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May 12th, 2002

The Gum v. The Mint

There are two types of people in this world: gum people and mint people.

Gum people enjoy chewing a little ball of rubber in their mouths in order to get fresh breath and, on some occasions, clean teeth. They chew and they chew, and they continue to chew; it’s so popular that movies now employ a gum-chewing person to denote Americans.

The mint people? They put a small, chemically-enhanced cylinder or candy-shaped item in their mouths. They suck on it or chew it and, voila!, no icky breath.

I used to be a gum person, as I’d always have a stick of gum nearby. But long before the mint audition in my car, I started finding mints far more appealing. For one, a mint can actually digest itself in your body properly. For another thing, mints generally aren’t made of rubber. That freaks me out a bit.

What about you? Gum or mint for your breath-freshening agent?

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