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June 7th, 2002

A Word Feature I’d Like to See

Here’s a featured I’d like to see in Word (or any other word processing progream): selective HTML conversion without saving. I’d like to be able to highlight a section of a document, right click and choose “View HTML” and have another small window pop-up with barebones HTML conversion that I could then copy to the clipboard.

I often find myself with a long Word document to convert to HTML, but I hate using “Save as HTML” since it adds heaps of unnecessary XML for even the most basic boldfaced-and-italicized document. And to get to any of the new code, you have to change the format of the whole document or save it off to a separate file. I’d like to have the ability to selectively convert small chunks of the text to HTML using only basic HTML formatting without saving it to disk first. Too much to ask? No. Likely to happen? Also no.

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