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June 19th, 2002

Worst TV Introductions Ever

The question I pose you: what are the worst television show introductions you’ve ever seen? I’m not talking about theme music here (that would be another Ping), but the worst visual lead-in to a sitcom.

My #1 pick: The Cosby Show. They had at least three different introductions during the run of the series and they were all painfully cheesy (and not in a retro-wow-the-80s-are-cool way, either). The first had a typical motion/still photo lead-in (as seen on any number of 80s sitcoms), the second attempted to be a little more classy and involved a lot of tuxedos and tap dancing, while the third went for the faux-street appeal with pseudo-graf writing and Malcolm Jamal-Warner looking like Kwame. I guess all shows can’t have a lead-in as quality as Silver Spoons (man I wanted a train in my house).

Other picks: ALF, A Different World, and Martin.

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