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May 19th, 2002

Will Ferrell’s Final Show

After seven seasons on Saturday Night Live and really coming into his own as one of the show’s most versatile actors, Will Ferrell has decided to move on. Last night was his final episode of Saturday Night Live (though I’m sure he’ll make plenty of guest returns).

Will he go the route of Tim Meadows and never been seen again? Or will he carve out a niche in movies, like he hopes? Honestly, I don’t see him becoming much of a movie actor (A Night at the Roxbury, anyone?), but I think he would do wonderfully on the sitcom circuit, something he proved with his excellent appearance on Undeclared earlier this season.

While I wasn’t a huge Ferrell fan at first, I grew to appreciate his Alex Trebec and any character that involved him wearing a half shirt (for some reason, that brought out the best in him).

We’ll have to see whether or not he can make the transition to full-time movie actor or not — my thinking is: perhaps, but probably not. At the same time, I doubt he’ll disappear like Cheri Oteri. What’s the Pinger consensus on the issue?

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