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October 16th, 2003

An Open Letter to Cubs Fans

Dear Cubs Fans,

It’s been some year, hasn’t it?

My favorite team, the White Sox, almost made the playoffs. Almost. But we screwed up an important series towards the end of the season and didn’t recover. And then you guys, of all people, made it into the playoffs.

I must admit, I was a little surprised you made it as far as you did. That’s good. You have some good talent on your team (I forgot about Kenny Lofton’s presence.) You have arguably the best “real” baseball park in the country. And your fans? They’ll be around as long as you serve beer at the park – a long, long time.

But let’s be honest here. The Cubs. You have a curse you’ve been trying to shake for, well, 58 years. Your team is known as “lovable losers.” It’s sad, really, that you came so close. Just imagine the outright sadness in Chicago – it’ll last all the way until the season starts again.

A win would’ve been great for Chicago, as a city, because there hasn’t been any winning going on since Michael Jordan. The Bears? Please. The Sox? No one shows up for their games, even though they’re solid. The Bulls? Too young yet. The Cubs? The Cubs win by not winning.

Listen, do me a favor. Watch Back to the Future Part II. It reveals exactly when the Cubs will win the World Series – against Miami (presumably, a relocated Marlins team.) That’s still 12 years away.

Sleep well,

– Paul

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Thursday October 16, 2003 -- 9:53:19 am
I bet the Fox executives are pissed. The Cubs in the WS would have been a ratings boom. A Cubs - Red Sox WS would have set all time records.

Go Red Sox!

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday October 16, 2003 -- 11:46:24 am

Actually, the Marlins play in Miami at Joe Robbie Pro Player Stadium, right off Dan Marino Blvd. I'm guessing, by 2015, that the Marlins will simply be renamed.

Great Back to the Future reference, though. I was wondering if anyone else had remembered that movie clip, and done the association with this postseason.

I still think the Cubs should have let a goat in for game 7. Some of the bleacher bums smell worse than a goat, so who would notice?

FROM: Greg
DATE: Thursday October 16, 2003 -- 6:08:56 pm
How can the Cubs win the World Series against the Marlins? They're both National League teams! The Devil Rays would be the team that would have to relocate. Not a bad move if you ask me, it would make for a nice city rivalry that Chicago, New York, and the San Francisco area enjoy.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday October 16, 2003 -- 7:03:25 pm
The Cubs vs. Redsox would have been an incredible series, and the results would be me tired at work each morning.

It's quite cool that Chicago, or at least a portion of it are such diehard Baseball fans.

I do find it strange that the Whitesox never sell tickets, yet you see Whitesox gear on people in every major city.

FROM: Ace High
DATE: Thursday October 16, 2003 -- 7:22:11 pm
The late Jeff McNeely, the creator of the conic strip Shoe, once gave the Chicago version of "Take me out to the ballgame" in one of his cartoons. It had the line "And its root, root ,root for the cubbies. If they don't win it's THE SAME". This is the Chicago version, he said.

FROM: elwood
DATE: Thursday October 16, 2003 -- 9:49:47 pm
chicago cubs "fans" now have the title of being the biggest a-holes in sports viewership after what they've done/said regarding steve bartman.

it was sooooo sweet watching the chicago cubs fans wallow in pity during the 7th game as their team bit the dust.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday October 16, 2003 -- 10:34:34 pm
Greg: The Miami Marlins would, obviously have to go over to the AL in order for the Cubs to play them. However, they'd also have to beat the White Sox to get there - assuming that they're still the White Sox, and not the U.S. Cellular Sox.

elwood: The entire treatment of Bartman is despicable. Absolutely despicable. The Chicago Sun-Times ran his full address, phone number, and workplace information. I hope he sues.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday October 17, 2003 -- 9:22:41 am
Good to see the Red Sox show up last night.! Now I *really* have no reason to watch post season baseball. Either to root against the Yankees or the Marlins. I can either root against them, because I'm just tired of seeing them in the World Series, or against the Marlins, because if they win, they'll have two championships in 10 years, more than my Phillies have had in the 100 something years they've been playing.

Three words: LETS GO FLYERS!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday October 17, 2003 -- 9:53:46 am
The World Series this year has gone from a potential showdown for the ages... to just another annoying series to everyone outside of New York and selected parts of Florida.


FROM: Greg
DATE: Friday October 17, 2003 -- 2:27:30 pm
What's worse is that there are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of relocated New York residence in Florida. So it's basically one big New York World Series.

FROM: Ashley
DATE: Tuesday October 21, 2003 -- 12:39:50 am
i thought it would be the greatest world series of all time cubs-redsox or cubs-yankees hell cubs-any a.l. team would be the best ever but the ghost of the goat went in to steve bartmans body for that split second that cost the cubs the game. steve will allways be hated in chicago and it is unfortunate. But did u ever think what would of happend if he didnt get into alous way???? yes thats right first time in 58 years cubs win the nl pennent and maybe first time in 95 years that cubs win the world series but we all will never know b/c of STEVE BARTMAN. im sorry people but ill alllways disslike that dude

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday October 21, 2003 -- 9:26:22 am
Explain to me again, Ashley, exactly what he did wrong? He wasn't interfering with a ball in play, correct?

If Cubs fans place all the blame on a fan trying to catch a foul ball in the stands, I feel sorry for Chicago as a city.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Tuesday October 21, 2003 -- 10:18:02 am
Why are Cubs fans forgetting Alex Gonzalez and the crtitcal error he made to screw up the double play that would have gotten the Cubs out of the inning, where the Marlins scored all their runs, with their lead intact? At least that was a ligit reason why the Cubs lost.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday October 21, 2003 -- 10:56:25 am
I dunno. I think allowing seven runs in one inning is a lot worse than a fan catching a foul ball that's out of play.

DATE: Sunday June 27, 2004 -- 10:09:34 pm
fuck all of you

FROM: Noob JoSohme Davies
DATE: Thursday December 1, 2005 -- 8:07:49 pm
The Cubs suck. That's all.

FROM: Rickshepsee Lasko
DATE: Thursday December 1, 2005 -- 8:11:19 pm
The Cubs are shitbags, and their fans are farts.

The Kid March 21, 2007, 3:33 pm

I have been a Cubs fan since 1984, 23 years now. I’ve been always been proud of my team and I’ll never stop being a fan of the Cubbies, win or lose. So in the words of a true Chicago Cubs fan: Just wait ’till next year!

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