and foot sections up, and the motor blew out. They replaced the bed the next day. The second one makes aweful noise when the vibrator feature is turned on, and they are bringing a third bed today. I hope it was a fluke! We are a very young, 51 year old couple. Ha, Active and healthy. Don't wait til you're old to enjoy the comfort of watching tv in one of these beds. The position is great, no need for a stack of pilllows cramping up your neck. And hard working legs love the elevation.

FROM: arabella
DATE: Sunday February 5, 2006 -- 5:02:48 am
I have just bought a Craftmatic bed it was a lot of money but let me tell you it's the best money I have ever spent.....

FROM: not from craftmatic
DATE: Sunday February 5, 2006 -- 8:38:51 pm
When I purchased the Craftmatic bed I recieved the free 25" television. I haven't had any problems, and I have been sleeping better than I ever did before. No more back pain! When they delieverd the bed, they gave me a back massage and also made me a big pretty cake! The cake was really great!

FROM: Angel
DATE: Monday February 13, 2006 -- 11:42:54 pm
Hey, thanks for the heads up!! I was considering getting one of those things but not anymore. It seems like more of a hassle than a help.

FROM: DanDara
DATE: Tuesday February 28, 2006 -- 3:34:04 pm
Any body know any thing about a guy that works at Craftmatic Corporate by the name of Stuart Weinerman? If so, let me know.

FROM: rich
DATE: Friday March 3, 2006 -- 6:25:44 pm
this message is for rob. did you ever train with and or start working for craftmatic? i was suppose to start also but am really concerned. i would appreciate any info you have.

FROM: lorraine king
DATE: Wednesday March 15, 2006 -- 4:06:10 am
just a word of advice, if you cannot get through to an operator to speak to someone at Craftmatic beds, don't listen to their telephone options, they will never answer calls regarding customer services, complaints, deliveries etc.. Best to get through using the accounts options they are ALWAYS keen to answer phonecalls with money fact I was able to cancel an appointment via this which leads me to beleive there aren't many people working on the phones. Always ask for the operators name.

FROM: Susan Gordon
DATE: Thursday March 16, 2006 -- 7:29:36 am
It is interesting to read these comments.

No company stays in business selling high ticket price items for as many years as craftmatic if they are selling junk and ripping people off. I am not saying that the distributorships are without problems, but I don't know of any mattress manufacturer who takes a return on a used bed. You can't resell a used bed. Would you want to be the unsuspecting purchaser of a used bed?

Salespeople are salespeople (buy a car lately?) they don't create the prices of their products they just do their best to make their living. Some are honest, some are not, but common sense tells you that word of mouth would have destroyed this company if the negatives were true. I'm sure there are incidents for a few consumers that need resolution, but what product is fool-proof?

The majority of people who buy a craftmatic bed are satisfied with their purchase and recommend it to anyone who asks, but those who have had bad experiences immediately decide they were ripped off. I purchased a brand name king size bed in a department store for almost the price of a craftmatic. It had a warranty, within a year it began to "sway" in the middle, I called the dept store, was sent to manufacturer, and after many more phone calls and months of this discomfort, a claims adjuster finally showed up only to tell me that the "dip" wasnt deep enough to call for replacement. I chalked it up to experience and then made the purchase I wanted to before settling for a not so cheap alternative, A craftmatic.

As for those who were considering a craftmatic and decided against it because of someone else's experience, it is probably your mistake and you might live to regret it as I did. If craftmatic was ripping people off, considering the wealth of that company, a smart lawyer would have already made his fortune on a class action suit and put them out of business long ago. But, if opinions of unknown, unseen, folks on the internet can put you off a purchase, rather than the visible success and longevity of a company, that's just how it is.

DATE: Thursday March 16, 2006 -- 7:14:06 pm
Sounds like somebody has a crush on 'Craftmatic'.

FROM: hungry not stupid
DATE: Wednesday March 22, 2006 -- 10:56:08 pm
I have some healthy skepticism re: the "opportunity Craftmatic is offering to newbies/salespersons. so i want to air it out and maybe get some feedback from real world experiences out there. like the clowns that spew drivel on behalf of politicians, all of them,
it's pretty obvious when someone is sheiling for a company, any company and it's obvious too when someone is just taking a dump on the mattress just because they couldn't get the deal right or whatever..... but!, there may be some legitimacy to the claims others have made.
it's true, no one's gonna take back a mattress but this is more than a mattress. it's also mechanical and electrical/electronic too. if that stuff fries out or doesn't perform as advertised, they should take it back.
so.....I read an ad in the local paper. i called them and left my info. i dialed in for the approx half hour phone thing they do for prospective salespersons. i'm intrigued but mostly by the potential for a decent paycheck. i understand after having listened very carefully that the primary market they look at is seniors. that makes sense to some degree because
A: they would need something like this more than a 30 year old might.
B: they might have some money to spend on an expensive product.(or not)
what i came away with after listening to the schpiel(?)
1: one will be spending their own money to drive the avg 50 to 100 mile radius EACH day to visit the potential customers (3 on average a day.)
that's not a bad thing but the only driving reimbursement you'll get is a tax writeoff because "you're an independent contractor".
2: they 'suggest" that you take a gift or cake or something to encourage the potential that the folks you are meeting with will like you. their explanation: it's an old school thing. a gift to the persons you visit(seniors remember?). that kinda works but i'm thinking(devils advocate)some folks would be put off by that gesture because they could see it as a "hustle" and then you're starting out in a hole. oh'll be buying the gifts too out of your own pocket. they stated they do reimburse you though.
i don't like the idea of leaning on people especially older folks. they deserve better and unfortunately because $ is king, some guys and gals will do the level best to close the deal any way they can..
there is a training period of 3 days and you're buying, the hotel that is. again they say they will reimburse. and that ain' t bad either but i'm kinda thinking, if this company is so certain as to the quality and desireability of the product, wouldn't they be paying your expenses upfront to go to school?. maybe the logic is: if you pay for it, you'll value it more?.
it's getting expensive now isn't it. at the end of the first WORK week i would have spent an average lo/hi 150 to 300 bucks(guesstimating) on gas, food, etc and cakes too! to get in the door. it ain't a bad thing it just sounds a little lopsided.
okay that's it. i'm on the fence, i know there are those that would say"you gotta spend it to make it" and "it's an investment in your self" etc. i got all that.
i'm more curious than worried but i would like to know if there those out there that have done the drill, and come out the other end on top/bottom. if i go through with the school for 3 days, i'm also saying no to several days of work i already have plus my out of pocket stuff. though they say they will reimburse!
in closing i ask; is the following quote for real????
"they gave me a back massage and also made me a big pretty cake! "
i'm thinking"oh my god i thought i would be taking them a cake not making it!"
can you imagine? 3 calls a day, times 5 days...that's 15 cakes A WEEK, 60+ cakes a month!!!!! you gotta buy and deliver. someone could get rich offa me, and it's the baker.
Over to you all. thanks!
hungry not stupid

DATE: Wednesday March 29, 2006 -- 9:25:33 am
In response to the last comment. I live in the Uk and I am currently investigating the possibility of working with Craftmatic. I have been on their conference call and spoken to one of their managers also. When asking about potential earnings and the like , the answer usually is "whatever you can make of it" Interestingly they said that the Hotel training 3 days would be paid for , with all expenses. I would never do it if I had to pay for the training myself. If you are good in the sales arena, and ethical also, the company would be happy to stand the cost of the training. The manager said earnings should be no less than 60 000 per year. They have about 130 sales people in the Uk of which 100 are active. They have sold 40,000 beds since 1992 in the Uk. They also offer to pay 30 per lead for the first month if you visit all the leads. I guess this is for people that have cash flow issues. Granted there are negative comments out there. However I would like to hear from peole that have been on the course , present Craftmatic sales people to hear of their experiences. By gathering knowledge I hope to make an informed decision.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Sunday April 23, 2006 -- 2:28:24 pm
I am currently a Craftmatic rep and can see both sides of the fence but I truly do believe it is a great product. The problem lies in the sales reps who are not always 100% honest. The company has allot of reps coming and going and the ones who are not very good sometimes compensate by not being quite honest about the benefits of the bed. I regularly go to homes that have had our beds for 20 or more years and are still working great. The mattresses tend to be worn by that time and many will opt to buy a new model bed as opposed to replacing the mattress. Sales is like being in the stock market, you cant look at what you make in a week but across several. I am making a 6 figure income and really enjoy what I am doing. Yes I have to pay for my fuel and gifts but it is not bad in the overall picture. As for the gifts, remember most of the people we see are "from the old school" where you didn't show up at someone's home without a gift. Yes I agree it is an attempt to get the customer to like you, but I cant see a $2 dollar gift making the difference on someone spending thousands for a bed. It only helps to get the customer to sit and listen to you and not have the door slammed in your face. I think you could pick any large company and find people who are adamant about their likes or dislikes about the company (Think Ford or Chevy) but ultimately they are basing their opinion on the experience they had with the salesperson or their one product example. Even Chevy and Ford have an occasional lemon. I am sleeping on a Craftmatic bed (Model 1 with a Visco Elastic Mattress) and would never go back to sleeping flat. I highly recommend the Visco Elastic (Tempur-Pedic Like) Mattress and switching your pillows to visco also. It may be interesting to note that not all states are serviced by the actual Craftmatic company and there have been problems with distributors (Ohio class action comes to mind) but the actual company is solid. They have been taking back over problem distributors and it is possible that many of the above problems were not with the actual company but a distributor. When I hear complaints they are usually sales rep related and I compare them to car salesmen, basic care in any sales transaction should be taken. Read your contract, If it's not in writing it must be taken as questionable. Craftmatic is VERY careful to put everything in writing. READ, READ, READ. You can't sign anything without reading it. Weather its a bed, house or car you have to know what you are and are not getting. The Craftmatic contract is very short and has virtually no small print, read what it says and ask questions if something is promised that is not on the contract. If I can answer any questions please ask.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday April 27, 2006 -- 4:19:27 pm
This bed is way overpriced, nothing a comparable bed maybe 1/4 of its price can't do. You can probably find the same features and functions under a thousand which they sell for over five thousand. And if you are planning to work for this company BEWARE. I believe they don't observe respect and ethics specifically those hotshots at their executive sales office.
Mr. Reno if you still work there I believe you should consider another career, maybe a jail guard or something. This guy thinks he owns you and totally a disrespectful person. And for people who plans to invite one their representative to their homes, just be a little bit cautious. The nature of their presentation goes all the way INSIDE YOUR BEDROOM. Have you ever thought if they conduct a background investigation as to the CRIMINAL RECORDS of their employees? NOT. I could go on and on as to bad experiences but I better end it here.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Saturday April 29, 2006 -- 2:16:23 pm
Robert, I have to disagree about price. It is like saying a Mercedes is an overpriced car and you can get the same value from a Yugo. Craftmatic has been around allot longer then the rest and has a patented design. There are many "clones" out there, and I see them every day when owners who cant get them repaired have to turn around and replace them. Yes there are good and bad sales reps. Just like in any business, and yes the sticker price is inflated, but virtually everyone negotiates price and the video even tells the customers to "Make Your Best Offer". Of course I would expect a bed salesman to go into the bedroom. Just as I would expect a roofer to go on the roof or a plumber to go in the bathroom.

FROM: Sour Puss
DATE: Monday May 1, 2006 -- 2:22:49 pm
I too have a tale to tell of unfair treatment, high pressure tatics, and preceived quality. I have slept on a craftmatic bed for 15 years. It was a good bed and still working but beginnig to sag. we wanted new matrices and wound up buying 1 new bed instead. We forked over the money, got poor service and finally had to resort to strong arm tatics. I could not believe that this was the same company we had done business with so many years before. And I was right it is not the same company. In fact they have declared bankruptsy due to law suits three times and changed their name only slightly in order to get back into the same business. There are at least two class actions suites in the us and several in UK, as I understand. How do they stay in business you ask, they don't they make as much money as they can, deal with the law suits, declare bankruptcy, change their name slightly to craftmatice something else and go right back into business. When the current CIO of th ecomapny was asked by a worldie paper about these tatics he basically said let the buyer beware. Now if you want to work for or do business with a company that has that philosophy, more power to you, and I wish you lots of luck. OH by the way, I got my money back and will never do business with them again, nor will I ever reccomend them and will in fact take every opportunity to spread the real word.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Monday May 1, 2006 -- 7:39:37 pm
Those are the distributers you are having trouble with and not the actual company. Several distributers have gone out (and/or) been sued, although the parent company was listed in several of the suits they only service the beds they directly sell. Beds that are bought from a distributer are serviced by the distributer.

FROM: Victoria
DATE: Wednesday May 3, 2006 -- 6:09:07 am
We just got our Craftmatic bed delivered yesterday. I will try and make a long story short. My husband received an advertising card from Craftmatic "Enter to Win a Free Craftmatic Bed" contest. So he mailed the card to the Company. After a few days a Craftmatic Rep gets him on the phone (all this so far without my knowlege) and talks a mile a minute to him. On Saturday, 2:00 p.m., our doorbell rings and a salesman is standing there. I thought he was the Chem Lawn guy I had inquired about, but no, it's the Crafty sales guy. Firstly, I was P.O.'d as I work hard all week and would never make a sales appointment on Saturday. That's my shopping, cooking, relaxation day. Hubby tells me the girl on the phone talked very fast and twisted words around and that's how Crafty showed up. Anyway, you won't believe this guy. He hands me a $2.00 potpurri bag, like I didn't get enough of those for Christmas. And I agree with some of the posters who stated this gesture makes you feel hooked. Mr. Crafty bored me to death with his video, his blah, blah, blah, blah blah, his demo in the bedroom zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, yadayadayadayadaya, and the creepiest of all was watching him massage my husband's leg with that electric thing that looks like a microphone. Crafty stayed FIVE (5 1/2 hours!) This scenario was stressing me out!!!! Finally, comes the price............ TOTAL PRICE....$5,800.00!!!!! I was shocked to my foundation! I told Crafty, "No way!" But hubby convinced me to take the TRIAL for a few days. I think I only agreed to do so in order to get Mr. Crafty the hell out of my house. I've tried the bed, and I don't like it as I'm used to sleeping on my side and stretching out, and finally, the pricetag is totally outrageous! It stresses me out and for the reasons above, I would not recommend the bed as I feel the pricetag alone is a ripoff. Sweet dreams.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Wednesday May 3, 2006 -- 5:24:15 pm
So let me get this straight, Your husband made an appointment without telling you. You spent 5 1/2 hours and $5,800 on something you didn't want. You missed the part on the video that says MAKE YOUR BEST OFFER. And all this is the salesmans fault??? Craftmatic beds are NOT sold on a trial basis. You have 5 days from when you placed the order to cancel in writing but a cancellation period is standard with most any product sold in home. Sounds to me like you and your husband need to work on your communication skills a bit before you end up owning a nice tower in Paris or a bridge in Brooklyn.

FROM: terilyn hernadez
DATE: Friday May 5, 2006 -- 4:57:28 pm
we made the mistake of purchasing a craftmatic bed they dont really explain to u that u have 5 days from signing the papers to cancel the order even if u dotn have the product yet well we tryed the product which hurt my father worse then he was now he getsno sleep so we called and they said we stuck with it i hope noone else is dumb enough to purchase this product the people are rude and just want your money the bed cost us 3800 dollars and is not worth a penny to us hence the old addage buyer beware i have contacted my attorney generals office in florida hoping maybe they will close down this company wish u all luck with your problems and that i knew of this site before i purchased this nightmare

FROM: Victoria
DATE: Sunday May 7, 2006 -- 7:27:05 am
Dave...........The reason you don't have my story straight, as you put it, is because you didn't READ. Hubby didn't tell me we had an appointment with the salesman because he didn't know himself; the appointment girl talked so fast, she blindsided him........... Hello???? And unless Brad Pitt comes with this bed, I see no justification for a $5,800.00 cost! Sweet dreams.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Sunday May 7, 2006 -- 12:45:07 pm
Victoria, What I am saying is that there is a communication problem between you and your husband. Not only did he set an appointment, but he provided both medical and employment history. Then a second person called and confirmed the appointment. If he didn't want the appointment as you say, why would he have confirmed it when they called the second time. I dont see any justification on the prices of a Ferrari but I wouldn't go buy one and then complain. The time to think about price is before you write the check.

FROM: abbey
DATE: Sunday May 7, 2006 -- 2:32:33 pm
yeah, like someone way at the top of the page said, was there ever really ever a craftmatic I???? oh, and judging by some other comments, i think it should be called the CRAPmatic II.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday May 8, 2006 -- 3:25:59 am
Dave in response to your unsolicited answer to my opinion (April 29), first I don't think you will pay $5800 for the crappy bed, or did you? I am not specifically concerned about good or bad salesman, I am pointing out if this people they send to our homes and invade our sacred bedrooms are properly screened as to their criminal records, they are not. So if you work for this company and I noticed that you try to single handedly defend this company based on regular responses you made, I want you to honestly respond on this two concerns I brought up. Will you lay down $5800 and are this salesman properly screened? And excuse me I am not stupid to think that I could drive a Mercedes for a price of a Yugo, I just know what's fair and what's not. Another thing, the roofer goes to the roof because you know he has to be there, but your salespeople and your company never said before hand that they have to enter your bedroom, they just surprise you in the middle of their boring presentation and enforce it to you. One last thing, you know why this bed is very expensive? TV commercials are not cheap and your sales people can make up to 2k on a single deal. Please answer this and don't LIE.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Monday May 8, 2006 -- 7:59:42 am
Robert, The Craftmatic II bed which is what this thread started as, is only $2650 for a dual king. The beds that are higher in price are Model I and Monaco. A Model III bed is $1150 for a dual king. The higher priced models offer higher end mattresses and additional features. Selling our most expensive bed at full price WILL NOT yield a $2000 commission (I wish). The commissions can be pretty good but not really any different then what a car salesman makes if he sold a vehicle at a similar price. As for screening salesmen, to my knowledge they do not do any sort of criminal background check but do run a credit check which verifies many of the things on the application. Again, if you had a plumber or roofer out, there is no criminal background check done on them. Craftmatic beds are not for everyone and I know first hand that there are allot more people swearing by them then swearing at them.

FROM: Paul Burnell
DATE: Wednesday May 17, 2006 -- 9:37:19 am
Wow, looks like no one can agree on anything. I am thinking of joining Craftmatic. What do I do now ? Not all salesmen of anything are honest, not everything is worth the money you pay for it. Most times when you buy something cheaply you get cheap goods.

I owned a Ford car, nice but not brilliant. My friend bought a BMW not cheap but brilliant. It must be worth paying extra for somthing that works. I would pay almost anything that helped me get a full nights sleep.

FROM: Dave West
DATE: Thursday May 25, 2006 -- 4:00:58 pm
This is for Dave in the UK - sales rep
From Dave also in the UK
I worked a little for Craftmatic on a part-time basis when I was a bit of a greenhorn sales rep.
I believe I am wiser and they still have my details.
Occasionally they get in touch and I am tempted to rejoin.
Could you share your experiences with me as I believe working for Craftmatic is no different to other forms of selling and it is down to the individual how he/she treats the customer.


FROM: Daisy
DATE: Tuesday May 30, 2006 -- 6:05:09 pm
My mom bought a craftmatic $4,500 recently. She was under the impression that there was a 5-day trial period. Again, fast talking salesman and elderly person. She got the bed, tried it for one night and phoned Craftmatic to tell that her back was in great pain and she wanted her money back.
Their response -- you guessed it -- TOO BAD, SO SAD!!!!! She mentioned the 5-day trial period and was told no it was a 5-day period that you had to cancel the purchase. BEWARE.
I was unaware of her purchase, but when I found out I called also, same response. I did a quick search on the net and found they had a couple of CLASS ACTION lawsuits in California alone. For the fella that seems to uphold Craftmatic -- class action means many, many people.
There is also someone else that said -- where can you try a bed out and then return it if you are not satisfied? SURPRISE - there are a number of reputable companies that do that.
I work for a LARGE company, I will be posting my mom's experience on our company electronic bulletin board. I will also mention this site. (Good site guys)
I urge all people that have had similar experiences with Craftmatic to:
1. post the information on YOUR company e-bulletin board.
2. post your comments on any site like this.
3. tell everyone you can think of - your parents, their friends, your friends, the local seniors centers, your local church, anyone on your e-mail list, etc
Only by word of mouth will a difference be made!!!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: Dave
DATE: Wednesday June 7, 2006 -- 11:08:56 pm
Again, Model II beds are NOT $4500. The 5 day cancellation period begins on the day the contract is signed and is business days. Only 72 hours (3 days) is required by law. Craftmatic added the extra 2 days to help with some of the detractors. "Class Action" only means the lawers get rich and were able to get a class certified, if you study further you will find that with some minor modifications to the business practice they have been settled. I think you will find that numerous class actions are filed every day against much larger and well known companies (Ford & GM Come To Mind). Every product has customers who love & hate it, come to think of it I feel the same way about my wife some days.

DATE: Thursday June 8, 2006 -- 1:29:52 am
OK, I've read all of the comments from 4 years ago to today. What I am most concerned about is the "opinions" from people who have never owned a craftmatic bed!! (Sheep!!) It also amazes me that many people pick up on a negative comment but slam someone with a positive comment, as if they are lying!! GROW UP!!

Everyone buys something in their life that they find doesn't meet their needs and if you are concerned about the 5 day recission, you should not have bought the bed!

Salesmen are different everywhere. Some are good, some are bad, some are pushy some are polite. I worked for ADT for a while and found that there were a lot of unethical salesmen in alarm systems who HAVE had background checks yet people still buy from them. There were also ADT dealers being sued and gong bankrupt. Does it mean ADT is a bad company? NO! They protect homes and save lives. They were just given a bad name by some idiot dealers!

It seems as if the same has happened to Craftmatic. Not everyone is designed to be a good salesperson or business owner and unfortunately a lot of times it hurts the parent company when the idiot dealer does not treat a customer the right way.

What this boils down to is whether or not the BED is good for you! YES, it is! well over 95% of the people that buy a craftmatic bed are happy with it! I have not been happy with any mattress past a year that I have ever bought and I don't buy the cheapest mattresses!! As a very analytical person I looked at all the complaints and comments before I had a craftmatic person come to our home and we CLARIFIED THE DETAILS before we bought.

WE are educated consumers!! Learn from this and educate yourself BEFORE you buy something. Know what the warranty covers BEFORE you buy! I am receiving great value for the money I spent (even though I could have bought a cheaper, lesser quality version from another supplier) because even though I will have to replace the mattress at some point, the frame and motor will likely last for 50 years or more! I bought QUALITY!

If you are thinking of working for Craftmatic, go for it! But only do it if you believe in the product - same for any sales job. Don't do it because it is a sales job because you will be the next person a disgruntled buyer will be complaining about! Our sales rep was extremely knowledgable, polite and helpful. Everything he told us was true! How do we know? Because we checked it out (PLUS we have someoine with a medical background in the home!!!)

Bottom line... do your homework. Craftmatic is a longstanding decent American company. They help people live more comfortably and once in a while they can't help someone. Who CAN help 100% of the people 100% of the time? No company I know of! Make your OWN INFORMED decisions instead of going off an angry ex-employee (3 months was it?) or unhappy customer. If you let other people make decisions for you based on their bad experience you are probably just like them... a chronic complainer trying to tell the world how bad your life is!

OK, I've said enough. You're on your own now! Oh, and BTW, we love our bed! We'll never go back to a flat bed again!

DATE: Saturday June 17, 2006 -- 11:31:19 am
I filed a report with Rip-off Here is my lesson concerning craftmatic bed and HC-Processing Center.
In Feb of this year I purchased 2 Select Comfort craftmatic beds for my kids, the total bill came to $3611.20. I put $1,111.20 down and financed $2,500.00. My monthly payment is $85.00, interest free for 3 months, well 3 months have gone by and guess what like other consumers I have read about, I am being charged $2.50 a month processing fee, my $85.00 payment and this is the big one.a 21% finance charge of cha-ching $131.33. So now to keep on top of this bill I must pay $218.83. I contacted Select Comfort and complained, first of all I was never told how much the finance charge was going to be, next.. I was never told about the processing fee. I ask to speak with the supervisor he stated I would have been given this information upon request? Hmmmm, I stated this should have been given to me before I walked out the store, Because, if I had been given this I would have walked out of the store without the beds!

What is this folks, its Predatory Lending, and no good consumer should be victimized, it doesnt matter what your credit score is. No one has the right to take advantage of any good, hard working citizen.

Def: Predatory lending refers to unconscionable lending practices that take advantage of vulnerable borrowers, such as the elderly or unsophisticated. The term also refers to the practice of convincing borrowers to agree to unfair and abusive loan terms. Such loans could take place either through outright deception or through aggressive sales tactics, taking advantage of borrowers' lack of understanding of extremely complicated transactions.
Update: 14Jun06
after calling both companies, Select Comfort craftmatic bed and HC (Helpcard) Processing Center concerning my billing of this very expensive bed. HC processing center stated they sent me the statement stating the finance charge when I first purchased the beds. I advised the rep that I did not receive the statementthe rep also argued with me on the phone stating Our files stated we sent it! I stated to her that I did not receive it and told her this was predatory lending she became very verbally abusive.
The bottom line, is that Select Comfort contacted me that they lost my paperwork, with my signature on it, and if I could go by the Springfield Mall, VA and fill out new paperwork she also stated this happens a lotshe then stated she could fax it to me, I gave her my fax number, I never received the fax. I called them back and she stated their fax was not working. We went over the bill on the phone and she stated she would just submit the paperwork on her own. The only paperwork I received from HC-Processing is the notification that they did not receive my application one month after the purchase.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Saturday June 17, 2006 -- 8:14:57 pm
Select Comfort has NOTHING to do with Craftmatic. It is like saying you bought a Ford Chevy? HC-Processing is a finance company that offers financing for many companies and is also unrelated to Select Comfort or Craftmatic although I think they both offer HC as a financing option.

DATE: Saturday June 17, 2006 -- 8:39:32 pm
Thanks for setting me straight Dave. :)

FROM: Dave
DATE: Saturday June 17, 2006 -- 8:57:27 pm
No problem, but I have heard that HC tacks on that statement fee. It doesn't seem fair considering the 21% they are already collecting. Seems like if it wasn't on the original finance contract you signed, you should be able to fight it. I would guess the truth in lending laws should come into play.

DATE: Saturday June 17, 2006 -- 11:41:32 pm


FROM: Dave
DATE: Sunday June 18, 2006 -- 1:44:55 am
Wow, Your computer literacy is impressive. Perhaps if you scrolled up a bit you would have noticed the number of people who are happy with their beds. Of course you probably read that, with the same skill you would read the contract or warranty with. For future reference, the button on the left of your keyboard says "Caps Lock", try turning it off. The Ohio class action did involve a distributor and was settled. It should be noted that Ford, Microsoft, Home Depot, Sears and many many others also settled class action suits. The attorneys made a mint, ask the owners of these products in Ohio what they made. You are not an attorney are you. That would explain your inability to operate a caps lock key.

DATE: Thursday June 22, 2006 -- 6:46:07 pm

FROM: new salesman
DATE: Friday June 23, 2006 -- 9:06:14 pm
i just got back from sales training with craftmatic(4 days), craftmatic paid for the the hotel even though it was a dump,they also paid fot the lunches,they were really bad, provided by the hotel.Craftmatic gives u alot of info in the training class, i mean alot, they really stress not to lie to the buyer,or not to do high pressure sales. I found this site after i got back from training,wish i had found it b4, i would have asked the trainers about some of the things i have read here. I start selling monday so i will post anything i learn(good or bad)

FROM: Dave
DATE: Saturday June 24, 2006 -- 2:03:31 am
What area are you working in?

FROM: new sales
DATE: Saturday June 24, 2006 -- 9:53:27 am
will be working in the st louis area

FROM: new sales
DATE: Saturday June 24, 2006 -- 3:47:43 pm
dave where do u sale 4 craftmatic, or do u even work 4 them, or have u ever worked for them

FROM: Dave
DATE: Sunday June 25, 2006 -- 8:42:31 am
Yup, PA Area.

FROM: dave respond
DATE: Sunday June 25, 2006 -- 4:46:04 pm
dave email me a have questions about craftmatic

FROM: dave respond
DATE: Sunday June 25, 2006 -- 4:47:21 pm
my email is

FROM: dave wiyh craftmatic
DATE: Wednesday June 28, 2006 -- 10:12:36 pm
u were all about answering and responding to questions here, now i asked u to email me and u dont answer

FROM: Dave
DATE: Thursday June 29, 2006 -- 9:43:20 am
Sorry, been working..

DATE: Wednesday July 5, 2006 -- 10:27:12 pm

FROM: Smith
DATE: Wednesday July 5, 2006 -- 11:57:31 pm
TO DAVE: I have a Craftmatic I bed; I inheirited it from my mom, who used it like a hospital bed as she lived through the final months of CLL at home. It was much more comfortable than a 'hospital' bed. This bed is great for sleeping and very comfortable for reading and watching TV. It is 10 years old and has always worked fine, and the mattress is still in like new condition.

However, I recently moved and have misplaced the cord that goes from the bed to the remote. Can you tell me how I replace that and get a manufacturer's instruction/information booklet about the bed? HELP. Thank you.

Dave, on the answer to the person who typed in all caps you made a personal attack--low, buddy. Don't let all the negative reviews get you down--stick to the "high road". Most people do not take the time to look up a consumer review site to put in a positive comment. I only found this site because I need the replacement cord and I could not find parts to order on the company site. We respect your loyalty and integrity.

FROM: Jerry
DATE: Saturday July 8, 2006 -- 8:38:38 pm
I just received a survey in the mail called the "Ascot Sleep Study" from Marketing Research located in Trevose PA. They promised a $500 grocery card for participating in this survey. At the bottom they say they are the market research division of the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Company. They want my phone number and address and say they may contact me.
I am concerned that they will hound me with hard sales and that I will never get this grocery card.

FROM: to jerry
DATE: Saturday July 8, 2006 -- 9:51:08 pm
its a craftmatic scam

FROM: Jerry
DATE: Sunday July 9, 2006 -- 11:02:15 am
Do they actually give out the $500 grocery card for filling out the survey?

FROM: Dara W.
DATE: Sunday July 9, 2006 -- 9:08:55 pm
Interesting comments from the Craftmatic shills. Fact: The company is repeatedly sued by individuals and government entities. Fact: The come has been in bankruptcy. Fact: The guy who used to be the VP of Finance is no longer a CPA but still works with the company. Fact: With so many complaints and such a high percentage of unhappy customers, only a fool would remain blind to what is going on.

FROM: Lorraine
DATE: Sunday July 9, 2006 -- 11:07:16 pm
Looking for info from someone who is currently working for craftmatic. I am interested in a sale position with them but don't want to invest the hotel fee and the time if its not worth the trouble.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Monday July 10, 2006 -- 12:34:40 am
Sorry everyone, been busy.. The grocery coupons are crap.. The market research company set it up. YOU WILL get called if you submit your info. The remotes are available from the service department. The numbers are available at If you spend the money for a hotel for training and make it your 90 days, they pay for the hotel along with your bonus.

FROM: peter
DATE: Monday July 10, 2006 -- 4:19:37 pm
i worked for craftmatic. they suck! and are very shady.

FROM: peter
DATE: Monday July 10, 2006 -- 7:41:33 pm
to dave, tell them the truth about executive sales.

FROM: Hazel
DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2006 -- 7:21:24 am
Buyer beware! Craftmatic representatives speak with fork tongues.
We were promised a sheet with our bed. Somehow between wherever
there is and here, the sheet flew away. The delivery men told me not to
worry since a sheet had been ordered for us. Guess what? No sheet
ever appeared. When the phone representatives were questioned, no
sheet would be sent. It seems that acceptance of the bed meant no
sheet was missing. When I questioned why, the response was that I
had signed away my right to a sheet. All is not lost for I may have a sheet
when I complete my payments owed. I found my contract. You guessed
it. A sheet is due at setting up time. Am I missing something in the fine print or has this little extra twist been snuck in with out previous notice?

DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2006 -- 8:39:34 am

FROM: peter
DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2006 -- 1:10:22 pm
to hazel, here is your story in reverse. i once went on a sales call for craftmatic. as soon as i walked in the door, the kady of the house said she wanted the bed. her husband said just write him a check, i want to watch the ballgame and not be bothered. i called in the sale as was co. policy. the phone rep started asking all kinds of questions as i had not done the 4 hour presentation. the lady got pissed off and almost nixed the deal, but i calmed her down. then the office offered her "free" sheets as a peace offering. she bought the bed, and they took the sheets out of my commission, almost $150.00 worth. i could have bought her some sheets from penneys for about 30. don't know if she ever even got them.

DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2006 -- 5:45:17 pm

FROM: peter
DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2006 -- 7:23:39 pm
i worked in ohio, but the co. was based out of trevose, pennsylvania

FROM: renaldo
DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2006 -- 7:40:29 pm
RE: message from JEN (dated June 8, 2006. . . . WHat state Du YU WORK for CraftMatic In?

FROM: Dave
DATE: Wednesday July 12, 2006 -- 1:13:12 am
Peter, 4 hour presentation?? If I had to do that I would have quit a long time ago.. I assume you are kidding, An hour and a half is standard.

15 min warm up
15 min video
15 min bedroom
15 min massage
15 min book
15 min close

If you were doing much more then I understand being bitter. I agree that the above times can be give or take a few, but 4 hours????

FROM: peter
DATE: Wednesday July 12, 2006 -- 6:57:57 am
to dave, i tried to streamline the demo, but everytime i did i got chewed out by executive sales. i once called in at about an hour and a half as the lead was a person on welfare and could not possibly buy the bed if his life depended on it. my so called"mentor" then gave me a half hour lecture on the phone.

FROM: renaldo
DATE: Wednesday July 12, 2006 -- 8:26:58 am
craftmatic OR Graftmatic !

FROM: Dave
DATE: Wednesday July 12, 2006 -- 10:34:29 am
Peter, which Exec Sales office did you work out of?

FROM: peter
DATE: Wednesday July 12, 2006 -- 10:43:49 am
craftmatic of pittsburgh, in verona, pennsylvania. jkaz inc.

FROM: stan
DATE: Wednesday July 12, 2006 -- 4:10:25 pm
craftmatic is to graftmatic as renaldo is to geraldo

FROM: daryl
DATE: Wednesday July 12, 2006 -- 8:06:49 pm
i agree with peter, craftmatic sucks.

FROM: John Buday
DATE: Wednesday July 12, 2006 -- 11:10:01 pm
I'm sorry but I have to speak up. I purchased a top-of-the-line Craft-matic bed for my beloved aunt . It replaced an cheaper model that was bought 2 years earlier by her husband. I only can speak for myself but I have found the Craftmatic bed is far superior to other non name- brand models. I really dont care to hear about all this salesman malarchy. The salesman that sold me this bed did his job. Sure I know I probably could have saved a few bucks by being a hard sell but I wanted the bed for my Aunt because she liked the first one. So the guy made a little extra commission. So what! His job didn't exactly look like gravy to me. When he went to leave after he made the sale to me, his transmission gave out and he had to have his car towed to the Sunoco station for repairs.

FROM: peter
DATE: Thursday July 13, 2006 -- 2:23:58 pm
to john buday, it sounds like you paid full price for the bed. am glad your auntie is happy. you probably kept the 25" tv (that doesn"t exist). don't worry the salesman made enough commission on your sale to pay for his trans. well, maybe not at sunoco, cause they suck too.

FROM: logan
DATE: Friday July 14, 2006 -- 8:16:53 am
to john b., you really bought your aunt a top of the line. that would be a monaco, about $8000.00 with taxes and delivery. she must be rich and you are trying to get in the will. smart thinking. a friend of mine named tina bought one of those too and now she sleeps on air mattresses on the floor, because she had to sell the bed to pay her gambling debts in vegas. they don't have much of a resale value.

FROM: to lorraine
DATE: Friday July 14, 2006 -- 2:53:38 pm
did u take the job at craftmatic?

FROM: elaine
DATE: Friday July 14, 2006 -- 8:30:51 pm
boy that john buday is the only one on this entire website that knows how to spell correctly and use proper pronunciation and grammar. boy, would i like to meet that guy.

FROM: Mark from Simi
DATE: Sunday July 16, 2006 -- 3:14:39 am
Dave - I have had a Cramatic I for almost 2 years and love it. I have a problem I hope you can help. We had a power outage today and the power controls have stopped working. The instructions do not say how to reset the controls. We have plugged and unplugged the controls to no avail. Any ideas on how to reset the controls?

FROM: to mark
DATE: Sunday July 16, 2006 -- 8:27:09 am
check and make sure the outlets where the bed is plugged in have power. you probably have a tripped circuit breaker. or call the office at 1-800-472-1432. i'm sure they will be happy to sell you a knew bed.

FROM: Lorraine
DATE: Sunday July 16, 2006 -- 10:07:56 pm
No I haven't taken a sales position with the company yet. However, I am still thinking it over. I am not convinced that it is not a good position. My concern is how confirmed there appointsment really are. Does the customer truly know that you have an appointment with them or are you basically door knocking.

DATE: Monday July 17, 2006 -- 12:19:25 am
i took a sales job with craftmatic, went through 4 boring days of training,went on my first 2 appointments,what a waste of time all of it was, the people that u will go and try and sell the bed to really dont want to buy a bed, they mailed in a win a free bed card, thats how craftmatic got their name. I went to my first two appointments, only stayed with the people for about 15 minutes each time , and called in and quit, even if u do sell someone a bed it all about high pressure sales and the worst part is u will be doing this to the old and sick. If anyone else has any questions go ahead and ask me, ill tell u the truth.

FROM: to lorraine
DATE: Monday July 17, 2006 -- 4:20:40 am
i worked for craftmatic for 3 months. probably went on about 150 sales calls. only got the door slammed in my face twice. the calls were confirmed. unfortunately the last guy was right. many of the people you are sent to think they won a free bed, or absolutely cannot afford it. the telemarketers do not follow the rules and make appointments with anyone. you can make money, but you need a very thick skin. you are preying on the old and sick. i didn,t have it in me. i saw things that would curl your hair.

FROM: to lorraine
DATE: Monday July 17, 2006 -- 5:21:24 am
u might want to check out a sales job with electric mobility. the co. that sells those electric scooters. if a person has good insurance and medicaire, and a doctors prescription the scooter is free to them. it makes the sale very easy. insurance will not pay for a craftmatic.

FROM: larry
DATE: Monday July 17, 2006 -- 11:48:05 am
to lorraine, you ar not a shill for cratmatic are you? when they hired me they only gave a couple of days to report for training. they are letting you think about it?

FROM: streety
DATE: Tuesday July 18, 2006 -- 10:07:20 am
how can i get the best price on a crafmatic. please help!

FROM: David
DATE: Tuesday July 18, 2006 -- 5:15:49 pm
By the time the salesperson leaves the house he will call the office and they will drop down the price to their bottom and that is what you can expect. The office people are extremely rude to the customers on the phone. I feel bad for the salesperson who has to face the customer after that and get thrown out of the house sometimes. Need answers about Craftmatic, ask me. I worked there for 6 years and just recently got laid off when corporate headquarters moved my dept. to a different state.

FROM: David
DATE: Tuesday July 18, 2006 -- 5:42:00 pm
I used to work for what is now called Craftmatic of Lake Michigan. Distribution rights for Michigan, Indiana, & Illinois. Worked in Executive Sales, the department the Salesperson calls into with reporting, price drops and questions. Corporate didn't like the fact that we were much nicer than they wanted us to be so they moved the department to Florida where corporate runs that state. Owned by Stan Craftsoe and his son Eric.

FROM: David
DATE: Tuesday July 18, 2006 -- 5:47:57 pm
Prices will be dropped down in the house usually to these lowest approx prices.

Craftmatic I

King 4199.00
Dual King 3699.00
Dual Queen 3899.00
Queen 2599.00
Full 2299.00
Twin 1999.00

FROM: to david
DATE: Tuesday July 18, 2006 -- 6:28:41 pm
how much is a model three.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Wednesday July 19, 2006 -- 12:42:18 am
Actually David, not to be mean but my understanding was that they sent everyone from your office down to Florida to train because many of the things you were doing is exactly what caused many of the complaints on this board. After training they found that only one person from your office was going to make it so they fired you all at the airport when you were going home and only kept one person who they paid to relocate to Florida where they have a larger office and are able to keep tighter control. I am a rep that used to work out of your office. I gotta say we are doing ALLOT better now then we were. There are still allot of problem but things are slowly getting fixed. You realize this actually came about because one of the partners in the distributership died and the remaing partner wasn't the one with the money.

FROM: victor
DATE: Wednesday July 19, 2006 -- 11:24:46 am
a craftmatic model 3 is $19.95 plus shipping and handling of about a thousand bucks.

DATE: Wednesday July 19, 2006 -- 4:34:19 pm
My husband and I have had our Craftmatic beds for almost ten years now. Approx. 6 years ago, we had a mechanical problem and a repairman came out and fixed the problem. We did not get a bill for this labor. Now, one of our remotes has failed and I am in the process of trying to get a new one. We'll see what happens. After our purchase, we got a tax refund due to medical need. Very cool beds! Our sleep and love lives are great! I would recommend the bed to anyone who can afford it. It is expensive.

FROM: richard
DATE: Wednesday July 19, 2006 -- 6:23:07 pm
to peg, the irs is probably going to audit you now.

FROM: holly
DATE: Thursday July 20, 2006 -- 2:49:33 pm
how to build your own redneck craftmatic. just go to home depot and buy 2 concrete blocks. put them under the headboard and i guarantee your acid reflux will go away.

FROM: odessy
DATE: Saturday July 22, 2006 -- 10:16:51 pm
I innocently sent for information on the Craftmatic products. What I got in the mail was the same "infomercial" that I had seen on TV. What I didn't expect was TONS of phone calls! After finding Craftmatic on my caller ID all the time. I began to call them back and tell them to put me on their do not call list, only to get more phone calls from different numbers (different reps?). I sent a threatening email to the company which I'm sure will do little good as well. Have you ever noticed that you can't call the company? nothing on their website offers their phone number, however, they will be glad to have yours. As I told them in my sweet email, I wouldn't take one of their beds if they were giving them away at this point. FRUS-TER-RATING!!!

FROM: odessy
DATE: Saturday July 22, 2006 -- 10:18:27 pm
And by the way...they don't mind calling around 10:00pm or so either. I've told them to give it up. There's NO WAY that I'd let one of them set foot in my home.

FROM: Julie
DATE: Saturday July 22, 2006 -- 11:22:55 pm
The worst company to work for. They take two hundred dollars ($200.00) of your pay if you refuse a lead, They only pay fifty dollars per lead ($50.00) and if the leads refuse to let you in the house or they are not home, you do not get paid, they schedule appointments whether the customer agrees to see you or not, you have to wait (around the block or whereever from the lead's home) a half an hour if the lead doesn't let you in, not at home, or refuse to see you, and then go back and knock on the door and wait another half an hour befored you are given permission to leave. You can not call the lead and ask for directions if you are lost. They will not give you the lead's phone have to call the office and they call the lead and get directions, you can not ring the door bell of the lead's home, and the staff is abusive to salesperson and customer when you call in. Bottom line you work hard and you pay them to work hard. Craftmatic is a disgrace to the working industry. They abuse and misuse the customer and sales people. The worse of the worse. The beds maybe good and/or worth something, but Craftmatic isn't worth a &#@#. Case closed.

FROM: Julie
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 12:11:33 am
Oh, forgot to mention that they send you from one end of the state to the other and will not pay gas mileage. They will promise to compensate you for the additional trip they may ask you to take and want pay you, and promise to pay for any milage that totals two hundreds miles or over , but they calculate the mileage so that you go one hundred and ninty nine miles so that they want have to pay. Very questionable business tactics and practices, scum of the earth, and will not only rip off their customers, but sale's people. Words can not describe the disgust I have for this company and the people who work in the offices. You are considered an independent contractor for tax purposes, but they control your whole day and life. You have absolutely no time for yourself, activities, family, friends, or to go the bathroom. Truly this time the "Case Is Closed", I just want to make you sure there is not another person misled or deceived by this company.

FROM: peter
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 9:39:41 am
julie is right. crapmatic thought their leads were so valuable, when in fact most of the people were on welfare or so sick they were no longer in control of their money. i once went to an old mans house, he wanted the bed so badly but his son had to write his checks. fat chance, his son laughed at me and hung up. that would have been 6000 dollars less in his estate.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 9:53:29 am
Julie, I don't know what bad experience you had, but almost nothing you said is true. You are given two or three leads a day. If you don't run the lead and have no excuse except you didn't feel like it, you can be fined $100. The $50 is per presentation, not per lead run, and it is only for new reps. Appointments are set and then confirmed by a supervisor, unfortunately older people tend to forget or are confused and don't realize what they agreed to. You only have to wait if no one is home, not if they refuse to see you. True that you are not given the phone number, this avoids complaints about reps calling the home. The office will give you directions if you ask and will call the home for you if needed. No one appointment will be more then 100 miles from your home unless you agree to it and in that case they pay mileage. The total miles driven per day could be a few hundred but that is not the average. During your first 12 weeks you must run 12 leads per week to get the $2000 but after that you can work any hours or days you want. I sometimes only work mornings and with 48 hours notice you can take a day, week or month off. I have seen a lot of reps come and go. Usually they don't stay long enough to see how much money they can make. I am sorry you had a bad experience but I make a 6 figure income and although I don't agree with everything they do, If you stick around you will make money. There are many reps that have been doing this for a lot longer then me. Many I have met have been with the company for over 10 years. Again, I am sorry the job wasn't for you and you had a bad experience but please don't confuse your inability to do it, with it not being a great job. Not all jobs are for everybody, I wouldn't enjoy being a plumber but that does not make it a bad job.

FROM: Julie
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 12:02:53 pm
Dave, everything you are saying is a lie. Get your other reps to come on board and say how great this company is. . you can't. You are either blind or stupid and may be both. Dave, a rep should not be fined any amount of money, if they are truly independent contractors. They decide what jobs they will take or not. However, because the office calls the shots and control a rep every move. . . the rep is fined (penalize is a better word) for choosing not to run a lead.

For get about my request for other reps to come on board. I don't believe what you're saying and I sure as %#@# wouldn't believe what one of your brainwashed reps would say. I will not be responding to your lies anymore. . .I think people with brains can understand your motives and deceit.

FROM: to dave
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 12:24:32 pm
dave, don't give julie a hard time. i know the drill. you are given 12 calls a week. expected to get to ten. and make two sales out of those ten. you can make money if you are a scum bag and prey on the sick. why did the guys from the office always brag on what good salesmen they were. that is why they sat behind a computer till 11 at nite simply dropping the price. any idiot could do that.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 12:43:38 pm
It's not a matter of giving Julie a hard time. The fact is that many new reps work for a few days, think they have the job figured out, and quit. They then blame the company because they didnt make any money. Most reps will close 35% of what they actually present. Poor salesman will lie to try and get a sale that they could have made honestly if they took the time to learn about the beds. America is a great country, if you are willing to work hard you can do very well for yourself. The current President of Wal-Mart started as a stock boy. I don't think he would have made it if he whined and complained and blamed the company for everthing. I agree it can be hard on a new rep but if you are not willing to stick it out you will never be successful.

FROM: to dave
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 6:21:29 pm
the company looks for every excuse to blame the rep when a lead does not become a sale. the fact is they don't even follow their own rules in preqalifying a lead. more then 50% cannot even buy the bed. this is a two way street. every bed i sold i knew was going to be or not to be sale in the first five minutes of the warm up. maybe i am sour as they may have sent the new reps on crappy leads .

FROM: Dave
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 9:24:06 pm
You just explained the problem you had. If you prequalify the customer when you show up you will be doomed to fail. I can't tell you how many times I was sure there was no sale and I not only sold but got full price. Allot of the places I thought could afford the bed, couldn't.. Maybe they have a nice place or nice things but now they are on a fixed income and can't afford anything. As for the company qualifying the leads, they are not always provided with proper info from the customers. Many customers think they have good or bad credit and are wrong. Also income play a factor in financing, many older people don't have the income anymore.

FROM: craftmatic bull
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 10:32:09 pm
no dave craftmatic tells its sales people that if u go to the peoples home for a sales call that they r already approved for credit, which we all know is not true. i went to work for craftmatic and went on two appointments, they only received one call from craftmatic there was never a call from the supervisor, my first appointment had already had a craftmatic sales person pressure them into buying a bed some time back, they said that they were so pressured that they went ahead and and bought it but they already knew that as soon as the craftmatic person left that they were going to cancel the bed, and they did, sinhce that time they bought a differnt adjustable bed and they r very very happy with it, theeeeeee only reason that craftmatic got their name was from a mailer about winning a free bed, just because someone wants to win a a bed for free dosnt mean that they would want to buy one, i stayed with them about 15 minutes they wered very nice and in no way wanting to buy a bed, big waste of my time. The second appointment was with a older lady that did the same as the first person did mailed in a win a free bed card, come to find out that she already bought a craftmatic bed several years b4, so it was my 2nd waste of time for the day, once again i stayed about 15 minutes with her and left, went home and called and quit craftmatic. During my training with craftmatic 4 days i had several laughs, lots of boredum, and was told not to lie to the people that u r trying to sell to, but the only way u will sell to most people is to high pressure them into it. Im not the type of person that would force sick or old people into buying something that 99 percent of them cant afford and most dont even need,and im not the type of person that would rub a vibrator all over someone, like the company wants u to do. After u get into the training class they tell u all this crazy stupid stuff they want u to do with these people on your sales calls most of it would be really embarassing to do or say, like when u first get to the home and they tell u to say u that your grandmother once told u that u were never to go a someone home visting without bringing a present with u, and then give them one of the stupid coffee mugs, what a line of embarassing crap to say.

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 10:57:28 pm
Oh my word, is that what happens on Pings I don't read?

FROM: Dave
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 10:59:36 pm
So you worked for Craftmatic for 1 day and went on two appointments. Enough said..

FROM: Dave
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 11:02:26 pm
Ohh wait a minute.. On that 1 day you worked you made $100 for the day.. ($50 X 2) But it was a waste of time.. Right

FROM: Dave
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 11:09:17 pm
Even better.... You said you were only at each home 15 minutes... $100 for 15 minutes.... I understand, you must have taken a much better job, right?

FROM: holly
DATE: Monday July 24, 2006 -- 8:24:12 am
when i worked for craftmatic i only received 250 $$ aweek and that was merely an advance on future commissions. maybe i should go beg for my job back if now they are paying 50$$ a call.

FROM: to dave
DATE: Monday July 24, 2006 -- 8:29:59 am
if the person that says he or she went on 2 calls and spent only 15 min. each they would not have even received credit for completing a demo. thus not even the 50 bucks. walmart is hiring.

DATE: Monday July 24, 2006 -- 8:50:32 am
craftmatic of 10 thousand lakes office which i worked for doesnt pay anything for going to the sales appointment, unless u sell a bed , so the two appointments i went on cost me money( gas,my time), which office do u work for that pays u just for showingup

FROM: holly
DATE: Monday July 24, 2006 -- 10:21:38 am
worked for craftmatic of pittsburgh. they gave you 250 a week if you ran 10 of the 12 leads they gave you, but when you sold a bed they took it back from your commission. that was 5 years ago they may have changed their policies. but if you could not sell those beds you were not going to get that 250 for long. and believe me they kept a watch on yu like the gestapo.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Monday July 24, 2006 -- 10:27:14 am
I don't know how the distributers do it but Craftmatic pays $50 per sitting and if you run 12 in the week (sit or not) they give an extra gas allowance. This is only for new reps the first 90 days. The bookers get paid on any sales made so I guess new reps may not get the best appointments until they show that they are going to be reliable. This may explain why some reps give up after a day or two.

FROM: logan
DATE: Monday July 24, 2006 -- 10:30:13 am
i live in florida now. i'm thinking of starting a used craftmatic business. the paper is full of them. a lady was going to give me one, but it was a little soiled. have to get the number of that other infomercial for that urine gone stuff. needless to say the lady died in it and her relatives just put it in the trash.

FROM: holly
DATE: Monday July 24, 2006 -- 10:40:31 am
to dave, do you work out of the pittsburgh office. have you seen that boiler room opp they got going on. those girls all belong on jerry springer and will send you to any ones house. not right.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Monday July 24, 2006 -- 10:45:16 am
Haven't seen the Pittsburgh booking room but most telemarketing rooms are pretty basic. Usually just phones and computers packed in like sardines. I would guess the ones who would send you anywhere don't last long because the wont make any money from sales.

FROM: holly
DATE: Monday July 24, 2006 -- 11:59:31 am
no calls to make today, dave. they used to send me on a 9am, a1pm, and a 5pm. and believe me it gave me pms.

FROM: larry
DATE: Monday July 24, 2006 -- 12:43:57 pm
who would have ever thought craftmatic could have their own chat room?

FROM: to holly
DATE: Tuesday July 25, 2006 -- 12:38:57 pm
They make midol for PMS.. not in your craftmatic contract?

FROM: Good Product, Poor Business Practices
DATE: Tuesday July 25, 2006 -- 5:13:12 pm
I have worked in the medical field for the past eight years, mostly with diabetes patients. I think many of the patients I saw would have greatly benefitted from having an adjustable bed. This is what saddens me the most about the business practices I have heard about and witnessed first hand on a "training drive along". The thing I don't understand is that Craftmatic could easily run a profitable business without "high pressure" sales. For example: 1) market the beds to physicians and physical therapists who would then write recommendations for their patients to get the beds before discharge from the hospital; 2) Do a clinical study comparing 6-12 month medical outcomes of patients who have adjustable beds versus those who don't (if they could prove a cost benefit to insurance companies, i.e. less medications, fewer hospitalizations, they might end up paying for them); 3) Offer a money back guarantee (they said at the training that they can't accept beds back because sweat=bodily fluid, and there are laws against reselling). However, they could reuse the motor and frame component and dump the mattress. This guarantee, combined with MD recommendations, and lower pressure sales techniques would give the potential customers confidence in the product AND the company and would greatly increase "word of mouth" sales. Plus, I read that there was a $450,000 class action settlement in Ohio recently. Just think how many mattresses they could have taken back from unsatisfied customers for that amount. Or they could have used that money to do the studies I suggested.

FROM: to good product
DATE: Tuesday July 25, 2006 -- 6:40:55 pm
you have it right. you have made it quite clear. craftmatic sucks.

FROM: holly
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 10:12:23 am
i think ohio is on their buts again as they did not follow the rules of the first settlement.

FROM: to holly
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 4:22:22 pm
do you have any info on the newest action ohio has against craftmatic?

FROM: peter
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 4:59:04 pm
to the person in the medical field. once went on a sales call for crapmatic. the lady had lung cancer and medcaire already was paying for an adjustable bed for her. because her lungs were filling up with fluid. did not need a medical degree to figure out she only had a few more months to go. however, she was very cordial made me coffee even fixed me lunch. had she even written me a check for the crapmatic, i would not have taken it. but boy did the office give me hell for not selling her a bed. those guys were dirt bags. there is a pitchfork waiting for them whe they think they are going to meet their maker.

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 6:29:29 pm
Craftmatic 3 Twin is 599.00
Full 799.00
Queen 999.00
Dual 1299.00 I think .. didn't sell many of those period

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 6:41:39 pm
Yes .. when Dave died it really messed things up .. Unfortunately they layed me off because I left Florida the first day because my wife went into labour and I was told it would probably cost me my job .. Originally, none off us were supposed to lose our job but 4 out of 6 of us were not experienced enough to make an impact for their impression. Not me included. The training we were supposed to get was to be meaner on the phone because they felt we were to soft on the reps and customers. Which we were .. I'll admit. It was better they let me go because I was opposed to how far over the line they went with their reps and customers. I was they one day and I outsold everyone, individually, in that one day. Just go so show you don't have to be mean to be as good as them. Which they were not. Numerically speaking the Windsor office outsold them unit wise the whole week. Which is proveable. I spoke with a labour lawyer shortly after being dismissed and found any one us could of took them to court for wrongful dismissal, specifically due to no warning or grace period on the new Florida script and I could have easily got a small six figure settlement, but I figured the months or years of hassle and lawyer cost I couldn't afford up front.. Forget it. Besides I made more on my part time job on the side as a salesman then being a manager in a major corp.. Figure that one out. Paycheck was double Craftmatic for less the half the hours. I wasn't at the airport when we were let go .. I was at home with my new baby. I was never officially told I was layed off my head office or by the person who signed my paycheck, which would not look good on them in court.

FROM: to david
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 7:08:57 pm
a bottom of the line craftmatic 3 was well over a thousnd dollars over 5 years ago. with the cost of the bed, shipping and handling, and tax. and you only got a 25dollar commission on a model3. has craftmatic started a blue lite special? don't make me go in the attic and get out my old price sheets.

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 7:09:28 pm
Definitely Good Product doc ... I still have mine though I don't work there anymore. I would never say anything bad about the product outside of price.. but you know what. I still think its worth every penny. I've had mine for about 4 yrs now and no problems at all. However, doc they have done most of the things you have mentioned they should. In fact, there has been a sleep clinic I believe in Freeport, Illinois that has bought some beds for the second time just this month. I may not work there but I have close contact with a handful of reps.

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 7:11:47 pm
A twin mdl 3 would have been 599.00 + tax and delivery as of early May in Michigan. They were changing the pricing when I was let go but only by 100.00 approx. Twin with all applicable taxes would finish around 760.00 or something

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 7:22:16 pm
You know, overall, I don't have any real hard feelings about anything at Craftmatic .. at least not out of the Windsor end. I had a few about Florida. The wierdest thing about Florida salesteam, outside of their cross dressers in Exec Sales and their seemingly just out of prison appt setters was the fact how figety their Exec sales were. Now , I've been around enough druggies in my day to know , I really believe most of Exec sales do something other than pot or shrooms. In fact, the lady from Windsor that stayed said that the first day. She was picked to stay the first day, which the rest of us knew anyway. She really does fit their style and attitude. Her previous experiences really work into their fold.. which is awesome for her. She didn't really want to take the job in her heart, but there was an opportunity she had to take because of some of her personal circumstances and I really wish all the best for her. I think if I stayed the full week i'd be there too for some of the same reasons, providing a raise and some benefits were in order. I know she got a raise right away that paid her more than I was and I made more than the rest of the Exec Sales in Windsor. And i'm sure she is getting paid in American and with the exchange rate back into Canadian would have been real nice.

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 7:23:21 pm
I never did keep much of anything from work except my personal belongings at work and I took a stapler so I could have one at home.. hahaha

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 7:28:57 pm
As far as phone rooms go .. the phone room I dealt with was .. for the most part fine. Most of them really do try their best to get a qualified lead for a rep. A few need to book the board appt do make it through. The problem with the lead, which is not company or booker fault is that they do ask if they have a certain monthly income.. but we can't ask what is left after their bills and stuff. Also, most people who are poor and really want the info will just say they make over 1000.00 a month, which is the min requirement. So it is not the bookers fault on those ones

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 7:33:10 pm
Agreed Dave .. Pre-judging at the door will kill any deal you might of had. I've seen it over and over again. I understand the reps frustration because 75% of the time they're right. but the other 25% they is even a small order sitting there .. even a mdl 2 if necessary if they really want it

FROM: to david
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 8:19:25 pm
here in lies the problem. when you only earn 1000 dollars a month. you cannot buy a bed that costs several thousand.

FROM: peter
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 8:33:36 pm
you cannot prejudge at the door', but you can tell in the first 5 min. of the warm up if they have the money, or the credit. or they want the bed. do not fall for that line they give you in training. oh, i went to trailer in west virginia, thought the people were broke. so about to give up. then the lady came out of her bedroom with 4000 dollars in cash from under her mattress in crusty old 20's and bought the bed. you have a better chance of playing 345 on the daily number than that.

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 9:37:56 pm
The 1000.00 per month min requirement was merely a min standard with the finance company to finance the purchase. But that was up until corporate take over. They are using a company that corporate uses and that company does have better requirements for financing, that was one of the changes that was great for everyone. But i believe the phone room still asks for min 1000.00 per month to put them on the board for an appt

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 9:43:14 pm

IF a apparently broke customer does have enough for down payment, the majority of the time it will take more than 5 min for them to let you know they can afford it. Somebody that doesn't know you isn't going to let you know they can afford it in 5 min, for the extreme majority. I have found it takes about an hour. You have to earn their trust and break down their fear of a salesman before they feel comfortable enough to cut a check for 1000.00 DP. Any decent salesman knows that. And if you had to pressure them early in a demo then you are just running a 50/50 chance of a cancellation. Simply logistics and math my friend

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 9:46:19 pm
As far as credit .. Most people don't have excellent credit. Most people are between 600 and 675 and 600 barely qualifies with most lenders. Most people have lower credit ratings because they run high balances on credit cards and don't always pay them. Which would mean there is a stronger possibility of a credit card on them. Just got to find out if they have got another 500.00 left on it to use. And same goes for people with excellent credit. They just pay on time all the time. They probably have a credit with room.

FROM: x craftmatic sales
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 11:09:10 pm
where in florida does craftmatic have offices

FROM: to david
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 8:28:32 am
i fully understand the sales routine. it is not easy to get someone to pay thousands for a bed without getting to see , feel, or touch it. i never pressured anyone, probably why i didn't last. but you could still tell in the first five minutes whether they could buy or not. i still would give full effort to the demo. maybe it was just my luck. you don't know how many times they sent me to the akron ohio metropolitan housing authority. aka the projects. you cannot buy a bed on a 550.$$ disability check when 500.$$ goes to your subsidized rent. and the other 50 for your cigarettes. does not take a genius to figure out.

FROM: holly
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 11:57:09 am
to find craftmatic of florida call toll free directory assistance 1-800-555-1212. i'm sure they have an 800. number. you won't be billed for the inquiry. as a matter of fact you can get any companies number for free that has an 800 number. plenty of old and sick people in florida. you know craftmatic will be glad to help.

FROM: to holly
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 12:06:47 pm
thank you for that 800 number. don't want to call craftmatic, but it worked for some other numbers i needed. my god how did we survive before the internet.

FROM: larry
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 3:53:51 pm
i once went on a sales call in the cleveland metro housing projects. the poor girl was only 25 years old. had cancer in her hip bone. it was going to be amputated in a few days at the cleve clinic. she wanted the bed so badly, her boyfriend left for about 30 minutes to borrow 100$ from his boss, the minimum down required. needless to say they would not get financed. i hope she is okay today.

FROM: to david
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 4:48:58 pm
don't know ow it worked out of your office but we were told in training that every bed was high risk wether or not your credit was good. 21% interest. if you were approved. craftmatic of pittsburgh also claimed a customer did not pay the bank, they would have to reimburse the price of the bed initially paid. do not think they were telling the truth. they had about a half day of training spent on this with some geek accountant they had working for them. do know for a fact that if someone financed a bed you took a very heavy hit on your commission.

FROM: David
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 6:53:54 pm
There was a cost against the reps commission for financing indeed. BUT, for example, one rep in Michigan, who is still there, was writing 80-90% of his deals with financing. Granted he is still one the best reps they've ever had, he still maintains a 6 figure income, all off of financing. Small price to pay for a good paycheck. Indeed it is 21%, outrageous isn't it. Some credit card companies ain't that much better.

FROM: David
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 6:55:23 pm
Every sale is potentially a risk. If the customer stops making payments, assuming a financed deal, then the company would have to go through the trouble of repo, or the finance company would do that.

FROM: David
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 6:58:04 pm

I do forget Florida's number and the street it is on. I was only there once, then I had to go home for my daughter's birth. The outside of the building wasn't too bad. The inside was starting to run down. Not what I expected for a building that Stan Craftsoe would operate out of. Granted he did run the company bankrupt once a number of years ago.

FROM: David
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 6:59:24 pm
Oh! and by the way .. depending on what state you live in, it is no longer a 25" tv anymore, it's down to a smaller size. They were changing it when I was let go

FROM: peter
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 8:58:21 pm
when i worked for craftmatic there never really was a tv. eveybody got two hundred dollars off that handed the salesman a tv coupon. then they had to initial a space on the contract that they received 200 in lieu of the tv.

FROM: florida
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 9:42:47 pm
i dont want to buy a bed and i dont want to work for craftmatic, i just want to know where in florida do they have offices

FROM: to florida
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 10:08:15 pm
do not know where florida offices are, but like i said before call 1-800-555-1212 and ask operator for craftmatic's number. it is free. then when you get the 800 number for craftmatic. call it and ask for their address. what? do we have to drive you there too?

FROM: to florida
DATE: Thursday July 27, 2006 -- 10:33:24 pm
why would you want to know where crafmatic is if you don't want a bed or a job? if you need parts or warranty. good luck. their phones usually don't work well on those lines.

FROM: David
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 12:10:27 am

The major office in Florida, if my memory serves me right, is in Pompano Beach, FL

FROM: David
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 12:23:08 am
Just found the directions I used when I was down there. The address is 3550 Gateway Dr. in Pompano Beach, FL .. the secretary phone number is 954-977-2900. I might still have the phone number for exec sales, I can't find it right now

FROM: paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 1:45:01 am
The real question is can you make a living selling craftmatic beds, and I don't care about all the bad press or word of mouth. If I listened to everything people said about what they say and how bad things are in todays world, then I nor would anyone else leave the comfort of there own homes and would need a solar powered craftmatic for there state of the art underground nuclear radiation bunker located 400 ft. below there shed in the back yard. Just remember to check it out and learn your product before you ask someone to put up hard earned money or money that is coming out of someone elses pocket. Oh wait that would be my pocket. Just don't judge to quickly on what other people say......that about sums it up i think............

FROM: paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 1:49:55 am
oh yeah anyone ever sold craftmatic beds in the south....I am going to try it and I will let ya know how it goes, because if you come across as some 89 year old woman or man in alabama and they don't want it, you will never get in the house, matter of fact you will never get them on the phone.

FROM: paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 2:17:25 am
hello is anyone going to respond...damn bots even have there own site...oh well, hell never mind can't go to someones house with out knowing the address and if you know the address and have a cell phone and can read the numbers on the phone then you can press 411 and get the phone number by way of the address or name, because I know you don't show up and don't know whos house you are at...If so I will tell craftmatic to kiss my big ol' butt before the manager in the training class can tell me how he is not going to buy my lunch.....sorry I got long winded..

FROM: peter
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 8:31:22 am
the craftmatic office, i worked for did not give you the customers phone number because it would make it to easy for a customer to change their mind about the appointment. or it would be to easy for a salesman to save his gas and find out the customer was not home. many people would set an appointment then simply not be home, or not answer the door. in my experience 99% of the people who answered the door would let you in and at least act like they were listening to your pitch. obviously a salesman could find out a person's number. the office knew that and strictly forbade you from calling them before or even after a sale. it was grounds for dismissal.

FROM: peter
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 8:42:38 am
obviously you could make money and a lot of it being a crafmatic salesman. but you had to be lower then a pregnant ant's belly. people will spend teir money trying, hoping to feel better. just look at history. did you ever hear of a snake oil salesman in the wild west days.? it was nothing but alcohol, sure it made you feel better for a little while!

FROM: paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 11:14:43 am
yeah that is true peter, but i bought a truck and payed cash for it then 72 hours later the engine blew up. I had to fight to get the company to put a new engine in it and still had to pay half of the engine cost. I can tell you this though if I work for commission only and the company is not going to pay for my gas then I will sell to who, when, and where I want too. The leads may work, but if they are no good then who needs them...

FROM: paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 11:31:30 am
I would like to hear from someone that has worked with another bed company like serta or someone, because I would bet you hear the same complaints from both sides..I am going to see for myself I guess..

FROM: David
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 1:42:42 pm

You're right .. most employees, especially former ones, will usually have something bad to say about that particular company. If you were not dismissed and left on your own, you left because of something you really didn't like and you're going to tell people about it. Just the way it is. 99 out of a 100 people might of had a real BAD experience but there is always someone that really had a great time.

FROM: t0 paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 3:59:46 pm
i don,t know if any other bed co's use the same in home sales as craftmatic. but i did once work for sears home improvement selling siding and such. they used the same sales techniques as craftmatic almost to the letter. there were many problems there too. their prces were about 4 times as high as what you could get a quality job done for, they had us claim we used only factory trained crew, not true. you should have seen the hillbily bunch they had as installers. you would not let them put a nail in your house. we had a so called pep rally in the office every morning where the only thing that happened was that they scooped up all the good leads, based on the job, closer to their home, income, and the times of appts. that fit there personal schedules.they had us demo with siding samples made by alcoa that were absolute junk. but guess who made sears siding alcoa. i once asked the boss, what should i say after i bash alcoa and then the person asks who makes sears siding? i was to tell them i didn't know. i could go on and on.

FROM: to david
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 4:08:26 pm
how did your co. handle this situation? you do your whole demo and the person just won't buy that day. the person calls the office two weeks later and wants the bed. it did not happen often, but it did happen. did your commission go up in smoke as ours did?

FROM: paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 5:27:03 pm
here's the scoop I worked for mega, life, and health insurance company for about 6 months, and then got wise to the crap... The company did not pay for me to get an insurance lisence(sp), and the manager in my area was a complete joke. Every dime i made working for them was considered a loan. I quit because of the leads if you think selling a 5000 dollar bed is hard to do try selling health insurance to the same people at 600 a month and that does not come with any t.v. or coupon. I just wanted to make sure that craftmatic is not going to screw me like mega did. OH and by the way I had to get my lawyer to send mega a letter so they could not touch my credit, because they say I owe them 3000 dollars. I told them it would be a cold day in hell b4 they would every see a penny from me....I worked for that money comm. only no help with gas or anything and then they want me to pay it I am just not wanting to get burned again.

FROM: paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 5:42:45 pm
what's so wrong with craftmatic? Yeah I'm sure some or most of the sales people are shady and what not, but at least they are not vaccum salesman. As far as I can tell from research the bed itself is not that bad. Reviews from doctors say it does help with bad circulation and other stuff. If craftmatic would pay a base plus comm. and pick there reps. like a mult-million dollar company should, then you would still have the same problems, but not as much turn around on the reps. and then you would have something. It all goes back to how bad do you want and what are you willing to put up with to get it. I was also a cop for 4 years in a good size town, and the city did not pay me enough to get shot at and fight dirt bags all day and night. So selling beds and helping someone who could really benefit from one does not sound like a bad deal.

FROM: paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 5:46:37 pm
One last thing and I will shut up. The only people I have seen complain are from the north. I want someone from the south to speak up please. Northeners are hard to deal with anyway in business that is...I am just a good ol' boy from the south and want to make alot of money.

FROM: to paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 5:54:47 pm
are you thinking of working for craftmatic? we had a couple of x insurance salesman in our training class. Don't know if they lasted.

FROM: to paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 6:07:47 pm
you can explore craftmatic, read the pings, make your own decision. i just wasn't cut out for it. look into electric mobility, the scooter company for the disabled. at least if you have ins. and a prescription for it it gets paid for. you don't know how many craftmatic calls i went on and the person had a 6000$ rascal, wanted the bed, but thoght they could get it for free. at the time ins. or medicaid would not cover the bed. don't know if the rules have changed.

FROM: paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 6:10:02 pm
I'm going for training in tn on monday and I don't want to waste my time

FROM: paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 6:13:15 pm
Sounds like a pretty good comm. set up, but just wanting some feedback from people that have been there and done that...ins. sucks if you really want to know...hard as hell to sell and cost an arm and leg. I think if you can get a doctor to write a scrip for a bed then ins. will pay some of it or you can write it off...I know alot of doctors

FROM: paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 6:15:17 pm
thanks for all the feedback i have read so far.(very helpfull)

FROM: larry
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 6:21:55 pm
i had a friend that was a jewelry salesman to jewelry stores . very successful at it, but it had its problems too. he was either working or complaining how the co. was on his ass, or the stores were not buying because of bad economy. he did not have much of a life. but he did it. after all you can make money at almost anything. look at mrs. fields and famous amos, they got rich by selling those over priced chocolate chip cookies. rest in peace amos, the richest man in the cemetery.

FROM: peter
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 6:31:08 pm
paul, good luck with your training in tn. sell one to dolly parton for me in good old pigeon forge. believe it or not crafmatic does have a heavy duty model "hubba hubba" if you know what i mean.

FROM: paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 6:37:24 pm
hey bob hope owned a craftmatic found that out last night on some web site and i bet that heavy duty model is pricey.

FROM: paul
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 6:39:14 pm
yeah no one really likes there job, but we all got to eat...and does the hd model have a dollar slot in it? Ha,ha

FROM: peter
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 6:50:52 pm
i did actually sell one heavy duty craftmatic in my illustrious 90 day career. the lady weighed over 350. the executive sales made me do it after they found ou her weight. i didn't even know it existed. needless to say they took the difference out of my commission. all mattresses have a dollar slot.

FROM: accountant
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 7:59:09 pm
you probably can write off a crafmatic as a medical expense, after all i have heard of people writing off their swimming pools as therapy. however the medical write offs are very small. you basically have to write off thousands to get a few dollars off your taxes.

FROM: peter
DATE: Saturday July 29, 2006 -- 3:57:40 pm
what? no one raggin on craftmatic today?

FROM: to paul from july28th
DATE: Saturday July 29, 2006 -- 4:18:40 pm
looking back on one of your old pings brought back some old memories. when i signed with craftmatic i had to sign a contract for the stuff they gave me and give them a 200$ deposit for the stuff. it included a crappy used vcr, a dumb vibrating device, misc. contracts, a sheet sample, envelopes, credit card slips, etc. etc. all of this stuff had an over inflated value that you were responsible for if you quit. probably at least 2000$. i was dumb, many of the trainees told them they did not bring any money to training and they got the stuff anyway. i better check my credit. they might have done me like mega life tried to do toyou. good tip. thanks.

FROM: returning craftmatic sales stuff
DATE: Saturday July 29, 2006 -- 7:05:56 pm
i worked for craftmatic for 1 day it wasnt for me,i still have all the sales stuff that i had to put 100.00 down for deposit, has anyone else quit and not returned their stuff to them, if so tell me what they did or tryed to do, they said that they will pay up to 44.00 for shipping but i know it will cost alot more than that to mail it back to them

FROM: sales stuff
DATE: Saturday July 29, 2006 -- 7:22:25 pm
i still have the stuff too. which crafmatic did you wok for? they might ruin your credit. but you are right it might cost more then 44$ to send back. just forget about it and chalk it up as another life lesson learned.

FROM: holly
DATE: Saturday July 29, 2006 -- 7:35:07 pm
tell them to send you a ups truck to your house with one of those prepaid shipping lables.better yet drive back to the office and throw the stuff through there front window.

FROM: peter
DATE: Saturday July 29, 2006 -- 7:47:17 pm
we might not be able to ruin crafmatic's credit, but we can sure ruin their credibility with thi website. every comment probably costs them a sale. keep up the good work fellow pingers.

FROM: Michael
DATE: Saturday July 29, 2006 -- 11:21:03 pm
Disgruntled short term workers won't ruin their credibility, Most all the complaints are coming from people who don't own a bed or know someone who they think got "ripped off". If you count the complaints and praise from actual owners you will find the bed has a pretty good reputation. Most of the complaints are about how they treat the employees.

FROM: paul
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 12:00:11 am
ya'll have been very helpful in informing me about craftmatic tactics and business ethics, I am going to see how they act on monday in tn. at the training class, and then if I get asked to fork out money i will leave. Sure its 6 1/2 hours away from my house, but the manager never said a word about having to buy anything, and said he would pick up the tab for hotel and food, and i do have a good friend close by that i need to say hi to. Some companys will never learn that nothing can replace a good salesman or woman for that matter. I will be letting everyone know how it goes, b/c my laptop will be with me and I might even ask a few question during breaks....

FROM: paul
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 12:04:01 am
totally off the subject, but has anyone heard about a bigfoot caught on camera in tx.? Buddy of mine said he saw something on the news about it, and he likes to kid sometimes i can't find anything about it...

FROM: to paul
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 5:10:56 am
bigfoot was caught on camera hunting the loch ness monster w/ a spear. just kidding ha ha. i briefly saw something about it on the news, but didn't pay att. as iwas distracted by a call. i guess it is possible he exists in some remote part of the world, after all that bomber guy eluded a massive man hunt for 5 yrs. in the smokey mts. they have caught a fish thought exstinct for 400 million yrs. . found trees in a rain forest thought extinct. wouldn't it be cool if there was one.

FROM: to paul
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 6:53:13 am
don't know how they do it in tn., but this is how it was for me. 4 days training, paid hotel, they had coffee donuts, bagels in the office in the morning, usually pizza or sndwiches for lunch in office, and a $10 allowance for your dinner , did have to pay $200 for your demo kit. it was listed in the info packet, but in very fine print. oh and they took us all out to dinner once. then if you completed your first week of sales calls, you receved $250 plus the $30 food allow.. this 250 was not a loan, but comp. for the training. then you received 250 a week which was a loan or draw on your commissions. if you were doing well you got more then the 250, you received whatever your commissions were. there also was a 250 a month gas allowance paid every mo. if you completed all of your calls the previous mo.. i hope your car gets good mileage. i was driving about 200 miles a day, 5 days a week. the one thing that is overlooked is your going to wear out a car every 2 yrs. or so. of course you can write this off your taxes, but you better keep a log book daily for the tax man. basically you are self employed when it comes for your own responsibilities with someone telling you what to do all of the time. plan to live out of your car

FROM: to paul
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 7:10:10 am
put any questions on the daily ping . iwill be happy to answer. even though i am not there anymore, i do know and understand the routine. good luck!

FROM: to paul
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 11:04:15 am
very important. when you do sell a bed you must try to do it yourself. ifyou invove executive sales they will simply dump the price. affecting YOUR commissions. in training they will tell you executive sales is there to save your sale as they are supposedly top notch salesman. not true. if they were they would still be salesman earning 300 thousand a year, instead of sitting behind a computer.

FROM: paul
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 11:17:19 am
thanks 4 the info.

FROM: holly
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 1:03:08 pm
paul is going to be trained before he ever gets there. to the guy wanting to start a used craftmatic business, maybe we should start a used craftmatic training business also.

FROM: peter
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 1:51:13 pm
i was watching a rerun of roseanne on nick at nite last nite. the episode was about roseanne,s mother breaking her hip while having sex in the nursing home. red buttons (r.i.p) was the actor playing the guy she was having sex with. he said, now everyone in the nursing home nicknamed them craftmatic adjustable bed. wonder if that was a free plugfor craftmatic? did anyone else see the episode?

FROM: ghost
DATE: Monday July 31, 2006 -- 2:53:55 am
Worked for Craftmatic many years ago in New Mexico & Az....great leads great experience just lonley on the road so I moved on..but the money was great, always paid on going to an office everyday and that drama at least for me.............Cheers

FROM: David
DATE: Monday July 31, 2006 -- 3:06:09 pm
The commission did not go up in smoke. The company would make an effort to see if they could find out what salesman did the demo. And split the commission with them.

FROM: to the ghost
DATE: Monday July 31, 2006 -- 3:09:02 pm
i don't get it. so why did you quit?

FROM: to david
DATE: Monday July 31, 2006 -- 3:13:06 pm
why would the co. split the commission. the salesman did his job. and who cares if the person needed a few days to make up his mind.

FROM: to david
DATE: Monday July 31, 2006 -- 3:18:49 pm
the co. knew every move you made. they kept meticulous records. if you did not sell that day, you were gonna get the shaft.

FROM: David
DATE: Monday July 31, 2006 -- 3:19:35 pm
Correct .. most people who have bad things to say are people who only worked there for a very short period of time. I worked there for 6 yrs and I really don't have anything detrimental to say about the office I worked for. I was layed off due to corporate circumstances that are way of control of my offices hands. If it was up to them it wouldn't have happened. People have got to remember, Craftmatic is a big company with more than one office. Every office is different. Just because one office is bad to work for doesn't mean every office is bad to work for. The Michigan office is always having reps from other states coming to work for us.

Also remember, some states are easier to sell than others. Indiana is a hard place to sell, but Florida is much easier to sell considering the amount of retirees from other states that go there in retirement.

To anyone wanting to try it out, selling that is .. go ahead, try it for a week or two and see. It isn't for everyone and you'll find out pretty fast.

FROM: David
DATE: Monday July 31, 2006 -- 3:20:06 pm
I didn't quit .. I was layed off

FROM: David
DATE: Monday July 31, 2006 -- 3:22:20 pm
I was in the field anymore .. I was the one keeping the meticulous records on the reps. It is not true they would let you go for not selling that day. Most reps sell two sales a week. I've seen reps go through 3-4 weeks without a sale. Every hits a slump.

FROM: David
DATE: Monday July 31, 2006 -- 3:25:31 pm
Yes, the rep did do his job. But sales is a one day close. If the customer calls the company directly instead of the rep back after the demo. Then the company does the work over the phone and mails the contract to be signed. The other way to get around not splitting money is if the customer specifically asks for that rep to come back out to fill out the paperwork. Problem is is if the customer doesn't remember who came out and the co. can't find them in the system. Then they make the sale and try to find out who it is after, then split.

FROM: to david
DATE: Monday July 31, 2006 -- 3:45:31 pm
thwho e rep was not permitted to give the customer his own telephone ww whinumber. it was grounds for dismissal. the system knew what was going on.who are you trying to fool.

FROM: to david
DATE: Tuesday August 1, 2006 -- 6:37:26 am
how can you get laid off, when you are your own independent contractor?

FROM: holly
DATE: Tuesday August 1, 2006 -- 12:53:31 pm
the poor company has to mail the customer a contract. let us see. that cost the co. 39 cents. but they keep all of the commision. they will never tell you.

FROM: paul
DATE: Tuesday August 1, 2006 -- 3:41:39 pm
o.k. I am back and would like to say something positive about craftmatic in TN., but I can't!!!! How can a company do business in 2006 without e-mail, and some of the worst sales tatics and recuiting pratices I have ever witnessed in my life...These people are living in the days when going to someones house and forcing your way in the door was o.k., I want to see a craftmatic sales rep. with greasy hair and rotten teeth push his way in my house! Not only would my dog eat his ass up, up I would put several bullets into his chest. If anyone is thinking about working for craftmatic think long and hard about it. I was going to find out for myself and tried to say positive about the whole thing, but damn I would have never belived that a company can be that wrong. I am just glad I don't have to worry about those people going to my grand-parents houses(GOD rest their souls). Well any way that's about it cost me about 600 dollars in gas and time to learn what most people have been saying on this page. Trainer wants me to belive that a 6 figure income is in my future with his company that does not have e-mail I am not buying that bs....peace out

FROM: to paul
DATE: Tuesday August 1, 2006 -- 6:36:25 pm
welcome back home. the only way you can get any where with craftmatic is to be a scumbag. at least you gave it a shot. nothing wrong with that.

FROM: to paul
DATE: Tuesday August 1, 2006 -- 6:44:01 pm
i hope you did not buy any of that beautifal land while you were there, as advertised by eric estrada aka ponch. on late nite tv. i think it's tellico village. he needs a job with craftmatic.

FROM: peter
DATE: Tuesday August 1, 2006 -- 6:51:23 pm
paul, you did not even finish training?

FROM: J. D. Hunter
DATE: Thursday August 3, 2006 -- 11:27:13 am
I got the "Ascot sleep study" in the mail. Then I looked up the real Ascot study, which this thing from Craftmatic obviously is not part of; then I found this Ping site.

After reading the comments I decided to use their post-paid envelope to send them this message (instead of the survey.)





FROM: paul
DATE: Thursday August 3, 2006 -- 3:29:41 pm
no did not finish the training, old man giving it did not have any resources and all the info. we did recieve was 10 years old. Total waste of my time, but now I know...

FROM: paul
DATE: Thursday August 3, 2006 -- 3:31:28 pm
Does anyone know anything about replacing the rear rotors on a 2001 chevy 2500HD pickup truck..Just need to know how to remove the rotors from the rear..I have already removed the pads...

FROM: to paul
DATE: Thursday August 3, 2006 -- 4:02:23 pm
sorry i cannot help you with your rotors. if it was a 1970, i could. i suggest you go to the library and get a chilton or haynes manual. don't know if they are on the net.

FROM: to paul
DATE: Thursday August 3, 2006 -- 4:11:42 pm
google "replacing rear rotors" the first web has pictures and everything on how to do it.

FROM: paul
DATE: Thursday August 3, 2006 -- 4:45:03 pm
thank you..maybe I can call craftmatic and see if they know how to replace rotors....ha,ha

FROM: peter
DATE: Friday August 4, 2006 -- 8:15:04 am
craftmatic knows everything

FROM: holly
DATE: Sunday August 6, 2006 -- 2:37:05 pm
no one bashing craftmatic today?

FROM: Rob Andrews
DATE: Sunday August 6, 2006 -- 6:16:39 pm
adjustable beds? HA, i dont even own a bed, my life is a misery sleeping behind KFC. At this precise moment im in an internet cafe talking to complete strangers and losers, YOU. i have no possesions and the only person important to me is Alex Cox, he is my boyfriend and comanion and has helped me thru many rough times.

FROM: to rob
DATE: Sunday August 6, 2006 -- 10:06:42 pm
what is an internet cafe

FROM: to rob
DATE: Sunday August 6, 2006 -- 10:13:25 pm
we are not all losers. maybe you should be on the coleman inflatable bed website since you are living behind kfc. a craftmatic is not in your future. a coleman is only 19.95 at wal mart.

FROM: holly
DATE: Monday August 7, 2006 -- 6:58:26 pm
your life would be better sleeping on a craftmatic. if you need shelter just get underneath it.

FROM: to holly
DATE: Wednesday August 9, 2006 -- 5:24:50 pm
we need a craftmatic scum report for today.

FROM: 1 day salesman
DATE: Saturday August 12, 2006 -- 10:42:15 am
its been a month and a half and i still havent sent back my sales supplies, i only went on 2 sales calls, what a joke the leads were

FROM: Kathy
DATE: Saturday August 12, 2006 -- 3:28:02 pm
We just purchased the Model 1 on Thursday. The bed sounds great and I can't wait to sleep on it. My husband has terrible back (lower) pain and has terrible sleep apnea and snores like a sawmill. We are hoping this bed will put hubby back in the bedroom as he has been sleeping in a recliner for the past 8 months. We got the dual-queen. Can you use a regular twin bedskirt for each bed? I like the good answers. THanks!

FROM: Marc
DATE: Sunday August 13, 2006 -- 1:52:23 pm
Yup.. Twin skirts work fine.. Get two of those tube shaped pillows to go under each of his arms. If he is used to the recliner, the pillows will be like the arm rests that he has on the chair.

FROM: sales tools
DATE: Thursday August 17, 2006 -- 9:38:38 pm
i got another letter from craftmatic today about returning all the sales stuff that they gave me at training, they said it should have been returned no later than 5 days after leaving the company,they have 100.00 deposit i gave them for the stuff, will they send back my money after i send them the sales stuff back

petey September 8, 2006, 9:27 pm

i missed the ping. i’ll bet one of those scumbags at crafmatic crashed the server. shame on you.

gregg September 9, 2006, 7:38 pm

I would not count on getting all my deposit money back when returning the training materials. This company finds many creative ways to grow their bottom line and that includes making money off of the people who sell their big bucks beds.

Rose September 21, 2006, 6:13 pm

Just got off phone for a prospective Craftmatic Sales Agent call. The woman speaker did not want to answer much questions from callers and gave off the vibe that she was hiding something. I had spoken to her one year ago but never attended training. Glad I went with my instincts then, and today, I know to check out companies first on the internet.

Thank goodness for sites like this one–could someone recommend others of this caliber for consumer info?

Much thanks & have a wonderful day, Everyone! 🙂

Melissa September 24, 2006, 6:26 pm

this is for paul….what was the trainers name in tennessee?

to rose September 25, 2006, 10:12 pm

where were you considering training?

Melissa September 27, 2006, 4:45 am

In Tennessee….I think they said in Kingsport.

Frrank kWalters October 4, 2006, 3:43 pm

Does anyone work out of the Kingsport, Tn office? What has been your experence? Any bounced paychecks, late checks?

Vanessa October 13, 2006, 6:30 pm

Been trying to locate a Craftmatic facility for a replacement part. Cannot locate one in the US…..left a message at a place I thought might be able to help over a week ago but no call yet. Anyone know where I may contact someone regarding replacing the remote control gadget for the mattress?

Rich October 13, 2006, 8:55 pm

OH BOY! I am suppose to start my training this Wed. Oct 18th but after reading all these bad remarks, I’m no longer beginning to wonder. I believe I’m reading the writing on the wall. My common sense tells me to listen! I am now going to cancel my hotel reservations. Thank you all for the insight. I’ll consider my cancelling, money in the bank rather than in their pockets. It’s really ashame too. I’ve worked for myself for 18 years. Had employees and would NEVER think of treating anyone the way I hear people have been treated by Craftmatic. I welcome any response. Thanks again.

pablo ashley October 24, 2006, 9:16 am

Anyone in the UK recently gone o n a course did they have to pay for hotel also have they earnt or sold a deal since training

ex craftmatic salesperson October 25, 2006, 10:55 am

Hi I’m from the UK and I worked for Craftmatic because I got sucked in to the ‘you can Earn £0000 a week’! I found the so called ‘quality’ leads were a joke! the company didnt pay you for orders delivered and the commission is crap! and when you did get a sale you can be assured that the sale would be cancelled by the customer as soon as you have left the house! If you are thinking of working for Craftmatic…think again! you won’t make any money!!

jake October 25, 2006, 12:02 pm

Wow, lots of bad things to say about this company. I just bought a Craftmatic queen size bed on ebay for about 400 bucks. Should be worth 400 ? yes?

My question to all you folks is: Can this bed be taken apart to move in a standard size pick up truck or do I need a bunch of burly dudes to help me load it, or can me and my wife load this and move it ourselves. Any help is appreciated before I drive 2 hours to get this bed.
Thanks, Jake

CoCo November 3, 2006, 7:43 am

where the heck is dave? You are so funny…I have worked for CM for over 10 years.

Melissa November 4, 2006, 6:30 pm

Hey CoCo, what Craftmatic do you work for?

Julia November 6, 2006, 5:29 am

CoCo,should be named KOOK KOOK if he/she is implying Craftmatic is a good company, and KOOK KOOK if you are sincerely looking for David. . .look under the nearest rock.

me December 19, 2006, 1:53 pm

i never returned my supplies to crapmatic and they just sent me a letter from a lawyer for 1000.00, what a joke, like im going to pay them 1000.00 for that crap

bw December 29, 2006, 9:48 pm

I worked for Craftmatic for about 6 months. It cost me more in gas than I made. The leads were horrible. I would spend 2 hours driving to an appoinment only to find that the income was less than poverty and then still have to give this stupid demo and do the stupid call backs in order to not get yelled at. I worked for the distributer out of Kingsport. They still owe me by my numbers around $5000 and they claim to owe me nothing. I’ve started to do my tax returns and if my numbers are right I lost around 2000$ for my time, that I can write off. I would say to anyone thinking of working for Craftmatic beware. They have more ways to screw you out of your money than you could ever imagine. I do agree that any company that doesn’t have email or use any up to date technology for it’s sales reps has a real problem. If you are looking at working for them here is something to consider, the standard is 3 appointments a day. I would not recieve the appoimentments untill around midnight and then would have the pleasure of driving up to 150 miles to the first another 80 or so to the second maybe the 3rd would be close and end up around 7:30 with a 2 hour drive home. And if you miss an appointment they will charge you, never mind that half of them are not home and another 3rd will not let you in the door. If I was lucky I would have 5 actual demos in a week and half of those couldn’t buy it if it was 5$ let alone 5000$. BEWARE

UK Greybeard January 13, 2007, 1:19 pm

I’ve spent an hour wading through this thread, and it’s interesting how many opinions match my own both on the good and bad sides.

Craftmatic certainly know what they are doing to recruit salespeople and sell beds. They’ve been doing it thirty years and what they do works for them. Fact is it won’t work for everyone, and it didn’t work for me simply because I don’t have the skills or personality traits that would allow me to be successful. You could say I might be able to develop the skills but i’m not going to change my personality to make a few quid (bucks).

I had no trouble with the bed and massage demos. I did have the ability to show the customer the potential benefits because they were plain to see. The massage demo brought immediate results, and I enjoyed the fun aspect of putting a smile on faces. Where I struggled was with the cheesy and out of date style of the videos, the cheesy closes (which I just could not bring myself to say), and the attitude of executive sales who were rude to me as a new starter needing help when learning the ropes, and the biggest sin of all, rude to customers.

As for the training I can only praise Craftmatic in the UK. All hotel and meal costs were paid. No one ever said it would be easy. You were under no illusion that people were going to open the door to you with a cheque book in one hand and a credit card in the other. The way it was put was that you had to fight for the right to tell your story. Trouble is my skin ain’t that thick. I’m too polite. If someone tells me they don’t want me in their house, I say far enough and leave.

I also found it hard to drive sixty miles to 10.00am appointments to find I wasn’t going to get let in. By the time I had hung around town for my 3.00pm all my enthusiasm had gone. I only needed a few days at it to realise that although I loved adjustable beds with massage as a concept, I was never going to be successful selling them the Craftmatic way. Another issue is the “deal on the day or no deal” method. I’ve had some success in the past by giving people time to think. Hardcore salespeople seem to think this is some kind of weakness, but I found it a good reverse close by taking pressure off. Those that wanted bought. Those that didn’t didn’t. But those that did felt comfortable with the decision and were less likely to cancel because they didn’t feel pressured. I got results because I was comfortable selling that way.

Although I said at the start that Craftmatic are clearly successful because what they do works for them, I can’t help thinking it is a terribly inefficient and wasteful way of doing business. Surely people’s time would be better served if they generated sales enquiries that were followed up within a couple of days with an appointment, rather than vague leads from old competition entries from people with no money.

*Sorry this turned into a bit of an essay.

John January 16, 2007, 12:07 am

So many weak salespeople, Stop blaming the company. Your weak, shy, and scared. Stop hiding behind the fact that you can’t sell.

JJ January 21, 2007, 5:23 pm

I have worked for a Craftmatic distributor for 2+ years. I love it. Stop your bellyachin’ and learn how to sell.

JMCB March 7, 2007, 2:23 am

For 10 years I tried to get a price list and to talk with someone in order to take advantage of the 30 day trial offer for the Craftmatic bed. Yes. The company was offering a 30 day trial at that time. It just sound to good to be true. Here it is ten years or better later, one day I received and returned the mailer with a request for a representative to come out and show me this dream bed.
The day came, the rep. brought in her gift and as nice as she was, there was too much evidence that she had been on the road for an extended period of time and it was far past time for a pit stop. I lived through the video and the electronic rod that was suppose to emulate the bed massage. When she told me the price, I was shocked. I am a senior citizen and she placed a call to someone and said there would be a 200. dollar discount. I was not advised of the HELPCARD credit card until I received the payment statement. There was no two hundred dollar discount but there was three hundred dollars added to the balance, a $2.50 service charge(that keeps showing on each bill) and an almost one hundred dollar finance charge. The evening the bed was to be delivered, the company person called several times becaused they did not know where the delivery people were. Finally they showed up. Two weeks after attempting to sleep on the bed, I talked with a man who had the nastiest attitude, when I told him that the bed was not working for me because my back was starting to hurt. Also the cost of the bed was too much for me to pay for a bed
that was causing me to have back pain. He told me to call customer service and I am not sure how these people stay in business. There has to be something that can be done about the continued scam this company is pulling on unexpecting individuals. I truly hope that prior to purching one these beds everyone will read this page, at least they would be warned. Last but not least, the payment language is so demanding and forceful that it seem they want you to miss a payment or something. THERE HAS TO BE A LAW!

JP March 17, 2007, 1:09 am

Hey, Im a new salesman for craftmatic. Can anyone give me some tips on getting the customer to want to do the bedroom demo comfortably, and the same with the massage rubdown demo. Its my first week so I need to be prepared some please help me out!

Kentucky Colonel March 28, 2007, 6:12 pm

Craftmatic’s Business Marketing Plan is right out of the “Old Ages”. I am the lead sales trainer for CRAFTMATIC OF PITTSBURGH (who owns the distribution rights in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania)and I don’t know how much longer I can stomach lying to new sales reps, customers, and my family about the way in which I haveb to fabricate lie after lie in order to coerce sales people to join my company, lie to customers regarding time constraints in which they have to purchase our beds in order to receive a PRICE SEPERATION (discount, throw in the warranty, undercoat, rustproof the beds ect.),and misleading my wife as to which city I am actually in and with whom. I have created a MONSTER that eats at my very soul each and every day. One lie begats 5 lies and 5 lies begat 25 lies, ect. I wish I could have my cake and eat it too…but I gave it to an 89 year old blind customer in order to con her into letting my new sales rep and I in her door so that we may run the CRAFTMATIC CON on her once again. I feel horrible about the fact that she only receieves $585.00 per month in total income and that I have frightened her into buying a bed which will take food and much needed medicine away from her table, however, I am D.B. and I am the fucking King of the World!

to jp April 5, 2007, 9:16 pm

i worked for crapmatic for 3 months. never did a bedroom demo. it is very invasive and stupid. propping up someone with a bunch of pillows. did however sell beds, unfortunately they have a bad habit of sending you to people that cannot attested to by D.B.

it not a bad bed, it a hot bed April 10, 2007, 2:05 am

Craftmatic saleman told us,(my wife and I)that the mattriss was reversible with soft and hard sides. To make it softer just remove some of the foam sheets. Then the salesman showed us a massage motor and implied and said it was removeable and you could place it on your body, back,neck and so on. I found out later from the dilivery guys who set up the bed, its bolted to the frame and could not be removed.
The salesman then said with wittnesses if we were not satifyed, that we could return and refund with in 5 buiness day of recite of our new craftmatic bed.

The second night I rasied and lowerd my feet with the remote an eletrical arc lite up the room and the smell of burn wire filled the air, luckey there was not a fire or dammage to the floor.
the next day we decided to return the bed after relizeing what was not repicented in truth by the salesman, and was a potencail health and fire hazzard.

We called craftmatic and was told the truth by one of the customer sales reps about the massage and hardness of the mattris and how to fix the problem, she offerd to have the unit repaird. We felt decived by the there salesman.
The customer care rep offerd to fix the bed. and said she kick it up the the excecutive level.

well they offer to replace the bed and give a new pillow top covers and a hand held vibrator, plus 1000. back, payed 8270. Found out salemane made 1150.00 i still pushing for refund, just found out i have ground for law suit

rjd of spokane wa

petey April 14, 2007, 4:12 pm

i worked for crapmatic . i have all there internal telephone numbers. if you want to make them sick. just let me know.

Billy April 17, 2007, 6:05 am

Wish I read this blog before getting involved with this sleezball company. Craftmatic is the most unrespectful, vile company I ever delt with. They figured how to con people into paying to make them money. I sold my first bed on the fifth day of working for them. Then they stopped sending me leads. Finally got a commision check a few weeks later. They stated on the check that the bed was sold for about $900 less than I wrote the contract for and made the commision none existent. My check was less than four bucks after they deduct the $200 to pay for your training. That’s on top of the $200 they charge you for the paper work you use to write up thier sales. I hope everyone that’s involved in this scam get exposed as the fraudulent conmen they are!

natalie April 18, 2007, 11:08 pm


sofia April 19, 2007, 12:34 am

My husband worked for this company for almost 3 weeks.
He started on a tuesday, and he sold a bed on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. (4 beds) He was so happy he had sold every single day. He told me he had made $3000 in only 4 days. He said it was not easy, he went into very ugly neighborhoods at night, and the leads were bad, he got 2 leads almost every day, just one day he only got one. (7 leads in 4 days) sold over 50%, but not even the ones who bought were expecting a salesman at their door, apparently they were expecting some discount coupons to be delivered or something like that, My husband said he “turn them around” and sold the beds.
Most days he got 3 leads. Some of them were more than 2 hours aways from home, that is like 4 hrs and a half drive just for one lead.
This week, (#2) he had ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE leads, some of them didnt even let him in the house, just closed the door in his face, some of them were not even there, and some of them were so old that could not even hear him. Still, he managed to make 2 sales that week. 2 sales out of 13-14 leads. if you can call them that.
He only worked monday, tuesday and wednesday. Every day he got 3 leads, again, TERRIBLE ones, very far away, very old people that had no idea what my husband was doing there, some of them could hardly hear and talk. Anyway, he didnt sell on monday, he didnt sell on tuesday, and he sold his last lead on wednesday. The buyer told him to go back the next morning to pick up a check, my husband drove all the way to his house the next morning (thursday) and nobody was there.
That same day, Thursday, my husband was starting to get sick of all this cra_p, and he finally received in the mail a paycheck for his first week of work. He was expecting a check for about $3000, for those 4 sales on his first week, and for our surprise the check was only for $1000, he called the craftmatic office, and was told that one of his deals canceled, the other one did not get the credit approved, so same thing, it was canceled, and another one, the selling price had to be dropped a lot and he got a very low commission for that one. So he got $350 for the 7 leads he run that week ($50dlls per lead run) like $190 for the commission that was cut, and the rest for the only sale that went trough.
On that same call, he found out, that 1 of the 2 sales of his second week had been canceled.
The worst thing, is that you just have to believe what they tell you over phone, there is no way of knowing if they are lying or not.
Anyway, after SO MUCH CRA_P, my husband obviously quitted, and now, he has not been paid for that one sale that did not cancel the second week, and for about 20-22 leads run, well, less than that, because they do not pay you for the lead when you get the door slam on your face., still, this company owes my husband at least $1000 dlls.
I have read so many terrible reviews about this company in different websites, I just wish I had done it before he got involved with it, it was just a waste of time and a lot of frustration.

Brian April 24, 2007, 12:00 am

I have worked for craftmatic for about a month and they are worst sort of people to work for. They send you out to the poorest people or to the elderly who are on a fixed income. They said they not like other sales companies but they are but worse. The beds are a lot. The cheapest one and the one that you can win is about 1000 dollars plus tax and delivery that is about 300 plus dollars. You get nothing with the bed like massages and there is no warranty. The next beds are 5 to 8 thousand dollard. The craftmatic 1 king or queen goes for about 6 thousand. They will push and push. I went to the client’s homes and many of them are just interested in either winning the bed or they can get a free 500 dollars gift certificate. They send you to places that are 2 hours away and if you are late, they will fine you for 150 dollars. They give you 50 dollars only if you finish that whole presentation and call it in but when you do, they executive salesmen will push and push til you buy. They can get the beds down to 2000 dollars. ( Craftmatic 1 that costs 5 to 6 thousand dollars) They do not really want you to sell the craftmatic 2 or 3. If you do not sell their beds, they get so angry at you for not getting the bed sold. The beds are good and I feel the beds sell themselves but if they cannot buy it, they cannot buy it. Executive sales people want you to bring a big cake and a plant because they think people would buy the bed if you give them a gift. The executive sale people screw each other on sales. There are always high turnovers of sales people. I was sent to the poorest homes and the elderly like I said. I treated them all the same but deep down in side, I feel like I am taking advantage of them. I didn’t like being a sales person. I am a people person and I get along with people very well. Previous jobs I loved but they didn’t pay well. Craftmatic would pay well if you sell beds but I had the worst luck with the people I got. Many customers were nice to me and I got a long with them well but no sale. Orientation, they get these trainers that say they are making 250,000 dollars and sell 65 percent of the time they see customers. I think they are kind if bragging a bit. They said if you do not sell, you suck. They also love going to poor peoples homes and to the elderly because they someone get them to buy. They also added that they do not like going to middle and well of homes because they said they do not usually buy. Again, the worst sort of people you would ever meet. Most of them not all.

James May 10, 2007, 2:27 pm

The read here was interesting…I was a rep for 2 years. Not a bad gig at all but some of you just don’t get it….its sales! I told “sales stories” But never, never, did I lie to the customer, and consequently I never got in trouble. As for the product, it’s great. You get what you pay for and the model one is not a Gm or Ford product. I own one and would not give it up for flat bed again. As for the rep job….a few here have admitted they were just not cut out for it….thats fine. The others are probably cronic whiners or are just weak salespersons. Its a tough job and you have to have tough skin. You guys got me fired up….thanks! I was a rep in the north but I’m considering the rep job again in Fl. Any experienced Craft reps in Fl. care to comment?

bw May 10, 2007, 3:00 pm

just a note for those saying that the complainers can’t sell, in a creditable sales environment I can sell any product and have for over 10 years. The fact is this company sucks, I posted earlier about my experience and how badly I got screwed over working for crapmatic. The best part is that I never got my 1099 and had a lot of problems filing my taxes this year. I called the sales manager when I could not get an answer at any of the office numbers and found out that the distributor in Kingsport, TN is no longer in business. I called Craftmatic corporate to try and get some resolution to the money that is owed to me and at the very least find out a way to get my 1099. I was hung up on twice, I was all but called a liar when I told them of the money owed and I got no satisfaction. I was willing to think it might have been the distributor in Kingsport that was the biggest problem but after my experience with the corp offices I have to say that the whole company is a problem. Buyer beware, employee beware.

California kid May 16, 2007, 3:28 pm

I did the training, it sounded like a good opportunity, so I gave it a try. Paid my $200 and sold the first apt. I had. That is always the problem as you think that will be the norm. They did lower the price from the lowest I could go 3700 to 2000 a big jump, but I didn’t mind as a sale is a sale and something is better than nothing, The the next apt. were no shows, or porches (where they don’t let you in). The last one that did that, had bought the bed and was complaining to me. I wanted to see the bed, and asked if he would show it to me. Funny how they don’t have any examples to show the sales people not to mention the customers (guess I did mention that). It was a cheap looking bed that is for sure. I one I saw was a classic model he mentioned, costing like 2k. It had what a normal bed would have for a metal frame basically with a couple of moters attached with rollers to push up the wood(plywood) base. The what looked like regular cheap foam 5″ thick with a cloth covering stapled to the wood to cover it on top. The there was a regular mattress on top. Nothing special at all. I was amazed. It did have a wireless remote – whooo hoo
What they say is correct. The company doesn’t seem to lie, but in reality, they are just selling something of low quality and making lots of money. I don’t think the sales reps make much, if the do, they are just taking advantage of the elderly or are really stupid and haven’t looked into the product. I was lucky and came across one of their beds.
I then found this web site. This is so cool. Good creation to you how did. The internet is hated by the scam artist and shitty companies.
I canceled my $200 check and am pretty sure I won’t get anything for going to the apts I did go to. They won’t get anything else from me either.
Dave if you ever read this, you should get into another line of work. Mike in CA also. What BS you live with.

lefty c. reverse May 18, 2007, 6:31 am

slept like a dog last night-
had a dream i ate a gigante marsh mello…woke up and my pillow was gone.
in the afternoon…i ate a world famous 46 pound dallas salad.
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Mario ‘the moose” Omar

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marie May 20, 2007, 10:46 pm

I wish I would have found this site before I bought my mother a crapmatic bed. Buyers beware. My mother has severe M.S. and is totally bed ridden and can only move her head and arms. With M.S. comes alot of pain and muscle cramps. I thought the craftmatic bed would be the best for her. I purchased the bed in 2003. In 2004 her message mechinesm went out. I not only had to pay a coulple of hundred dollars to fix it but also had to wait to their convience to come up to fix it. Rude is a nice name to call these people. I have never been treated so rudely by a big company in my life. My problem is this, has anyone had a family member or anyone for that matter ever got stuck in the bed? If someone else has gone through this, PLEASE e-mail me at
On May 11th at 5:30 in the morning my mother was in the complete upright position along with the knee position all the way up. So I found my mother chest to knees stuck in the bed. She was having a problem breathing. I pulled her to the right as much as possible to releve pressure on her chest from her knees. The remote decided to act on its own and now decided not to work. I hurried and pulled the cord the bed did not go down. I looked for a hand crank and there isnt one. I even crawled under the bed to see if there was a way to release the air pressure in the two motors and there wasnt. Who to call but 911. The fire department came up and took the pins out of the motors and slowly with rope pulled my mother down into a flat position. Beware to anyone disabled. This bed could have killed my mother. Thank god I was home. I called crapmatic and they didnt even care. THey wanted more money from me and had no remorse for what happened to my mother. The company even told me that now that I un hooked the motors I voided the warrenty. What a joke huh. .They didnt even care that I said I was getting a hold of the better business buero attorny general and consumer affairs departments Again they were the rudist people I have ever spoke to in my entire life. Maybe they will change their attitude when I get a hold of my lawyer monday morning. So please if anyone is thinking about buying this bed beware. If anyone elese has had this proplem please contact me.

Aanen May 23, 2007, 1:57 pm

Wow, there are some really random comments in this ping.

James May 24, 2007, 1:18 pm

Oh Marie, C’mon….”The remote decided to act on its own and now decided not to work.” Maybe, but very hard for me to beleive. There are thousands of MS suffers who would not live without their Craftmatics.

Michele May 28, 2007, 7:44 pm

All I can say is, “WOW”! Thanks to everyone for their comments. I am a cool 56 on Soc. Sec. Dis. I do not consider myself to be “old”. I’m still a long-haired hippie from the ’60’s and am more like Shirley McClaine. I have, however, recently been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Went from sailing and scuba diving to being nearly bedridden. A LOT to accept. Have tried twice to get Craftmatic out to sell me a bed. I AM GOING to buy an electric, adjustable bed w/heat & massage. I have set two appts. for a rep to come out to do the paperwork, etc. and THANK GOD neither rep ever showed (or called for that matter). I think it was divine intervention because I am ready to buy. What I would like to know now, if anyone has any comments, is what IS the best bed to buy and the best company to buy it from. I don’t like hearing how these people have been screwed, glad I’m not going to join the rolls, and all I can say is, “Thank God for KARMA!!!!! Email me at with suggestions.

Michael H. Clarke May 30, 2007, 2:13 pm

I have been getting unsolicited phone calls from a Craftmatic Distributor in Pompano Beach FL for almost a year. I have reported the calls to the National Do Not Call List sponsored by the FTC and they stop for a few weeks and then again, this morning, at 0930 they started again. I will get another call this afternoon, if they conform to their usual harassing tactics and I will call the FTC again every day and report them. I saw at another consumer complaint site that this is not an unusual occurence. Has their been any discussion about a class action suit regarding their harrassment?

janien May 30, 2007, 11:42 pm

I just got a call from a Crafmatic Distributor in Florida. I live in California. (?!)They asked for my address to set up an appointment the next day. After speaking with my husband and feeling like it was too good to be true I decided to call back (caller I.D. is wonderful thing..) and cancel. I read these and other comments that are similar to the experience I just had and I am thankful that people took the time to speak out! People are so ready to take advantage of each other these days and it just is not worth the risk. Besides, I believe God can and will deal with theses “sales people” specifically for what or who they are.

Sounds like a class action suit against this “company” should be started because attempting to financially prey on elderly or disabled people is WRONG!!!

Shelly June 3, 2007, 12:05 am

This is to BW that worked for Craftmatic out of Kingsport, TN, I worked for them also, what did you think about the sales manager TK Simpson?

JOHN HUBBLE June 5, 2007, 12:13 pm

Paid $3600.oo for Craftmatic bed with a written Lifetimw warranty on frame and motors. Need service as the bed wil not stay in an elevated position. Cannot find info anywhere about warranty. Cannot find a phone number anywhere on the internet.Cannot find the words ,’warranty’, ‘service’ anywhere online. Hummmm !

marie June 5, 2007, 2:31 pm

John good luck. You probably do have a warrenty on the motors but dont touch them because it voids the warrenty. I aready ran into that problem. I have to buy a new remote for my mother in the amount of 145.00 dollars and a junktion box for 60.00. So be carefull it may not be the motors. I found this out by calling this number 215-639-1226. I am not sure where they are but they are very nice people. Ask for the consumer relations dept. Good luck and let me know how it works. Oh ya this goes to James. If you dont think my mothers bed didnt fold in half call Ticonderoga NY fire dept. The remote worked for 2 days then did the same thing. I am now in the process of buying a new remote and junktion box.

ed June 11, 2007, 12:18 am

I recently found out that the dead cost including marketing and advertising and overhead is under $700 on the craftmmatic 1 bed. Wow they are making an extra 6K.The life time warranty does not include labor. You can get a top of the line Borgatta which blows away thier monaco bed for under $3K delivered. It used legget and platt frame which works on hydrolics as opposed to the hubble motors.
Craftmatic is a marketing genious after old people and poor people. They focus thier efforts by giving free stuff. I reccomend anyone who is considering buying a bed look at all the other options. The idea is great about the semi-fowler postion but you could buy a comfort pillow from e-bay with free shipping for $99 if you need that postion. If you are planning on working for craftmatic it will run about $40-75 a day between your free flowers,cake and up to 400 miles a day driving to bogus appointments.

Phillip June 12, 2007, 3:24 pm

The craftmatic 1 bed wholesale cost including marketing is les than $700.
The limited lifetime warranty does not cover labor. They are being investigated by the FDA due to not having any quality control in place.
There is a bed made by borgatta with a legget and platt frame with hydrolic controls for under 3K and a lifetime warranty. Vrafmatic preys on old,poor and sick people as who in there right mind would pay 6K for a bed worth far less.
If you want to work for craftmatic it will run 60-$100 a day in gas,cake, and flowers. The average commssion is about $100 per bed after expenses. Most of the “pre-qualified appoinments” are looking for a free bed or $500 certificate amd have no $$ or credit to purchase a bed. Do your math before you start. Also
the start up expenses will be about $500-800 before you leave on your first appointment!

scott June 18, 2007, 2:56 pm

An Appointment, is what you make of it. If the potential buyer opens his or her door to a total stranger, lets you in….they are interested, you weak sissy. Learn closing techniques, find common ground with the potential buyer. the product must work or they would have been out of business years and years ago. With any job there are upside and downside. Stop blaming others and go work for walmart selling sneakers.

julieaka20ids June 18, 2007, 4:30 pm

The same person, writes multiple statements here under different ids. Craftmatic must have hit a nerve with them . The poor thing, I feel bad.

Hector June 20, 2007, 11:12 am

Craftmatic just out and out sucks. They don’t even have there name on there corporate HQ. Work or buy a craftmatic bed and be ripped off. Case closed.

Daniel June 24, 2007, 5:35 pm

I’ve been with Craftmatic for over 3 months, I have averaged $1,426 per paycheck. Yes some leads aren’t all that, but the ones I sit down with, we show them the peace of mind and health benefits of an adjustable bed. I smile, never ever lie, find a real common ground with most folks. (some cancellations, some people won’t answer their door, some bad leads, but that is with any “in home sales job”). The biggest trait I see with successful people within the (in home sales lifetsyle), there true ability to take rejection well, like blocking it out and moving on to the next opportunity. The people on here seem like nice people just that the job didn’t work out, I wish you all the best. Daniel

eddie July 5, 2007, 8:08 pm

i just got ripped for $6100 on a bed by theese theifs. I was high when the saleman came over on alcohol and signed up after the wonderful massage this muscular man gave me. It was a great demo but the 5 day return policy has already ran out. what can I do? Any advise?

Diane July 7, 2007, 3:38 am

I got an adjustable bed from, along with their 10″ Nimbus mattress after looking into a craftmatic. It’s amazing. The mattress feels just like a TempurPedic, and the adjustable bed has all the features of the Craftmatic-only it was a lot less money. I highly recommend RestOnClouds even if you’re only getting the mattress. I think it’s probably the best VALUE you will find out there. Plus the sales people were friendly and helpful, and NOT pushy! (I hate pushy salemen) They helped me figure out which mattress would be best, and shipped it out fast. I had my whole set up in my room in just under a week!

marty July 11, 2007, 8:41 pm

My boyfriend and I were making love on the Craftmatic Monaco(there top of the line) when suddenly it started closing up. We were already in a compromising postion and couldn’t unplug it. It mashed us both together closer than we already were. We were able to call 911 but unfortunately he was hospitalized due to his member being broken. Can I doing anything legally? as the defective $8999 bed is the cause. Does anybody know how to get ahold of customer service?

teresa July 14, 2007, 5:29 pm

my new puppy chewed through the cord of my remote on my craftmatic adjustable bed. How can I find a replacement remote control for this?

tut July 29, 2007, 7:46 am

Hi Marty

I have a spare member if you are in need of one


anonymous July 30, 2007, 4:50 am

Craftmatic of Pittsburgh, is run by cut throat rip offs. They know sales people routinely stay in homes for up to six hours to make a sell. I have never been privy to the actual price sheets for the beds, but seriously doubt they cost more than $ 1,500.00 including marketing. They charge the customer $ 345.00 per delivery but pay delivery people only $ 125.00 per delivery, they charge a minimum of $ 132.00 for a service call if the bed is not under warranty but pay service tech only $ 55.00. I urge the Kentucky Colonel who by his post is the lead trainer for Craftmatic of Pittsburgh, to supply his information to the attorney general for the states that he works in. You are not alone in being flat broke, and I understand that is why I work for them as well. Tom Flynn the executive sales rep is an ass, Dianee Kugler, delivery manager is a power freak with no clue, and dirty Girty who owns the distributorship while a nice guy, could sell snake oil to a nun.

STAY AWAY August 10, 2007, 11:13 am

Australians BEWARE….They have come here….be very CAREFUL…When my hubby came home telling me about his “sales training” mmmmmmm…I thought….this is not a good idea…”pot plant” and “bikkies”….He has just let the BIG WIG know he is not going to do this kinda work….thanks to me…and my GUT instinct…and now his gut instict too….BE VERY CAREFUL…you’ll end up on today tonight(a news show) They’ll chase you down and MAKE YOU ACCOUNTABLE….

ALL the nice comments are from CRAFTMATIC “PEOPLE” who want you to BUY their BED…..otherwise why would they BE LOOKING AT THIS Site…I know why i came here….THE GUT FEELING>>>>> GOOD LUCK!!!!

Joseph August 15, 2007, 2:29 am

Mrs Stay Away, I am glad you told your husband he should not work for Craftmatic. It is obvious you wear the pants in your family and a salesman with no balls is really not much of a salesman. Perhaps you should think about getting a job and let him stay home and nurse his gut feeling.

rico August 21, 2007, 4:02 pm

Good call. A craftmatic job is not a job as you pay to work there. Product is very low quality and company removes itself from all responsibilies both to it’s product as well as it legal obligations to there sales reps. It is as churn and burn concept from the 1980’s that preys on sick,weak,ignorant,elderly,lonely,poor and forgotten. You will learn this on the first day in the field. You cold make a bed of thios quality for under $100! If you just got out of prison and you have no conscious it will be great for you and that is who they hire.

Melvin Fiddlestien August 24, 2007, 1:15 am

No one should purchase or sell this product. This company has changed there legal name many times due to lawsuits.
Please save yourself the torture and don’t work for them unless you are completely bored or really like to waste time,$$, and gas. Join the peace core instead. This is truly a garbage company.

Ryan August 24, 2007, 1:34 am

“Join the peace core instead.”

Like you have, I’m sure.

John August 28, 2007, 1:25 am

Made the mistake of buying a craftmatic. The mattress is junk, we have had 5 so far and all have collapsed withing 3 days. It is apparant the bed is causing the problem. Now we can’t get anyone to return calls or answer certified mail. I filed complaints with the Attorney General of Alabama and Better Business Bureau of Washington DC/Eastern Pa and Denver CO. If anyone else in Alabama is having problems with Craftmatic, let me know maybe we can work together.

Toni August 29, 2007, 2:52 am

I need a remote for my sisters Craftmatic bed.( she is handicap and needs this thing super bad). I have called Craftmatic probably 50-70 times and never get anyone. ( they don’t even answer, it’s always a machine telling me to call during ” normal business hours” and it always is when I call). I have tried calling the sales line and sure enough I get someone….who tells me they can’t help me and has no number for “customer service”.
I can’t find a serial number on this bed that the only place I have found needs, and she is miserable. ( It broke with the head WAY up and the feet too) This is the only bed she has and is sleeping in this thing every night. I WOULDN”T RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE. My mother got ripped off on the price, parts were missing or ill-fitted and I had to get involved ( because I don’t take the crap my Mom would from these people) just to make them fulfil their contract for the heat and massage) Which by the way was NOT as promised and can’t really be used because it is a cheap pad that will burn my sister if she tries. ( she can’t get up or roll over after a few minutes, and it’s too hard for anyone to keep a constant eye out and hook up the lift to raise her, to get it out from underneath her) I could go on and on, but I’ll stop before I get my self too worked up….Now back to my original post.
Please help if anyone knows where I can go. Thanks in advance.

simon visenkoff August 31, 2007, 8:41 pm

Wow, I really got ripped off on this bed. How could I be so dumb. This bed is make of the cheapest plywood and the matress is paperthin the motors are loud and very awkward.

Jim September 1, 2007, 10:25 pm

Toni what state are you in?

Bmw530i September 5, 2007, 8:53 pm

only 1 in 10 make it as a rep, the really great salesman, not some wanna be, all talk, no results, whiner, bit$# boy. The 1 that makes it “oh wow” muahahahah He smiles alot hahahahaha He averages $3500 per week. you people dont see $3500 in 3 months. ahahaha It’s not the PRODUCT you sell……IT’s YOU you no talent wanna be’s

Big Mac September 6, 2007, 1:30 pm

Has anyone in the UK selling or thinking about selling or Craftmatic thought about the tax implications of being “self-employed” but really only working for Craftmatic?

In the UK a self-employed person needs to show that they are truly independent (e.g. are in crontrol of their own work routine, can sub-contract work if they want to etc etc) and do work for more than one client otherwise they are actually treated as an employee by the tax man.

This actually has greater implications for Craftmatic than for the individual self-employed sales rep – as they (Craftmatic) then become liable for the NI and other company benefits for the person they are “employing”. I can’t see how they get around this point in Britain.

If this was allowed by the tax man – we would all be self-employed and working for our original employer – it saves the employer NI and holiday pay and commitment to the employee and allows the self employed person to obtain their own tax breaks and pension advantages when compared to PAYE (Pay as you earn) people.

Can anyone help me understand this one??

Onyourchin September 8, 2007, 9:23 pm

The great thing is old people don’t use the internet. muahahaha

Alan Ferguson September 10, 2007, 3:01 pm

I am amazed at how many people on here are slagging off Craftmatic (no doubt, a lot of them are pea-brains!). Anyway, I live in the UK, and I think Craftmatic’s reputation would appear better over here!
My wife and I were visited by Craftmatic over a month ago, and the original price of the bed was set at £4,200. I said that I couldn’t afford it, and the sales person said he could lower it to £3,400. He spent just over three hours in the house, but gave good demonstrations with the mattress and massage units, and never put us under any pressure (I am 38, my wife is 40).
After trying everything out, we both could have slept in that position the rest of the day.
The salesman then contacted the Craftmatic UK head office. I spoke to one of the manager’s there, who gave me a final offer for the bed of £2,200, which was nearly half-price.
I am paying it up on credit for the next few months, but will pay the bed off when I re-mortgage my home (which I have been planning to do for a few months now anyway).
The salesman was never pushy, explained things thoroughly, was quite friendly, and as it turned out, would have left my house reasonably earlier on, but my wife and I were geuninely interested.
Now having had the bed 1.5 months, I can safely say that my wife and I are sleeping a lot better.
Craftmatic gets the thumbs-up for me!!!
I think it comes down to every individual – the bed may work for some, but not for others. As for the price, it definitely pays to be stubborn (like I was), and try and get them to hammer down the price.

ted September 11, 2007, 4:04 pm

Just got the bed, After sleeping on just one night with my life partener it fell apart. Both of us together weight less than 400LBs and the frame bent and all the motors frooze. I called customer serive and they will not answer my calls. I spent $6500 on this junk! now I find this site and realize I was totally ripped off. CRAFTMATIC SUCKS!

Bob September 12, 2007, 6:54 pm

Well, in the good ole us of a, the sales folk only care about making the sale, nothing else. after all, america is all about making a buck. screw quality just give me the money!

Ya Boy September 12, 2007, 11:30 pm

Ricardo and I were making full use of the bed when the rollers got us stuck in a very odd position. I called customer service who did nothing. We ended up having to call the paramedics to get out from the bed. It was a very awkward and dangerous situation. I want a refund but from what I hear it is impsossible. Does anyone want to do a class action suit agaist them.


Toni September 18, 2007, 8:32 pm

Jim, I am in SC. It has taken me 7 months of searching and calling and e-mailing….BUT I finally got ” Customer Service”. Anyone who needs their number, it’s 800-253-5383, also, I have 800-677-8200.
My remote is only 5 days away. ( or so they say).

Terry September 27, 2007, 4:29 pm

Craftmatic – let them in your house and you will loose.
You will loose, sleep, money, time and effort.
Their bed is trash – its over priced and is sold to you by sales people who are trained to get the money – nothing else. It doesnt matter where you buy it you will be treated like a king or queen until you hand over the money. Then you are a nobody. The company is run by a crook – hes done time for wire fraud. If you want a adjustable bed shop around and you will save thousands – I did.

teddie October 6, 2007, 12:15 am

Betty of Sauk Village IL (09/23/07)
My husband and I purchased a Craftmatic bed Feb. 2, 2007. The salesmen Kurt & Bart were in our home for hours telling us the benefits of the adjustable bed which sounded great because of several medical conditions that I have and we thought that it was a great solution to several problems. We agreed to purchase the bed on a payment plan that was do-able. However the finance by a Revolving account is not the way to puchase any long term account.

On Aug. 31,2007 i made a payment by phone that I normally would have made online. The phone payment cost an addtional $5.00. But because the payment was not credited to the account until 9/04/07 a delinquency charge of $39.00 was also added. The finance charge was $111.59. New charges was $44.00-and by the way I do not know what that is, was also added. The original payment was $120.00.

When we got our statement -the previous balance was $3899.77 and our new balance is $3935.36. Also the finance charges which were already ski-high at 23.34% jumped to 29.99%. We were told that the contract was non-negotiable. I ask to speak to a manager but was told that the manager could not help becase we would the same thing.

I am disabled but my husband works and we are looking at payment that are not progressing to an end but are increasing. We cannot sustain this type of financial blow as our finaces are not flowing but stagnant.

Sarah of Aurora, CO (09/18/07)
We were told that the bed was very quiet and that is not true. The motor on the bed awakens everyone in the house, not just in the room where you are sleeping.

We were told that we would get a king size bed when indeed we received twins beds locked together. The mattresses are very uncomfortable. Since we received the bed, I have experienced my old back and neck pain coming back. The buttons that let the bed up and down does not always work and the mattress is sagging on one side.

We were given 5 days to send the bed back, but the 5 days were before we received the bed or had an opportunity to try the bed out.

Alma of Riverdale, IL (09/17/07)
July of 2006 I purchased a bed from Craftmatic. The Rep told me I was entitled to receive a free TV. When I received my bed the delivery man said the TV was on back order.

After a year of waiting and calling I spoke to a rep who told me that I did receive my TV. I told her “no, I didn’t”. My daughter took the call and asked the rep to please fax over this supposedly signed delivery form. My signature was FORGED! Someone apparently copied my handwriting to a delivery form.

I was in shock and very angry. My daughter spoke with the rep again who said they would investigate. She said she would talk to her manager and call us back in a week . It is the middle of September and I still haven’t heard from them.

Beverly of Pembroke Pines FL (07/31/07)
We were interested in a Craftmatic bed so we arranged for a salesperson to come to our home to discuss. We were told that the prices quoted would be good for a year but the salesperson said the price quoted is only for this evening 1/25/07. She was a very high pressure salesperson. Came with a coffee cake and a plant for me.

The price of $7000.00 was entireley too expensive for us. She called her supervisor, so we thought, and for that night only they would lower the price to $4900.00. We said it was way too expensive, she did a credit check and said we can afford it. My husband is a double amputee and she said the bed would be excellent for him. She was here over 3 hours, at which time we agreed.

The first week the bed developed a dip in the middle, the mattress, FOAM, was replaced. We still complained and was told we would have to get used to the bed. She would not return our calls as we were very dissatisfied with the bed, customer service said no refunds. My husband has a secular wound on his bottom and had it at the time of the sale. A visiting nurse, for the wound, has said that he needs to be in a hospital bed. Side rails for the Craftmatic bed is $900 which is outrageous.

Now a VA doctor has also verified that he needs to be in a hospital bed. We did not realize that there have been so many SENIOR CITIZENS that have been misled with high pressure salesmanship for the Craftmatic bed. The middle of the bed has dipped again but we have not contacted them as now we are at a point where we are ready to pitch this bed into the nearest dumpster.

The wire for the mechanism to raise & lower the bed keeps falling down and will not stay secured. Today I wrote a letter to Craftmatic. I will see if they acknowledge the letter.

We are out $5000.00 for a product that does not live up to its name. We will have to get RID of the bed, as now the VA will be providing a hospital bed for my husband.

Bobby of TX (07/19/07)
Was contacted by the company during an extended illness..Sales pitch about all the health benefits I would receive from owning their bed. I was desperate at the time for any type of help to improve my health and after approximately 6 hrs I agreed to purchase the bed through a loan.

The bed is broken, will not work, and I have not been able to contact anyone to receive assistance even though I was told it had a lifetime warranty. The number listed on the website apparently has nothing to do with customer assistance, probably sales related only from what I could determine.

The benefits stated/promised have never been true, the bed was extremely overpriced, and and now cannot even use any of the features/raising/lowering, massage, etc due to being inoperative.

The financial strain has been great, the physical benefits extremely limited, if any. Unfortunately I was weak and vulnerable due to the illness which continues.

Josie of Pueblo CO (07/03/07)
We called the company in response to a promotion for a chance to win a free bed. Next thing we knew we had a man in our house selling us a bed we could not afford, sight unseen. We feel we were pressured into signing the contract and when we tried to cancel we were told we couldn’t it was too late, I was no longer dealing with the Craftmatic Company, but a finance Company, the best we could do is get the payments reduced and the time extended, so now we owe over 8 thousand on a bed that is very uncomfortable, squeeks terribly when it is adjusted makes horrible noises when the massager is used, and you can’t really feel any benefit from the massager anyway.

There is no chance of ever getting it replaced as who would buy it from us, We can’t just toss it out and buy a good bed we can sleep on not after paying for this one. We can’t afford to pay for it, it is ruining our credit as we are on disability and on a limited income.

The salesman said it was the answer to all our health problems and gave the bed all these wonderful reasons of how it would help my husbands heart problems and his recent neck surgery and my leg edema, and help with our sleep apnea, the stress of how we are going to pay for this monster has only made our problems worse. I wonder how many other disabled and elderly people craftmatic is taking advantage of. He also told us if we tried to cancel our order he would get fired, at the time I felt bad for him, so we didn’t, afterwards I realized he was just trying to make a sale.

Ovadell of Lyle WA (06/15/07)

My elderly mother purchased a Craftmatic bed. Within a week the mattress was sagging so badly that she had to hold on to something to stay in bed. I have called customer service to see if we can remedy this problem, all they can tell me is they will send someone out to take a look but they never do.

My mother has slid out of bed on two different occasions. The problem is she is not able to get up once she falls, fortunately, we have Lifeline and she is able to summon help.

Karen of Plano, TX (06/13/07)
Bed was delivered broken, with a bar protruding through the mattress and creating discomfort in our lower back.

Mattress was exchanged for a pillow top style that has a plastic foam core which sagged immediately.

This was exchanged for a foam insert that is too large for the zippered mattress and bulges in the center.

It is impossible to get a good sleep in this bed. The mattresses are slanted and either indented or bulging. Of course when I contacted them about another alternative, I was told that there are none and that they would not accept a return of the bed. I was also told that the Baltimore distributor I apparently purchased the bed from had gone out of business.

Paid $4,000 for backpain!

Trisha of Birch Run MI (05/08/07)
My handicap father purchased his Craftmatic Adjustable Bed under the impression it was covered with it’s Lifetime Warranty only to be told that to receive a new mattress (because the one he has is literally nearly bent in half) he will have to pay an additional $500.00 because the distributor he purchased it from went out of business. He spoke to two different customer service reps at Craftmatic, one being the supervisor, both of whom were extremely rude with no interest in the consumer whatsoever. He has done nothing but complain about this bed since it arrived.

Thomas of Carmel IN (04/27/07)
The story and events described in the craftmatic West Virginia story were almost exactly the same. Sales guy comes to door, stays an very long time, makes promises, pressures single elderly woman to buy bed, sets up charge account with no disclosure and customer service at Craftmatic no help.

Collector now calling threatening litigation to collect the outstanding balance. Elderly aunt unable to discern what has happened and tells the Craftmatic people she didn’t want bed and agreed with sales person to get them to leave.

Amy of Stewartstown PA (04/25/07)

I have been getting calls from this place for a very long time. I and the only other resident of the house have told them to stop calling. The person on the other end will NEVER give their name and they continue to call. Tonight I got home and saw that they called and I called them back on the 800 #. When I first got through a female took my name and the spelling of it, while saying that she was going to put me on the do not call list. She then states that she was not calling for me, but rather for my fiancé. I advised her that he has answered before and told them not to call. She replied Oh well, too bad, we will continue to call and hung up on me.

I am tired of them calling very early and very late. I work long hours and I would like to get my sleep without interruptions of a rude and inconsiderate company!

Joe of Salisbury NC (03/09/07)
July 26,03, I bought a two Craftmatic Adjustable Beds for $6000.00, Was told they would help my back plus help lower my Blood presure, After about a year the Mattress started to get lumpy and we could not sleep on them, I call them they said they would change them which they did. Here it is two years later we got the same problem, Only worst, I cannot sleep on the mattress at all now.

I called, talk to three or four people, they keep transfering me around to different people, who keep saying they will call me back, never do. I feel after spending $6000, they should do something for me, I can’t afford to buy Mattress every two or the years.

Robert of Hereford TX (03/02/07)
My father was talked into purchasing a craftmatic bed before christmas 2006 he did so and he paid them when the bed arrived he told the gentleman that he had received the wrong mattress and the thing that had pushed him over top and buying the bed was the fact that he could get the heated mattress he was told that there was one in the warehouse and he would receive it next week well it has been 2 mths now and no one from the head office or the distributor will return my calls I have to say that now we are looking into just having the bed returned and the money back.

Diane of Annapolis MD (02/23/07)
They are phone harassing me. They call with their recording 3x a day and will not accept that I am on the do not call list even though I call them back at 443 573 0232 and I think the Craftamatic telemarketer is mad at me and is now into revenge. He keeps calling, he is mad. I am frightened.

Joseph of Pinole, CA (02/19/07)
This company contacted my mother at home even though she is on the National Do Not Call List. She was informed that she had won a free craftmatic bed. My mother was skeptical about this windfall gift and questioned the marketer, at least 3 times, whether this was a ploy designed to obtain a sales appointment etc. She was told absolutely not, that she had won a bed.

My mother asked if I would be available on the day she was to receive the new bed. I agreed. Just prior to the salesperson’s arrival, I went to the Consumer affairs website and found the article on Craftmatic and its penalties in West Virginia. I immediately called the Craftmatic office to cancel the appointment.

The salesperson demanded that I give them all my mother’s personal information, which I refused. I gave them her name and phone number and told them to contact the salesperson by cell phone. The craftmatic rep on the phone said that would be impossible. Within 2 minutes the outside sales rep for Craftmatic shows up at the front door. He questioned why we were cancelling. I told him to contact his office.

He then asked if he could come inside and use the phone to verify the cancellation. I told him no that he could use my cell phone outside while I listened. He then admitted that he had his own cell phone in his car. I am convinced that this was a ploy to gain acces to my elderly mother. Within 5 minutes of his departure, we received a call from his supervisor who demanded to know why we were cancelling. I told him to stop contacting this number and he abruptly hung up!!

This event has had a very detrimental effect on the psychological health of my mother. She is quite depressed at the fact that she could have been duped by Craftmatics high pressure sales pitch .

Cecilia of Macomb IL (01/30/07)
We purchased a craftmatic bed on 1-18-2005. We are having a problem with the mattress (it is lumpy) and the motor or something has leaked oil on my carpet. I called the customer service rep. Diane Peltser and she said I had to pay 116.00 to have someone come and look at my bed because our distributer went out of business. Therefore any warranty that I had was not in effect.

We were told our warranty was good for a lifetime and would even pass down generations. They promised us the world and now we find we have nothing. The woman I spoke with was rude and had no interest in helping me. She said there was nothing she could do because our distributer went out of business. This seems strange because after a salesman was at our house I spoke with the craftmatic company and had somethings changed before I got the bed.

Cleo of Dublin GA (01/12/07)
I cannot sleep at night I have to get up in the middle of the night and sleep in the chair to get rest.

The Craftmatic I Sleep system was sold to us with the assumptiion that you would beable to sleep better and your breathing habits like snoring would be stopped or reduced. The bed was suppose to help you sleep better but it does not. I have had back surgery and I can not hardly sleep in the bed. I would not recommend or purchase a bed like this ever again. What makes it so bad is my Mother-In-Law purchased one as well. We are two families that are very dissatisfied.

Doug of Ashford AL (12/20/06)
I bought a craftmatic bed and my sales rep died. It no longer works and I have tried numerous times to contact the company for help and no one returns my calls

I am medically disabled and used this bed 3-4 times daily for fluid retention problems and for a major back injury.

Cecile of Rockmart GA (12/14/06)
I ordered 2 beds 11/2/05 to include heat pads. I’ve had to call several times due to not receiving them when told they would arrive. On 12/14/06 I spoke to Mr. Vaughn who claims to be a supervisor that once again told me I would receive pads at my door in 7-10 days just like I was in October. I asked what reassurance I had and he said he is taking care of it himself this week. I told him that is what I was told last time. He asked what he could do and I requested a letter stating the product would be at my door in 7 to 10 days. He hung up on me.

I immediately called back and asked for a supervisor in which I got Mr. Vaughn again. He stated he was very busy and didnt have time to write a letter and he has told me 7 to 10 days. I asked him who his boss was and he stated Mr Magary. Of course there is no way of contacting him that I know of. My order was paid in full on 11/2/05 the day I placed the order but they have not fulfilled the order as of this date.

John of Ogden UT (10/24/06)
Salesperson dropped in at about 2:00PM. Didn’t leave until about 8:00PM. Starting price was about $6500.00. Call after call was made from my home to Denver when I wouldn’t accept price. Finally deal made at $4500 with condition that I pose in TV ad (never happened). I still owe over $3000 on the beds. I got 2 twin beds.

I’m a totally disabled veteran and my wife has had extensive back surgery (before getting the beds). We were told that the beds would alleviate many problems both she and I had sleeping. Told my sleep apnia would improve greatly (NEVER DID). We’ve had the beds almost for just over 2 years and both of them need to be replaced. Both the box springs and mattresses are collapsing. I have to sleep on the far right side of my bed or I role out of my bed during the night. Many times I have had to spend the night on the floor, not being able to raise mysef. I can’t adjust the bed in any form to keep from having extreme pain in my body. I could go on and on but time constraints keep me from doing so at this time.

James of Crofton KY (08/24/06)
In June we were called by the craftmatic co. We are on a no-call for solicitors.They got through anyway and wanted an agent to call on us.They promised we would be entered in a contest for a free bed.The agent came the 20th of June and nothing was said about entering us for a free bed. He claimed the bed would be beneficial for my sleeping and snoring which I have trouble with and my wife has back problems and he said the bed would help that.

We bought a bed and when we read the papers he gave us, the company disvowed any claims. We paid $3800 for it and the mattress should have been top of the line quality.The bed did not help any of our problems.

Sandra of Atmore AL (08/03/06)
In July I saw Craftmatics ad. on t.v. I called to enter in sweepstakes and to get information on buying bed.A few days later a Burl Mahl contacted me to set up an appointment to come to my home.I honestly felt it would be safe to allow him in my home. This would be the first salesman I have ever let in my home.

Soon after he arrived he began to ask very personal questions. Did I have a boyfriend? Did I live alone? Would I enjoy having my hair,nails done? He only called me ‘lady’ never using my name.Whenever I tried to interupt him he would tell me I needed to hush. He said I must be Attention Deficient. He said he was a multi-millionaire who only works for Craftmatic whenever it suited him. He said he is in the process of buying several restaurants in Atmore, and Bay Minette. He owns several race horses who has made him millions. He is a famous chef who would love to come to my home and cook for me. He is a pro playing a piano. I was getting more scared by the minute. This went on for almost 4 hours. When I thought it couldnt get worse he got up and said Lady I want you to see this. He pulled his shirt up and proceded to explain how much weight he had lost and how good he thought he looked.

That night he started calling my home. I wouldnt answer the phone because i saw on caller ID it was him. Later he started blocking his number. I think Craftmatic is fully responsible and Im very scared if he is fired what will he do to me and my daughter.

Barbara of Richmond, VA (07/17/06)
Linda suffers from MS and is virtually completely invalid. As such, Linda depends on her special bed, which she purchased about 14 years ago from Craftmatic. In April of this year, Linda contacted Craftmatic for a service and repair and was told that the charge for this would be $ 440.47 The repairman of Craftmatic showed up on April 20th and told her that this older bed needed a different size board (piece of wood), which needed to be ordered. Since then, we have contacted Craftmatic several times and they have visited Linda once more on June 9th.

Cliff October 8, 2007, 9:06 pm

Amazing how much miss information is on this site. This is a quality product made the same way every time. I think many of you must be lying just to be cute! The bed is amazing and the sales job is also. I am a retired minister and sleep on the bed and sale the bed. Yes in home sales in not for most people. Amazing fact is that common people lie much more than any company could.

They comfirm a appt and then will not open the door. I make sure they want to buy then cancel the next day. Some of you amaze be by the fact you would like to return your bed. Why did you buy it in the first place. The health benefits DO out weigh any cost you might have. You are in bed 1/3 of your life come on guys and gals!!!

There are some bad people in the company and the company after time deals with them but the vast vast mojor protion of people I see LOVE the bed.

You get what you pay for and my bed is worth more than what I paid for it!!!!

I make a nice 6 figures now and love my semi-retirement!!

Rich October 17, 2007, 12:27 am

I have owned a Craftmatic I for several years. It is really NOT a good bed. It was given to me by a friend so it did not cost me a penny. He actually gave me two of them (that should have tipped me off)! Needless to say, we are no longer friends! I did manage to sell one of them for $150.00 to who-else but an elderly lady. It is in no way a comfortable bed. Very stiff feeling, a very thin mattress. To be certain in no way a quality product. I imagine the only reason they are still in business is because it probably only costs then a couple hundred to manufacture and they pocket the rest. Way too many unhappy customers (or should I say “suckers”?). If you are smart you will buy from a more reputable company, which this company can never claim to be. Obviously they do not care about customer satisfaction.

moved on October 21, 2007, 3:14 pm

what a joke ..went to pittsburgh to be trained for sales rep in wva and then was sent out on the road with a trainer – she was a joke too! ..had rotten teeth and showed up 45 mins late – kind of sleazy – used curse words a lot – shit and fuck! bragged how good she was and how colonel kentucky hired her on the spot to be trainer. she was supposed to be training me but didnt know the demo herself. she lied about everyting – lied about what she made each week – nothing added up. she bragged and bragged and bragged like now one else could sell like her. i was not impressed. she did no selling – if a bed was sold, the customer had already decided before we got to their home. if no bed was sold, she made no attempts to sell. just called executive sales who couldnt sell the bed either. she was bad!! if you questioned why she didnt follow the demo or do everything she was supposed to do, she got mad! hot tempered! i asked her why she didnt give the customer the squeeze ball ..she couldnt tell me! but, later that evening driving home, told me her daughter was always taking her squeeze balls – likely story! she was probably too busy squeezing colonel kentuck’y balls! ..obviously colonel kentucky didnt do too good a job training her to be a trainer. anyway, i’m gone – 2 weeks was enough for me – moving on.

Sharon Power October 26, 2007, 5:26 am

Well, I’ve read almost all the comments. I have no idea what to do. I wanted to purchase a Craftmatic II bed for my 91-year-old father, but am now confused as to what to do. Unbelievable. Everyone is absolutely against each other as to how they feel about purchasing a Craftmatic; salesmen are against each other; purchasers are happy and unhappy!!!!! All of you can “go to hell.” I will not even “go there” as to purchasing a Craftmatic bed. My dad will just have to “choke on his coughing..” I just can’t understand why everyone is either unhappy and/or happy. Salespersons are acusing company of being scams, etc. or either not scams. What in the world is “THIS WORLD” coming to!!!!!!!!! I’m tired. My husband has colon cancer, need ongoing chemo, etc. Has has a triple bypass, etc. I just don’t need another problem with my father needing a good bed, just to keep him from choking on his coughing up “pulmonary fibrosis” junk, etc. I will just go on as I am going, and try to take care of my father, without spending all him moneyh on a “no good Craftmatic, scam bed.” AND, will take care of my husband the best I can. I’M TIRED!!!! JUST PLAIN TIRED!!!

Zzzzzzzz October 29, 2007, 6:30 pm

Dave. You really shouldn’t be correcting spelling or grammar for anyone.

You consistently use the word “ALLOT” incorrectly, and spell distributor wrong every chance you get. So, shut up.

Bottom line for anyone else:

Don’t buy a product from a company that refuses to openly advertise pricing. This is why I am here on a disussion board, looking for info I should easily find on the Craftmatic website.

Don’t let strangers into your house. It is your house!

Hang up on people that talk fast on the phone or make you feel pressured or nervous in any way. It is your time, and your money. Don’t complain if you let people talk you into things. Remember, you let them talk you into it.

If you can’t stomach sales, don’t be a salesperson.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

And, if your reading, or writing comprehension skills suck, don’t bother making a stink about what somebody else wrote.

Mine isn’t perfect either, but I feel compelled to point Dave’s arrogance out anyway.

One more tip: If you happen to be in sales, you can do one of the following, never both. You may:

Post who you are and who you work for.


Attack people in a public forum. As a business owner, I would immediately fire any dummy that did that in the name of my business.

Heck, I just decided not to purchase from a company that condones this type of behavior from their sales staff.

Take care.

tommie October 30, 2007, 1:12 pm

craftnatic is by far the worst bed I have ever owned. I got it on craigs list for free. I am paying the junk guys to move it. Very uncomfotbale glad it only cost me $$ to chuck it out. Is any one interested in a i hate craftmatic club?

Thomas Dickensheets November 2, 2007, 12:36 am

I live in a low income housing. I get SSI. I’m working part-time. I didn’t got my Craftmatic bed yet.

I order a Craftmatic cost $2,736.00
Delivery $ 329.00
Final Price $3,065.00
Sales Tax $ 272.79
Grand Tot $3,337.79
Deposit $ 100.00
Balance $3,237.79

I can’t afford this bed.

formeremployee November 8, 2007, 2:53 am

I was a former employee of a (now defunct) Craftmatic franchise in the 1980’s. I have been away from it for nearly 20 years, but it looks like little has changed. Here are a few insights from my time there, and while a few may no longer reflect the operation of the company today, I am pretty sure that most of them are.

First, understand that nearly all of the sellers of Craftmatic beds are franchises. Those franchises go out of business on a regular basis, and new ones are set up to cover the territory vacated by the defunct company. This means the new franchise does not necessarily have to meet the financial obligations of the old franchise, potentially leaving people hanging. (Particularly creditors – consumers hopefully have more protection against this sort of thing than they used to.) This also means that Craftmatic itself (the national company that sells the franchises and makes money off of everything the franchise does), is not necessarily on the hook for the obligations of the failed franchises. For example, if a customer pays for a bed, and the franchise goes under before the bed is delivered, I don’t believe either the parent company or the new franchise has to honor the contract. (Because the contract will be with “XYZ Company, d.b.a Craftmatic Adjustable Beds”.)

Additionally, the salespeople are paid strictly on commission. They usually only get 2 calls (leads) per day (sometimes 3), and if they don’t make a sale, they have nothing to show for the day except expenses for gas and food and possibly a lot of hours on the road. (It was not unusual for the salesperson to have driven 50 miles or more to reach an appointment.) That is why there are so many posts about these sales people staying for hours and hours. We routinely told customers that the “presentation” would require no more than 2 hours, although they often went much longer, especially if the salesperson thought there was a sale to be made. In reality, the salespeople aren’t even supposed to start talking about the bed for at least 30 minutes after they arrive, as that is the “warm up” time. This is when the salesperson does things like talk about the customer’s grandkids, show pictures of his own kids or grandkids (which may or many not be real), etc., and basically tries to get the customer to drop his/her defenses. (All part of the training these folks get.)

We also told customers concerned about dealing with a commissioned salesperson that they were paid whether or not a sale was made. This was an obvious lie and many salespeople would say almost anything (including false claims of health benefits, etc.) to get the sale and avoid walking away empty handed. Some had to be physically removed from the house by the customer.

Potential salespeople were brought in on what we used to term a “cattle call” ad. Just bring a lot of them in for training, many will drop out on their own, then pick the best 5 or 10, and hope that one lasts. But you get a wide variety of folks, and there is no telling what sort of characters are being sent into people’s homes. Sales is a tough way to make a living, and some of the previous posts detail the games and while some were good people, a fair number of these folks were dysfunctional, with drug and drinking problems, broken families and financial issues topping the list of baggage they came with. Perhaps nowadays background checks are performed, but I doubt it.

I saw one post about the salespeople making $100 per bed, but that has to be the low end, because it’s impossible for a salespersons to make it on that amount of money, considering most of the calls will not result in sales. When I was involved, I saw sales where the commission was in excess of *$1000* on a single sale. While that was not the norm, understand that a sizeable chunk of the sales price goes to the seller as commission.

Keep in mind that the “list” price is completely fiction, and is simply a starting point they use to reduce from. (It’s a technique called “drop selling”.) The sales person has several “drops” he can use, if that fails, he will place a call to an inside salesperson (to add credibility to the fact that they will be continuing to lower the price) who has some additional drops. Sometimes the story was “a hospital ordered too many beds and we have to liquidate the excess”. (No matter what size the customer is interested in, those will be in the inventory that needs to be liquidated.) There are many variations, but the call to the inside salesperson is a last-ditch effort to make the sale. I believe they also now make a call to inside sales once a sales is made as part of their “closing” technique. “Closing the sale” is an effort to ensure that even though the customer signed the contract, they will remain “sold” until the recision period has expired. (That is the time when the customer has the legal right to cancel without penalty.)

Often, customers who did not purchase from the salesperson were contacted several days or weeks later, with some other “fabulous opportunity” that allowed an even lower price on the bed they were considering. This was, of course, all part of the overall script towards making sales.

Back to commission. When I was involved, each bed had a “par” value. If the bed was sold “below par” the sales person received a certain percentage of the sales price, usually 10% or less. Sometimes it was a sliding scale where the percentage decreased as the sales price went further below par. For sales made above “par”, the salesperson received the aforementioned percentage of the “par” price, plus *half* of everything over that. This was an obvious incentive for the salesperson to sell at the highest possible price. Unfortunately, it is easiest to sell something at an outrageous price to those who can least afford it, the elderly. Those folks frequently aren’t savvy enough to understand that the “list price” isn’t really the price, and might actually sign at the “list price”.

The warranty on the beds is next to worthless. When I was there, the mattresses had a full replacement warranty for a short time (maybe a year), and a “pro-rated” warranty for a much longer period, like 20 years. Pro-rated means if the mattress is 2 years old and needs to be replaced, that’s 10% of the 20 years, so the replacement cost of the mattress is 10% of the full cost of a new one. Like everything else with Craftmatic, the “price” of the replacement mattress was jacked up sky high, so that even if a mattress was only 3 or 4 years old, the “pro-rated” cost to the customer was more than the actual cost of the mattress. (Which means that most warranty replacements were profitable for the franchisee.) Sometimes customers were quoted mattress replacement costs so high that it exceeded the original purchase price of the entire bed!

The other huge part of the cost of beds is advertising. Often, the advertising cost per bed easily ran into the hundreds of dollars. Needless to say, the actual cost of the beds to the distributor was a fraction of what they were sold for. (Some of the salespeople used to tell customers that the beds were made by the Amish. I don’t know is that particular lie is still used.)

The giveaways, like free TV’s was (and I’m sure still is) all bogus, it was all built in to the price. Actually, the sales people were supposed to offer a small discount for the customer to forego the TV, but if not, someone simply went to the store and bought a TV for the customer. (Sometimes the delivery drivers would literally stop and buy one on the way to the customer’s house!)

The Craftmatic II and Craftmatic III (if that one is still sold) were nothing more than a bait-and-switch scheme. The idea was basically to make them so undesirable that few customers would want them. (A few II’s and III’s had to be sold, to make it legit from a strictly legal definition.) I believe the II was actually being sold in increasing numbers after its introduction. My recollection is that besides using lower quality materials, the warranty was even worse than on the original.

After all of these years away, I am somewhat surprised to see that the product is still being sold, as many franchises had Attorneys General from various states breathing down their necks even then. For those who may not have seen this, Craftmatic was fined something like $4.5 million today for violating the no-call registry. (Perhaps the beginning of the end for them, because calling the customer to set up the appointment is a vital part of the operation.)


To be fair here, I will say that I am sure some customers found this bed to help them sleep better, as attested to by earlier posts. But I think there are probably better options from reputable companies if an adjustable bed is needed.

Also to be fair, many of the practices I have detailed here are not necessarily unique to Craftmatic. I have been involved in other companies that do direct in-home sales, and there are many similarities. My advice would be to never let a salesperson in your home! If you do, you should never commit to the purchase when the salesperson is there, but ask them to leave a contract and copy of the warranty for you to look over later. This allows you review the fine print, etc., without the distraction of the salesperson looking over your shoulder. (Some salespeople a good at anticipating questions from the customer, and dodging them in such a manner that leaves the customer with the impression that the question has been answered, when it actually has not.)

If a salesperson refuses to leave a copy of the contract for you to review, that’s enough reason to stay as far away from doing business with them as possible.

I would also recommend that when the appointment is made, you ask how long it will take. At that time, let the caller know how much time you are willing to give, and reiterate that to the salesperson when he/she arrives. (I would go so far as to set a timer in plain view just to show that you are serious.)

Lastly, if an elderly (or otherwise somewhat naive) friend or relative makes an appointment for an in-home “demonstration”, I would first attempt to talk him/her out of it, but at the very least, have someone else there at the time. That can be tough, because some elders value their independence and are convinced that they are perfectly capable of dealing with a salesperson. These are the ones that get taken to the cleaners most often, as these salespeople have perfected their craft and know how to sell this type of customer at a high price, while at the same time, leading him/her to believe he/she had outwitted the salesperson.

slomoe November 13, 2007, 11:43 pm

Wow! Please don’t buy the bed. Sleeping on a $20 air matress is better. This is the lowest quality of workmaship in a terrible company praying on the old,poor, and weak. This
should be illegal to sell. period.

Jim November 26, 2007, 6:07 am

To anyone even considering buying anything from this company, check out this letter from the FDA!! You can see an original copy on their website.

Department of Health and Human Services

Public Health Service
Food and Drug Administration

900 U.S. Customhouse
2nd end Chestnut Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Telephone: 215-597-4390


November 27, 2006



Mr. Stanley Kraftsow, President
Craftmatic Organization, Inc.
2500 Interplex Drive
Trevose, PA 19053

Dear Mr. Kraftsow:

During an inspection of your firm located in Trevose, Pennsylvania on May 24, 2006, through June 13, 2006, an investigator from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined that your firm manufactures therapeutic AC-powered adjustable beds. Under section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act), 21 U.S.C. 321(h), these products are devices because they are intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, or are intended to affect the structure or function of the body.

At the conclusion of this inspection, the FDA investigator presented an Form FDA 483, Inspectional Observations, to Charles B. Chernofsky; Chief Compliance Officer for Craftmatic Organization, and sent another copy by mail to you. Our review of the observations noted in this inspection revealed serious violations of FDA regulations applicable to your products, detailed below. Before addressing these specific violations and your firm’s responses to the related Form FDA 483 observations, however, we address the issue of your regulatory responsibility under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) and implementing regulations, which your firm questioned during the inspection and in the two undated letters of response to the observations on the Form FDA 483 from Mr. Chernofsky, received in June 2006 and on July 26, 2006. Specifically, although you hold premarket clearances [redacted] and [redacted] for the therapeutic beds that you market, you appear to deny your responsibility for some or all of the regulatory responsibilities of manufacturers under the Medical Device Reporting regulation, 21 CFR Part 803, and the Quality Systems regulation, 21 CFR Part 820, because you describe Craftmatic as a “relabeler” or “distributor” and not as a specifications developer for these devices.

The regulatory obligations detailed in this letter apply to manufacturers of devices. Under the applicable, definitions, manufacturers include both relabelers and specifications developers. See 21 CER 803.3 (definition of manufacturer includes any person who either “changes the . . . labeling of a device in furtherance of the distribution of the device from the original place of manufacture” or “[i]nitiates specifications for devices that are manufactured by a second party for subsequent distribution by the person initiating the specifications”); 21 CFR 820.3(o) (definition of manufacturer includes but is not limited to those who perform the function of relabeling or specification development).

According to your firm’s undated response, “Craftmatic is a Relabeler because it makes health related claims for the bed that the manufacturer, [redacted] do not make.” Under your self-characterization, Craftmatic is a manufacturer and is responsible for the obligations of manufacturers under the regulations, because relabelers are manufacturers under both definitions cited above. Moreover this acknowledgment that Craftmatic makes the health-related claims that bring these beds under, the device provisions of the Act provides further evidence that Craftmatic is a manufacturer, because it is Craftmatic’s actions in making these claims, made under the Craftmatic name, that result in the propagation of these devices in interstate commerce. In addition, although your 483 responses deny that Craftmatic is a specification developer and claim that Craftmatic is a non-technical “purchaser” of products made by [redacted] other Craftmatic statements indicate a more active role in the specification of the bed. For example, during the inspection, FDA collected Craftmatic promotional materials with the heading “Precision Construction Ensures Durability and Dependability” that state: “Craftmatic designers and engineers adapted a patented style of seating, proven to better distribute the body’s weight, to the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed, to provide comfort beyond that of any flat bed.” In addition, your 510(k) submission [redacted] states: “The Craftmatic Adjustable Beds are currently constructed and manufactured to Craftmatic’s performance specifications, . . . .” All of these facts support the conclusion that Craftmatic is a manufacturer within the meaning of both 21 CFR 803.3 and 820.3(o).

As noted, FDA’s inspection of your establishment indicated serious regulatory violations. Specifically, this inspection revealed that the devices you market are adulterated within the meaning of section 501(h) of the Act (21 U.S.C. § 351(h)), in that the methods used in, or the facilities or controls used for, their manufacture, packing, storage, or installation are not in conformity with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) requirements of the Quality System (QS) regulation found at Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 820. These violations include, but are not limited to, the following:
Failure to establish and maintain procedures for receiving, reviewing, and evaluating complaints by a formally designated unit, as required by 21 CFR 820.198(a). For example, there are no formal written procedures for the processing of product complaints and the designation of the individual(s) responsible fort he evaluation, investigation and documentation of complaints.

We have reviewed your response and have concluded that it appears to be adequate which will be confirmed during the next inspection of your firm:
Failure to establish and maintain written procedures to ensure the complaints are evaluated to determine whether the complaint represents an event which is required to be reported to FDA under part 803, Medical Device Reports, as required by 21 CFR 820.198(a)(3). There is no written procedure addressing this requirement.

We have reviewed your response and have concluded that it is inadequate in that, for the reasons explained above, your firm is a manufacturer as defined by 21 CFR 820.3(o), and thus is subject to QS regulations including the requirement to evaluate complaints for reportability to FDA under Part 803, Medical Device Reporting.
Failure to establish and maintain written procedures for implementing corrective and preventive actions to address product nonconformances, as required by 21 CFR 820.100(a). For example, although there is a monthly review of service orders, there is no formal written procedure for identifying and investigating product nonconformances and describing the corrective and preventative actions to be taken to address any product non-conformances that are uncovered.

We have reviewed your response and have concluded that it appears to be adequate which will be confirmed during the next inspection of your firm.

Our inspection also revealed that your Craftmatic Electric Adjustable Bed devices are misbranded under section 502(t)(2) of the Act, 21 U.S.C. 352(t)(2), in that your firm failed or refused to furnish material or information respecting the device that is required by or under section 519 of the Act, 21 U.S.C. 360i, and 21 CFR Part 803 – Medical Device Reporting (MDR) regulation. Significant deviations include, but are not limited to, the following:
Failure to develop, maintain, and implement written MDR procedures for internal systems for timely and effective identification and evaluation of events that may be subject to MDR requirements and for timely transmission of complete reports to FDA, as required by 21 CFR 803.17(a); Failure to develop, maintain, and implement written MDR procedures for documentation and recordkeeping requirements for information that was evaluated to determine if an event was reportable, as required by 21 CFR 803.17(b). For example, your firm had no written MDR procedures at all. In addition, a review of your incident files revealed the following: a report of an incident occurring on [redacted] was caused by the [redacted] of a Craftmatic bed and there was no determination of whether or not any injury was incurred as a [redacted] a report of an incident occurring on an unknown date, [redacted] caused by a [redacted] a report of an incident on [redacted] that a [redacted] caused the [redacted] and a report of an incident occurring on [redacted] alleging that a Craftmatic bed [redacted] and the customer was [redacted]. None of these potential MDR reportable events were adequately investigated, evaluated, or documented to determine if your product may have caused or contributed to the reported injuries and death.

We have reviewed your response and have concluded that it is inadequate in that, as explained above; your firm is a manufacturer and therefore required to comply with these MDR regulations.
Failure to report to FDA no later than 30 calendar days after the day that you received or otherwise became aware of information that reasonably suggests that a device that you market may have caused or contributed to a death or serious injury or has malfunctioned and would be likely to cause or contribute to a death or serious injury if the malfunction were to recur, as required by 21 CFR 803.50(a)(1) & (2). For example, your incident files contain a report of an incident occurring on [redacted] was caused by the [redacted] of a Craftmatic bed; this information reasonably suggests a reportable malfunction. Your files also contain a report of an incident occurring on an unknown date, [redacted] caused by a [redacted] information that reasonably suggests a reportable [redacted] and contain a report of an incident on [redacted] caused the [redacted] reasonably suggesting a [redacted].

We have reviewed your response and have concluded that it is inadequate in that, as explained above, your firm is a manufacturer who is required to comply with the MDR regulations and submit to FDA MDR reports.
Failure to conduct a complete investigation of each event including an evaluation of the cause of the event, as required by 21 CFR 803.50(b)(3). For example, for the three incidents listed above and the following two incidents, there is no documentation of any communication with the users regarding these incidents, no medical documentation pertaining to the incidents, and no documentation of an investigation into the causes of the incidents. The additional incidents, which materials in your files indicated you were made aware of, were a report of an incident occurring on [redacted] resulting in [redacted] and a report of an incident occurring on [redacted] alleging that a Craftmatic bed [redacted] and the customer [redacted].

You should take prompt action to correct the violations addressed in this letter. Failure to promptly, correct these violations, may result in regulatory action being initiated by the Food and Drug Administration without further notice. These actions include, but are not limited to, seizure, injunction, and/or civil money penalties. Also, federal agencies are advised of the issuance of all Warning Letters about devices so that they may take this information into account when considering the award of contracts. Additionally, premarket approval applications for Class III devices to which the Quality System regulation deviations are reasonably related will not be approved until the violations have been corrected. Requests for Certificates to Foreign Governments will not be granted until the violations related to the subject devices have been corrected.

Please notify this office in writing within fifteen (15) working days from the date you receive this letter of the specific steps you have taken to correct the noted violations, including an explanation of how you plan to prevent these violations, or similar violations, from occurring again. Include documentation of the corrective action you have taken. If your planned corrections will occur over time, please include a timetable for implementation of those corrections. If corrective action cannot be completed within 15 working days, state the reason, for the delay and the time within which the corrections will be completed. Your response should be sent to: James C. Illuminati, Compliance Officer, at the address above. If you have any questions about the content of this letter please contact: James C. Illuminati at (215) 717-3078 or fax (215) 597-8212.

Finally, you should know that this letter is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the violations at your facility. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations administered by FDA. The specific violations noted in this letter and in the Inspectional Observations, Form FDA 483 (FDA 483), issued at the closeout of the inspection may be symptomatic of serious problems in your firm’s manufacturing and, quality assurance systems. You should investigate and determine the causes of the violations, and take prompt actions to correct the violations and to bring your products into compliance.

Sincerely yours,


Thomas D. Gardine
District Director
Philadelphia District

Deb Huwe December 16, 2007, 3:24 am

I was called with the news that I had won a $500 shopping spree. However, I would need to listen to a sales pitchh on Craftmatic beds. Since my elderly mother was recently hospitalized from severe injuries and would likely need some kind of adjustable bed, I scheduled an appt.

During the sales presentation I was shown via video how the bed was suppose to work, given examples of local area people who were very happy with their bed which had improved various health issues, etc. I made it very clear to the salesperson my mother would need to be able to check the bed out first but I did not know when she would be discharged. I was assured over and over that she would have what is called Full Right of Inspection. Unfortunately, I did not get this in writing, I believed what I was told.

As like many others, the bed does not work as demonstrated. I paid $5300 for a full size bed. My mother could not sleep in it at all, it wedged her into a V when elevating head and legs. I have contacted the company, of course the Full Right of Inspection ended when the bed was delivered, no exceptions. It does not matter if the bed works or not, I signed their purchase agreement so I cannot send it back, no exceptions. In my last contact with the company I was told it would take two months to break the mattress in. Ooohps, the salesperson neglected to tell me there is a “breakin” period. How can a 77 yr. old recovering from a broken leg and shoulder spend two months playing with a bed before it works like it is suppose to?

Oh, the $500 shopping spree? The salesperson told me I had to fill out a 30 day sleep study first. Of course, this bought them time to deliver the bed before one could see that was a joke too. I was sent a certificate with a website to access to order my prizes. They were dollar store items, a person couldn’t spend $500 on the entire lot.

I am not only out $1800 paid down, my credit will be ruined as I am not paying anymore on the bed, but my mother feels guilty because she can’t sleep in the bed and I cannot get the company to take it back or return any money. I have retained a lawyer but it does not sound too hopeful at this point. How do we keep this from happening to others?

I purchased a bed for my mother who was in the hospital at the recovering from a broken leg and shoulder. I made it clear to the salesperson that my mother would have

Angry carer December 19, 2007, 11:03 pm

My mother has just been “conned”! by one of these charlatans. She is 84 and mentally ill and he has convinced her to part with £2,000 for a single bed! No bed is worth that amount, even if it was gold plated. I shall be visiting trading standards tomorrow, and shall certainly ensure that she cancels the order. If she needs a new bed there are plenty she can buy at a price she can afford that would not be sicked on her by some sharp salesman who has no conscience and preys on little old ladies.

Diana December 20, 2007, 5:03 pm

As usual a bunch of moronic people posting. Anyone who tells someone never to let a salesperson into their home is surely to be listened to! People badmouthing former employers when an intelligent person reading can see they have never bothered to learn to speak/write properly: this company gave you, an unemployable, half-literate weasel a chance and this is your thanks. It is so easy now to try to scam a big company or to try to act out individual difficulties and grudges via the web. I have seen a 33 year old Craftmatic working like a charm. What slugs to slam this company. One of the few companies that makes a product that really lasts and that has brought so much comfort and relief and real joy to millions… a few losers want to sully that and take that away from people. What’s a few bucks where health is concerned??? Oh I guess money is your G-d. I question you complainers– do you really care about your mother, your aunt, your elderly relative, the truth? Or is it that you have been bilking your elderly relative for money and they did something for themselves with their own money???? I am thrilled that the internet now has a precedent on the books for knockers. Put your real names down and then make your negative remarks. Allow the accused to defend itself properly. Cowards, idiots, and losers abusing the legal system for gain you are to be shamed. I love this site’s legal disclaimer at the bottom: “we are also not responsible, in general…” This seems to about sum it up well. Give the idiom time and you will be responsible.

sy January 5, 2008, 10:49 am

this bed was recently purchased for $95 new on craigs list.
I must say that it is truly a piece of crap. Some of the worst quality workmanship and cheapest components. I just spend $60 on getting it hauled away. This company is truly fraud and will not take responsibility for it’s junk. Buy any bed but this one.

NEW WIDOW January 31, 2008, 2:25 am


British Dave February 2, 2008, 2:58 pm

Have just spent an amusing half hour browsing this site. I have worked for Craftmatic UK for a good few months now and would like to add a few comments.
1) all medical claims made by the company are fully backed up by current medical practice. Any claims made by a rep that are not have NOT been authorised by the company. As anyone withy a modicum of intelligence, and that includes most of the posters on this site, will know is that a rep cannot be monitored on each sale. As long as I follow the presentation I was taught I am able to give factual and accurate information and I know that I am doing my job right.IT IS ONLY BAD OR DESPERATE REPS WHO LIE, and that as the same in any business.
2) yes I do have one of the beds myself, or to be more accurate, my partner does.And yes,it does help her back, shoulder and leg pains. Will it cure her? No, but if all the NHS can do for her is prescribe pills that knock her for a six,a few hours of genuine positional pain relief and a better nights sleep is worth every penny.
3) Its all too easy to slag off a product that is expensive and sold direct. I have been embarassed by the actions of some of the reps reported in america as it reflects badly on me And I have also noticed that a lot of the detractors are talking b#####s.In Britain if you change your mind, and I have had several customers who have, the order is cancelled. If you cancel within 10 working days of placing the order, the bed is collected and a full refund made. All beds are delivered as quickly as possible and not on the 9th day! What bed showroom would do that? The primary cause of cancellation is not the customer, but their family members who believe the bad publicity rather than look at things with an open mind and are more concerned with their parents money than any possible improvement to their quality of life.
4) In the UK reps are actively encouraged to touch base, (see, I can speak american,) with their customers to follow up on their experience with the bed. I regulaly do this, and have yet to get find someone who has had absolutely no benefit from sleeping in our bed.
5) I have always found the company here to be extremely helpfull and supportive. No company is perfect but Craftmatic UK seems to be as good as it gets in my own limited experience. I had no sales experience before joining the company and found the training to be comprehensive and top quality. I love the job as it means meeting new people and the diversity of people and their lives never ceaes to amaze me, plus, if i make a sale I go away knowing that I have helped improve the quality of the rest of their lives. How many used car salesmen can say that?

In conclusion, I know my comments will not change the die hard detractors opinions. All I would say is that if you think you or your family may benefit from our bed, get in touch. If you are worried about your relative seeing us, then be with them when we do our demonstration.
I will look out for reply’s to this . I don’t intend to enter a protracted correspondence on this but may reply to any that interest me. I will only respond to British postings as I do not believe the experiences of our american cousins can accurately reflect what happens here.
Sleep comfortably now y’all.

eddie fiddlestien February 4, 2008, 10:09 am

Wow, this bed is so uncortfotable and they won;t take it back, Shitty company shity product. wate of time n money.
please explain hyow they are still in business.

Joseph February 10, 2008, 4:36 pm

The Krafstow’s no longer own any of the U.S. bed business. Got bought out and there will no longer be any Craftmatic beds in the U.S. The Do-Not-Call problem is common though for large companies. DirectTV got nailed for 5.5 million for the same thing.

Ruth February 14, 2008, 3:53 pm

Pish, posh – as I understand it, Countour Furniture bought Craftmatic. That was probably a stock purchase, since Craftmatic was privately held, not publicly. Ergo, it is definately NOT out of business, just owned by another enterprise; who has, most likely, assumed the liabilities as well as the assets (unless it was just an asset deal, and who wants to sell assets and be left stuck with potential liabilities?).
It is in their best interest to be the best customer service-oriented company they can, esp. given the burgeoning baby-boomer generation which is upon us, their primary marketing target. Ditto with sensible marketing; salespeople are just that, some are honest and others not so much. Caveat emptor still applies as the most self-protective market philosophy. (e.g., READ what you sign BEFORE you sign it!)

British Dave, I am encouraged by your sensible observations. Have you found selling to be lucrative?


Gd February 17, 2008, 5:56 pm

Na they aint gone I got offered a job today by them in the UK. i have just left a so called (Kirby) Distributor in the uk after 2 weeks. Its sound to me both of these companys exploit the people buying these products, and the Newbie sales people selling them aviod both if you can

Skeptical on Sales Job February 17, 2008, 6:00 pm

I found this website because I was trying to find any info I could on Contour Adjustable Beds (formerly Craftmatic) and I am so glad I have seen all of the comments.

I found a sales position listing in my local newspaper and called the number. During my quick discussion with the rep (who was in Pittsburgh) I noticed that he was pretty much giving me a sales pitch and didn’t care anything about me, a person who he is supposedly looking to hire and I also noticed that Craftmatic had suddenly changed there name to Contour. That was my first indication that something was off. He told me he didn’t have a whole lot of time to talk to me about it all because there was a conference call coming up in just 10 minutes so he wanted me to get that info and call in for the conference and call him back after I listen to the call. That was my second hint.

Out of curiosity, I went ahead and called in for the confernce. It was all automated and from what I could tell I was the only person on this “conference” call! Third Hint.

I want to tell you what I got from this.

– They outright tell you this is targeted for the older people and that they are going to be experiencing substantial growth with the “Baby Boomer” generation retiring.

– Never once did they mention how much these beds were.

– They say they will give you $50 for each appointment you go to but they fail to mention the amount of time you have to spend in the home to make the sale and from what I have gathered on here it seems like its about 2 hours! Add the travel time to get to the place which could take an hour or more each way and you are looking at making about 12.50 on the hour. Now, subtract the amount of gas you had to spend to drive back and forth up to 60 miles or so and any of these suggested gifts. Unless you make a sale you are working for minimum wage.

– You will need to make an investment of a few hundred dollars for the Kit you will be taking to each home for your sales routine.

– I was also told by my local rep that I would need to make another investment of buying a portable DVD player or even better a 13″ TV with a built in DVD player since the older folks can’t see the small portable dvd players as well.

– Training is held at a hotel in Pittsburgh, PA for my area and you have to pay for your way to Pittsburgh, your hotel, any meals, etc. However, they do provide lunch during training days. They say they will reimburse you in 30 days though but, I am wondering why I have to wait so long for reimbursement which makes me think they don’t even pay you but once every month.

– Your commission on sales varies between 2-6% which tells me you probably end up getting 2 or 3% for each sale and every once in a while they may throw in an extra percent or two to keep you motivated.

Anyway this is the info I have been able to obtain. I will leave it up to you to decide on whether you would like to pursue a career with Contour Adjustable Beds.

Robert Dinerstein February 25, 2008, 5:47 pm

What can I say. The doctor recommended that I obtain an *adjustable bed* and, like so many others, I remembered their ads which have appeared for so long on the TV.

When the represnetative arrived he was personable and believing that I was a sophisticated shopper I heard him out. To my chagrin I fell for every one of his gambits and, even though my wife and I agreed that we would not purchase a bed that night, we would shop around, he closed the sale.

Aside from the fact that I now know that similar beds are readily available at 1/2 the price, the $1000.00 shopping coupons we received was just as big a con. Thety could only be used at a certain website, the only “potential” value were the vacation packages. It cost some $50 to register for the “package” and when we booked a vacation in Atlantic City, for an additional $25 or so, they could not tell us what hotel it would be in until some later date. Turned out the vacation would be at a hotel where we had to agree to sit for a time sharing sale.

It has only been a few months and even though we paid a premium for the heavy duty bed and mattress, the mattress springs are coming through.

I strongly recommend that yo avoid Craftmatic; get it elsewhere where you can get it for much less and get supereior mattresses.

David February 27, 2008, 12:02 am

Well, it’s been an all too familiar sound for me that craftmatic reigns as low as any company could go and is still getting the worst press ever.
Now! I used to be a craftmatic sales man, past tense.
It has to be one of the most uncareing mobility companies I have worked for. They not only treat their customers with disrespect and con as much cash out of them as they possibly can. But they are control freaks to the sales reps undermining there position when with the poor customer.

This company and a few more I could mention who have public figures to front them should be sent back to where they came from (the hole in the ground) and leave the poor and vulnerable pensioners alone.

Do not join them in there crusade of theft against our elders.

mea March 7, 2008, 3:13 am

Did anyone see the national exposure Craftmatic/Contour received today on National Television. Major exposure on their scam. This should but consumers on notice and severely cramp their style

Robert March 7, 2008, 3:20 am

Just saw a Inside edition under cover story about this company and there sales practices, and I see that most of the negative talk on this blog is proven to be true. Crap product- over priced- worthless warrenty- preditory sales practices- STAY AWAY FROM THIS BED!!!!

jeff March 7, 2008, 8:13 pm

smoking kills. stop buying cigarettes. walmart is putting small business out of work. low pay to keep with the low prices. stop shopping at walmart. car salesman pressure you into buying a car. dont buy it. mcdonalds food makes you fat and gives you high blood pressure. dont eat it. stop crying. you’re all grown people with hopely a brain. if i dont want it i wont buy it.

Ryan March 7, 2008, 8:24 pm

“you’re all grown people with hopely a brain”

Hopely a brain!

jeff March 7, 2008, 9:23 pm

“that hopefully have a brain”. excuse me for being busy. i can admit to a mistake. obviously you have nothing to do but pick out one word to complain about. grow up loser.

Ryan March 7, 2008, 9:28 pm

You’ve caught me. I’m not busy at all. I spend time visiting sites where someone wrote about Craftmatic beds six years ago and proceed post a comment with no value whatsoever.

Hopely you understand sarcasm.

P March 8, 2008, 3:52 pm

I work for craftmatic. My problem is it’s my only source of income. Trying to find a job is getting harder and harder. I don’t want to continue doing what i do but i have to until i can find something else.

T March 12, 2008, 1:23 am

Today I called about a sales position on the ph. I have past in home sales experience. He went on a long spiel before I could get a word in edgewise. I was finallay able to tell the sales manager I didn’t work on Saturdays for religious reasons. He then proceeded to insult my religious convictions. I said please don’t insult my beliefs. He then said I was too thin skinned to work in sales (I done sales for over 20 years)When I calmly tried to smooth things out he continued to insult me. After reading the above comments both positive and neg. I am thankful I didn’t proceed with this.

As for P who can’t find something else. No amount of money is worth loosing your intragrety. Not all sales people are liars and cheats. What is hard is finding both a product and a company you can represent. That is the currant delima I am in. I recently trained with a water treatment company for a week with no pay traveling 1 hr to get there then decided not to work for them when I found out the company was disreputable.

Rhoda Q. March 18, 2008, 5:03 am

I had a Contour Adjustable Bed salesman come to my home this evening at 7 p.m. and he did not leave till almost 10 p.m.

He was new in his position and fumbled through his presentation and paperwork.

After I sat through the whole DVD presentation and flipped through his pages in his binder….then came the shocker of the prices of their products.

He kept on trying to sell me a king sized bed when all I was looking for was a Queen sized bed.

Then when he revealed the prices, I almost fell off the couch.

He called some guy on the phone a couple of times to haggle with the pricing and promotional offers. Kept saying he would take $500 off in protional offers, instead of accepting the tv offer, etc.

Then on the last call he handed the phone to me and the man on the other end tried to convince me to purchase a queen contour adjustable bed with the hard wired remote at a lower price.

Then he said he would throw in free heat and massage..

Then I handed the phone back to the salesman and they talked for a second, then it was back to the hardball sales tactics.

I told him my budget was around $2000 or less and he kept coming back with $3,000 – $5,000 prices.

I was exhausted from telling him I couldn’t afford that price.

He kept running the numbers and telling me that if I took the $2000 from my anticipated tax return and put that towards the cost of the cheaper hard wired remote queen contour adjustable bed that my monthly payments would be under $100 per month.

So I finally gave in and signed the pile of documents.

I felt bullied and pressured to give in, and I was told during the initial appointment scheduling that I was not obligated to purchase anything.

I contacted my credit card company and cancelled the transaction immediately after he left.

I left voicemails for Contour Adjustable Beds accounting department to cancel the transaction and will also send an overnight cancellation notice within the 3 days of busines to cancel this transaction.

When the salesperson left I went online and did price comparisons to other adjustable beds and found that I paid WAY TOOOOO MUCH!

I am sooo frustrated in his sales tactics.

Rhoda in Minnneapolis, MN

Karen March 18, 2008, 9:04 pm

We have a crapmatic bed. We’ve been in need of new remote and cord for ages and have not been able to get them. I read through all the comments hear and took someone’s advice and went to the site. Neat huh? Uhh….I tryed to find replacement remotes and couldn’t so I tried the “live chat”. Was told I’d get a call back in 2 minutes for the live chat. Phonre didn’t ring…..ever.

Anyone have a clue how to get these parts or are we stuck with a very expensive flat bed with a lousy matress that caused more pain than our regular bed.


Jo March 22, 2008, 5:58 pm

I have an older craftmatic bed. It is about 10-12 years old. I love it except when it broke about 1 month ago and cannot find the part I need. It is a very simple little, appx. 3 inch plastic piece that holds the worm screw at the position you choose. Where oh where can I find it! Help an old lady get more sleep once again. I NEED this bed or I wake up or stay up all night in back pain. Karen did you ever get the part you need?

Thanks Jo

Bob Headboard April 9, 2008, 4:33 pm

I need a replacement wired remote for my Craftmatic I bed because I have to press the living life out of the buttons for my bed to move. How much do they cost? I couldn’t any on eBay. Thank you, BOB

jacob May 23, 2008, 5:04 am

i have worked for craftmatic for thirty years …in all parts of the world …ive just read all these emails …and i cant help but laugh we have been around for over 40 years ..make a great product …service in a timely fashion …refund all cancels …pick up beds…we do everything we are suppose to do …we are a world wide company …we know we cant please all the people all the time but we have always tried our best …goverment agencys are no differnt then any sales companys if they see they can get money from a company they will you cant fight them they make the rules to suite them selfs …craftmatic is no longer owned by the man who started it …thats why its called contour now in the usa ..if your a salesperson its a great place to work …and if you want a great bed take a look you will see we are everything we say we are ..

iMONGO July 17, 2008, 4:50 am

(*Jacob, isn’t your name REALLY Dave*) (as in the previously active poster)?
If they pay $50/”sitting”, how much do they pay you to post defenses of CRAPmatic beds on message boards? I want to know. _I could DO that._

E July 18, 2008, 3:51 am

I worked for Craftmatic as a telemarketer in the UK. It was the most disgusting job I could have imagined. The script that we had to read was sneeky and deceptive – all trying to make the client feel like they may win a bed. This is all trying to get the client to make an appointment to ‘have a demonstration of the bed’. We were told to not waste our time for people who were under 50 unless they were disabled.

karl July 26, 2008, 3:03 pm

My old Mom has one for the last 7 years. She’s had a bad back forever, and Craftmatic promises relief.

Recently the mattress had begun to sag from laying in the same spot.

So I went out and bought a cheap Posturepedic mattress, spring, and frame for about $500. Suddenly her back is improving! The Craftmatic mattress is pretty firm, so that it will snap back into shape after being bent by adjustable frame. The Posturepedic salesman said that actually a bad back should have a softer mattress, not a firm one like most people believe. I think he’s right.

Now I want to unload the Craftmatic, but I cannot find a company that sells replacement bed spring for the contraption, so I can sell it.

stu pippel August 17, 2008, 3:11 pm

Where can I find sheets to fit a craftmatic extra long king.
I’ve looked at most of the major dept. stores with no luck

Clay Smith September 3, 2008, 5:46 pm

Craftmatic is out of business i was told. I think they are contourbeds now. In any case i bought my bedonline from and im very happy. I cant even get a phone number for craftmatic it’s impossible.


Phil October 4, 2008, 4:27 am

My girlfriend , who is on diability, was fed their line and bought their bed. The story is to long but the bed is destroying her life. She started paying them seven months before she received it, then they finaced it through a blind company. When she had the first problem she was told it was out of warranty, the bed wasn’t made until 7 months after she started paying for yt, but the warranty started when she agreed to buy it, it is almost unuseable but it’s all she has and will pay $95 dollars a month for the next four years with no recourse.

Sam October 5, 2008, 3:36 am

Craftmatic sucks. Eric Kraftsow licks donkey balls and has the bad breath to go along with it. Ron Korman and his big bad team of salesmen and saleswomen in Florida spend their free time in the offices doing drugs. They also crank call customers who could not afford to purchase the bed.

The bed MIGHT be comfortable for some of you but don’t buy it from an in home salesman.

Enda Gallagher October 31, 2008, 4:23 pm

Currently Craft keep ringing me, saying i entered competition to win a bed, all i have to do is let them into my house to do a questionaire and i will get a £500 shopping voucher. The problem is i never entered a draw!.
I really find this sales aproach dishonest, they seem really pushy on the phone, i worry now about all the vulnerable disabled and elderly people being bullied into sale’s contracts by this company.

Jude Cocuzzo November 12, 2008, 6:08 am

About 36 years ago we purchased a Craftmatic king (two extra long twins put together). I was pregnant and my husband was recovering from a fractured femur so we needed it for multiple reasons. I cannot say anything but good comments. This bed has served my family well. I had to discard the mattresses but used with a king mattress for several years. One bed still works (sits up etc) but the other motor appears to be dead; but it has been 36 years!!! Yes, it cost a great deal but it was worth every penny. I am now about to sell them but have many wonderful memories of sleeping well for many years on what are still very comfortable foundations……

DONT DO IT Craftmatic of Pittsburgh March 15, 2009, 11:20 pm

I know times are tough but you do not want to sell from this company.

I went to training, spent my hotel and travel.

Then they tell you bring a check for 200.00 for the craftmatic kit. ( A vibrator, video and forms)

The leads non viable. One mentally challenged person another a no-show.

Remember bring a cake and force yourself in. If you have professionalism and pride you will change your mind quickly

Called the supervisor told them I will be returning my kit. They did give my money back , that is, after I threaten them with labor relations and the PA state attorney general office.


gypsy April 3, 2009, 4:10 am

i want to know what so special about crapmatic (craftmatic) can do that other electric bases can’t ? also how many court cases the hae had ?

SCAMMED by Ron Korman at Craftmatic S. FLA _total fraud April 4, 2009, 2:44 am

One of the worst experiences me and my husband had buying this uncomfortable bed. The sales man was Ron Korman from Craftmatic in south Fla. First the bed is one (high) price – probably to support his sniff, sniff drug habit, then what they do is call their manager to get permission to lower the price, but its just a sales tactic they used with other people after doing some research.
We didn’t get no tv.
They’ll charge as many thousands as they can get away with, especially from seniors who don’t know any better. They don’t tell you up front that the price can be lowered, becuse that lowers thier comission.
Stay FAR AWAY from these scamming frauds. Get a bed from Macy’s clearance instead.

Sam was Scammed May 3, 2009, 2:52 pm

The two Craftsmatic beds we were high pressured into buying for $6000 a few years ago have been fine for comfort and helping with our medical problems. My complaint is the lies the sales reps tell and the outrageous price they convince you to pay. Better adjustable beds can be purchased from stores with RETURN privileges for HALF the cost. I wasn’t aware of this when my doctor advised me to get an adjustable bed and sleep elevated. I thought Craftsmatic was the only maker of adjustable beds.

My complaint is they are poorly made. The nylon bearing are squeaky until you get them worn down and the mattresses break down in a few years. The worst thing is the controls wear out and then you cannot adjust the bed. There is no way to get replacement parts. All the numbers they gave me on purchase are disconnected. I finally got one for Contour (their new name) but it is a message system and no one will return a call.

Look online and see all the consumer complaints filed against these scam artist. Many State and Federal investigations, lawsuits settled to the customers favor add to millions, Federal government fined them 4.4 million for violating the NO CALL registry and several states have collected penalties adding to millions from these crooks. AARP has even joined in against these scam artist and there preying on the elderly and disabled. Things like selling a 95 year old man dying of cancer a $3000 bed that he couldn’t even operate. This company has NO honor! They are criminals who premeditate their assault on their next victim.

I am told the company is out of business, but they still have an active website under Craftsmatic beds. They offer NO contact phone numbers and get your address and phone so they can plan their attack on you. I am told that Legg and Pratt manufacture the beds for Craftsmatic and Craftsmatic/Contour is only a SCAM sales outfit to extract twice the price for the bed. I still cannot get replacement parts for my Craftsmatic beds about 5 years old. Apparently Legg and Pratt used different parts that were inferior to what they used on their own beds.

I anxiously wait for the day when the owners of Craftsmatic/Contour get Federal prison time. People that scam the elderly and disabled make me sick and angry. Maybe the Federal prisons will get Craftsmatic beds so they can feel at home.

Dean in Florida May 14, 2009, 3:43 pm

Well, I got this call saying I could be entered into a contest for a free adjustable bed. Normally I would have just hung up the phone but I was interested in an adjustable bed. They set up an appointment the next day to have someone to stop to enter me into the contest. Of course I knew it was going to be a sales call but that was OK. The salesman never mentioned anything about entering a contest.
I watched the goofy presentation on the salesman’s laptop and when it said the representative would be going into the bedroom with me, I kinda laughed out loud. There’s no way on earth that some guy is going into my bedroom with pillow props or whatever.
Anyway, we got to the nitty gritty about price. I told the guy I couldn’t make a decision that day but he said I would have to pay full price if he didn’t sell me the bed before he left. So, knowing that I had 3 days by law to cancel any door to door sales, I went ahead with the sale. They reduced the price from $7,298 to $3,380 which I thought was fair enough. But, unfortunately for the salesman, he insisted that I get two beds that made a king size. The beds were to be delivered the next day but I had no way to consult my fiance’ as to what she wanted. I told the salesman that, over and over, but he still insisted on making the sale. The beds were not what she wanted and so I refused the beds.
Therein lies their problem. They offer a 5 day cancellation but no trial. The five days begin on the day of purchase – not the day of delivery. I am not stupid enough to pay thousands of dollars for something that I can’t see operate and test for myself.
I would have bought the damn bed if we were given a chance to test it for a few days – providing that it was what they claim it is.
I wonder how many sales they’ve lost because of their ridiculous policies?

Brian June 3, 2009, 9:46 pm

I have had a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed for many, many years and have never had a problem. It has helped me when I was recovering from surgery and with every day aches and pains from excercise or overexherting myself when working in the yard. I have found the company to be helpful when I did need to call them for a minor issue. No mattress sold by anyone on the market lasts forever and I did have to replace the mattress a few years ago and the new one is terrific. They did honor the pro rated warranty and the price I paid for the new mattress was reduced by a percentage based on the number of years I had left on the warranty. That is fair to me and is the same type of warranty offered by every mattress company today. You can’t sleep on a mattress for 13 years and then expect a free replacement! I would recommend the bed to anyone and have many times. As for the person who complained that you can’t return a bed to them I wonder what companies do take returns. It’s against health code to resell a mattress so I don’t think any company returns beds. You can’t even donate good used mattresses to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. They won’t take them because they aren’t allowed to sell them.

gypsy June 5, 2009, 7:31 am

they say next day delivery in the morning right ? but what happens if the size of the bed that the customer wants does not happen to be in stock and a base has to be cut down or widened ? the sales reps remind me of kirby sales reps, but at least those vacums were good. it takes time to cut the bases down to get the right size for the customers. then the cover has to be resized and the foam done the same. all because the right size is not in stock

Take Responsibility For Your Own Actions! June 6, 2009, 1:23 am

I am fed up with all of the bitching! (almost every product has this same page of people bitching about being scammed) Grow Up People!
YOU bought the bed, and the company is the scammer? How come nobody is blaming … YOURSELVES for buying it? I own a King size Crafmatic, and I have no problems with it! The model I have isn’t even made any more! AND I BOUGHT IT USED, BECAUSE I DON’T THINK ANY BED IT WORTH $6,000.00! I bought a used, but perfect condition Crafmatic… and I even went to the crafmatic “stores” to ask questions… and NOBODY “MADE ME” BUY A NEW ONE! Should I feel cheated that I didn’t “get scammed”?… lol. With the internet at your disposal, why is it you didn’t do the research before you were “scammed”… but wow.. look at how handy the internet is now that you feel cheated and want to bitch… and blame everyone but yourself. These are the same people that go and buy a new car that they know they can’t afford… and then blame the dealership and everyone else for CHEATING them out of their hard earned money…. wait… did they put a gun to your head and make you buy it?.. NO… wake up people! do your research FIRST then go shopping! I have never been “SCAMMED” into buying anything I didn’t want… because I know how to say NO…. N…O….NOOoooo!
My cars are new, and one of my houses is new, the other house is older, so I made it a rental… and guess what… I was not scammed into buying any of them either!
I have almost every electronic gadget that comes out, and nobody “MADE ME” BUY THEM! I buy them AFTER I research them online and in person.
See the pattern here? 1. Do the Research, 2) ask Questions, 3) Purchase what you can afford, when you can afford it… and ONLY if you know it is what you want to buy.
And for everyone that is thinking.. What if it breaks?.. what if?… your prior research will have already told you what to do if something goes wrong!
FYI… almost everything in the “high end” market (appliances to cars etc) will break down and have problems far more than your average items… look it up… or subscribe to Consumer News… if you are into the “old school” book reading thing…. LoL. WOW… bitching does make me feel better.. hahahaaa

Kat June 7, 2009, 3:18 pm

Unbelievable that this site continues its bashing based on old news from a company who was bought out by another. The beds may of had problems when they were Craftmatic but it is my understanding that those mattresses were updated, problems were fixed, and warranties are being honored. Yes as a sales rep I see the hard sale tactics some, and I repeat some, at executive sales preform over the phone but I have also seen customers who I stood in front of with my hand outreached to take the phone back in hopes of giving them an out, who continue to argue with the rep on the other end that they are not able to buy the bed. One lady I actually put my hand on the phone at her ear because I saw how mad she was getting, gave it a gentle tug to indicate I was willing to release her and she firmly pulled it from my hand and continued arguing with the phone rep from executive sales for another 3 minutes. This was the same lady who wanted to know after being very clear she was not buying today or in the next year if I would give her more of the massage demonstration I had just given 30 minutes worth already. Unbelievable that we go into homes and spend almost 30 minutes(more than required) with just the massage portion of the presentation alone sometimes believing or flat out knowing there will not be a sale, and are glad to still help a potential client feel the benefits, only to hear about people who are upset we were in their homes for 2 hours or more. Come on people you get information and massages, and a gift certificate for free and still gripe! Amazing that people complain they were hard saled into a bed then complain again about the warranty or the interest rates when they are very clearly stated on the paperwork. If you don’t know what something means don’t buy without asking for clarity. I am a rep for Contour and I do not hard pressure any potential client or take advantage of anyone who can not clearly read or understand what I am saying. I believe in the benefits of the bed and there are plenty of articles online that can back it up. I don’t have a problem selling an adjustable bed to someone who is on a fixed income, pension or what not because I believe they deserve the best quality of life for the rest of their life in which these beds can help them obtain. If you cared more about your elderly family and not your inheritances you would be glad to provide this bed for them. I know through my clients and potential clients that they have friends or family who are very happy Contour Adjustable Bed owners who use their beds every day for leisure, wind down, and sleep. In fact it is not just for the elder but I believe that all ages can benefit from the young to the old. Read about Human Growth Hormone and when it is believed by scientists and doctors to be most likely produced especially for adults. It is during the initial deep sleep. So why wouldn’t you want the opportunity to possibly extend that time period as far as possible. Read about decompression of the spine how these beds can contribute to that process, and better blood circulation and oxygen flow before you think that your family has been ripped off. The bed sells itself and as long as I am being honest about the benefits of using one then I can lay my head down at night with a clear conscience. What was is no longer true for the quality of mattresses that are now upgraded with the new company takeover. Contour has been in business for over 60 years and that fact speaks for itself. Check Better Business Bureau, there are no issues there to this date on Contour Beds. Tired of the complaining on old news. Get on with the current and actual facts. The truth is even your school age children and grandchildren could benefit greatly in all levels of their life if they too had the opportunity to sleep correctly and comfortably. If you can get to this page you have access to the vast information on deep sleep and its benefits. Search it out for yourselves.

Lisa June 14, 2009, 8:35 am

Does anyone know where I can get an owners manual for a craftmatic bed? It was given to me and I would like to get a replacement copy.

Mona June 20, 2009, 5:15 pm


Our twin craftmatic controller quit working while the top back side is in the full “UP” position. I’d put it there to sweep the floor, and all the other functions seem to work, though the “Low” vibration seems less vibratory than ususal, but I’m not really sure, caused I never used it other than turning it on my accident occasionally.

Its an older model with the hand held remote controllers attached by thick cords (tanish brown colored).

Actually we have the two Twin Size Craftmatic beds pushed together to make a king which we got used, and bought our own 100% latex foam matresses on, and they worked great til today. We have always loved them since we got them about 3 years ago.

Can anybody advise us how to get it fixed? Do these beds require maintenance?

Mona L. Abbott
Tallahassee, FL

Stuart Weaselman October 9, 2009, 1:19 am

Craftmatic gets sued so much they get a gift basket each Christmas from the trial laywers association. You can tell the posters on this site that a real customers and the posters that are employees. The product sucks, the reps suck, but Managment- Stan the bald man and Stu the pet monkey both suck- probably together. “Crooks of a feather”.

Gypsy November 2, 2009, 4:49 am

I am sorry to say that craftmatic 1 is no longer made. Only the version 2 is made and they are made in china. No i don’t work for them either.

jake13 November 3, 2009, 10:15 pm

wow mr weaselman the name sure fits ..get your facts …stan nor stu have nothing to do with the company any longer ..for over two yaers now …and without their leadership the company is going down the tubes …now if you said those things about mo magary you would be right on he and marc caderon are lovers …or why else would he hire a loser like him …

Edde November 22, 2009, 6:34 pm

My Craftmatic bed had a lifetime guarantee but the company responding to their repair service number does not inspire confidence. My 4-year old bed needs servicing, but I do not want to pay $165 for an opinion with no idea what other costs may be involved.

Can anyone connect me with a reputable service company?

Billy Thomas December 7, 2009, 7:10 pm

I am always suspicious of a company that is not upfront with their prices. Recently, I had to purchase one of these “craftmatic” like beds from my mom and had a really good experience with this site:

I would encourage anyone looking at these adjustable beds to really ask the hard questions and if the price keeps changing, go somewhere else.

Craftmatic Possible UK January 2, 2010, 4:09 pm

Looks like this thread may have stopped now but I thought I would still give it a ago!

I should be attending training with Craftmatic on Monday 4th jan in Oxford UK and to be brutally honest with myself, I am as mad as a “Hatter” why? because I didn’t check out the company before now!!!

I have read far more negative than positive comments on the net this afternoon but (just in case) i would welcome any comments from exsisting or ex salesmen in the UK, before I make my final decision on whether to attend or not.


?? February 9, 2010, 1:25 pm

i work for craftmatic in the uk and 95%of these people are very correct it is a scam they treat there staff like crap and their customers even worse pressurising sales on old or vulnerable people i personally try not to book appointments because i am an honest person the saddest thing is even if you take craftmatic to court you wont win because they have more money than honesty mark and eric the owners and my bosses they are ar**h*l*s including most of the managers at craftmatic uk ltd reading if you get a telephone call from this company do not believe any of their lies about a 500 pound gift certificate and 12 free chances to win a free bed they just want to get into your house dont let them !!!!!! l x

Steve Morgan February 24, 2010, 11:08 pm

I was a Craftmatic salesperson a few years ago. WORST JOB IN THE WORLD. The only way to be successful was to scam people. They have these high pressure jerks in Pennsylvania who use high pressure tactics to sell the bed even if you don’t make a dime because of the low price they will finally offer the customer. They treat their salespeople like dirt with no respect for their time or effort. They scam EVERYBODY, the customers, the sales people, and the finance companies. BEWARE!!

?? February 28, 2010, 7:00 pm

Call 1-800-523-5383. Tell them you are looking for parts. Hand control, just paid $125.00 plus tax plus shipping = $149.00. Craftmatic is no longer in business. This company selling the parts is only servings Craftmatic until they no longer have parts. Tried to get wireless, but they didn’t have them. Good luck.

Tennessee October 22, 2010, 10:17 pm

I’ve read enough about this company and the company that took it over to say I’ll be doing more research on another brand. Thank you to those who posted and I’m so sorry for your problems. At least you’ve helped someone else not be taken in.

Russell Griffin October 30, 2010, 5:35 pm

Bought a craftmatic II about 14 years ago and would recommend it to anyone. The cost of 4600.00 is two high but the bed operates and works exactly like they said. I had back surgery just before I bought it and I am thankfull that I have it.

Barbara Stuart March 10, 2011, 7:27 pm

My Craftmatic I was purchased in 2001. In 2003 I needed service following a move, but for $129 service call charge with all parts included, it was as good as new. Last week, after 5 more moves, the bed failed to operate. I called for service and was rudely told they no longer serviced “older” beds. Considering 10 years isn’t much in terms of a lifetime warranty, I found this puzzling and annoying. They were still selling beds, but only online. They apparently went ‘out of business’ just long enough to dodge the lawsuits, FDA violations and results of other poor business practices. From a business standpoint, I’d have done the same. Craftmatic Service directed me to Contour Beds who, per their website, bought Craftmatic’s customer base and agreed to honor the warranties of those customers for their beds. I ordered the service, paying before it was scheduled (odd), and was then told parts, if needed, would be extra. When questioned why this wasn’t done in 2003, I was told the bed had been newer, and service was provided by a distributorship that had the ability to set its own rules. I was also told it was the same warranty, which I apparently didn’t read as thoroughly as I should have. When I told Contour Beds I had just had surgery, the woman I spoke with put my order into priority status. Reading these posts, I was afraid I’d have to wait weeks, but within 24 hours a technician was at my house and my bed is working again. The culprit was a ripped cord for which Ms. Peltzer, Principal of Contour Beds, waived the parts charge. I’ve had good luck with my bed, especially with what I’ve put it through; and this experience with Contour Beds has restored my faith in the service. Fortunately I didn’t have to pay $1000s for my bed. As for quality, I believe the mechanism is sound. The mattress leaves a lot to be desired, though. For those with lumpy mattresses, mine started to become that way when it was only a few years old. I’ve been using a memory-foam topper since 2004 and it’s made a world of difference.

Rude Exec Sales March 17, 2011, 10:23 am

WARNING – never have anything to do with Craftmatic. The whole company is a SCAM, from the directors at the top, right down to the office & delivery staff at the bottom.

Let’s name and shame these people: Stan Kraftsow, Eric Kraftsow, Mark Ostrov, Ron Korman and crew. In particular Mark Ostrov was solely responsible for ruining the Craftmatic UK business. Silly ideas, very poor training methods and terrible man-management skills. The “leads” the sales reps had to work with were NOT pre-qualified, most were simply recycled information from people who refused to see a demonstration 12 months earlier.

Another of Mark Ostrov’s amazing ideas was to introduce the “sleep study” to encourage people to buy a bed, complete a 30 day survey and return it to get a £500 shopping voucher. Absolute rubbish!

Watch out Australia: Ostrov & Kraftsow are about to ruin your day soon!

aussie 1 July 8, 2011, 12:07 am

one thing for sure is neither one of those losers ..have anything to do with us down here …

Jessica August 5, 2012, 9:58 am

Craftmatic service is great, fixed my bed in no time, explained warranty in detail. Don’t complain unless you ready our warranty, it’s pretty simple to understand. Tech came out, installed a new motor and now my bed works. I dont know as far as sales, but the customer service was very helpful, thank you.

Joyce February 8, 2016, 11:59 pm

My husband and I bought a Craftmatic in 2007 after he had 4 back surgeries. he spends most of his day in the bed. So far the motors still work, the controls still work and we haven’t had any problems other than needing new mattress toppers. Which we were supposed to get 1 free per year. Of course they went out of business a few months after we bought the bed. Now they want us to pay $200 per mattress topper. Ahh well, the price we pay for comfort.

Kozo April 10, 2017, 12:35 am

My grandma purchased a craftmatic bed in 1995. It still works and it’s 2017! The massage and the wave features don’t work anymore but the foot and head motors still function.

While not everything works, the main aspect of the bed still does. I’m sure it needs replacement parts but the company wanted $500 for them to send a technician out to Nevada from Arizona. That seems pretty shady.

Now I’m just looking for old craftmatic bed parts online. I would replace the motors myself if I could find a seller. In 1995 the bed cost $5000, I know because I found the warranty and receipt. Nowadays, the technology has become so much better and cheaper, it’s probably better to just throw it out and get a new one anyways.

Grandma never got the TV, in case you were wondering.

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