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June 19th, 2002

Worst TV Introductions Ever

The question I pose you: what are the worst television show introductions you’ve ever seen? I’m not talking about theme music here (that would be another Ping), but the worst visual lead-in to a sitcom.

My #1 pick: The Cosby Show. They had at least three different introductions during the run of the series and they were all painfully cheesy (and not in a retro-wow-the-80s-are-cool way, either). The first had a typical motion/still photo lead-in (as seen on any number of 80s sitcoms), the second attempted to be a little more classy and involved a lot of tuxedos and tap dancing, while the third went for the faux-street appeal with pseudo-graf writing and Malcolm Jamal-Warner looking like Kwame. I guess all shows can’t have a lead-in as quality as Silver Spoons (man I wanted a train in my house).

Other picks: ALF, A Different World, and Martin.

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FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday June 19, 2002 -- 8:02:33 am
I think the second Martin intro - complete with a CGI clay-like Martin Lawrence running around - was quite ridiculous.

The Hogan Family (nee Valerie and Valerie's Family) had a pretty awful intro. Sandy Duncan catching a baseball thrown by... someone... and catching it over-enthusiastically. Shaking her head up and down. Cut to Jason "Dave" Bateman walking out of a building at Northwestern with his "college buds". Cut to the twins (who looked nothing alike) opening lockers, and the messy twin's locker spilling contents all over the place.

What about, you know, the father of the family? Oh, right, he's a pilot. So we need to show him getting on an airplane. That's right, buddy - an airplane to "being seen on only 3 out of 26 episodes this season"!

Then... a cut to the family eating a picnic in a park. Just beautiful.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday June 19, 2002 -- 8:44:52 am
Friends - the whole doing bodybuilder poses in the fountain thing is just lame. And where exactly is that damn fountain? The intro implies it is part of their apartment complex - but I've never seen anything resembling a courtyard on the show.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday June 19, 2002 -- 9:26:30 am
Paul -- Good memory on Valerie/Valerie's Family/The Hogan Family.

Chris -- That's just those wacky Gen-Xers being wild and crazy in a pool of water... with furniture nearby...

FROM: Greg
DATE: Wednesday June 19, 2002 -- 10:18:45 am
For some reason, I can think of a lot of good intros (Quantum Leap, Hunter, Sanford & Son, and of course All in the Family). For some reason, the bad ones drifted away... Thank goodness!

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday June 19, 2002 -- 1:32:49 pm
Greg, you get extra points for big-upping Quantum Leap's into.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday June 20, 2002 -- 1:28:20 pm
I don't recall the details, but I seem to remember that the intro to "Three's Company" was pretty bad. The only scene I can really remember is Jack Tripper (John Ritter) doing a cartwheel over the sofa, landing on his butt, and then looking straight into the camera with a big "Hi Folks!" smile, and later, for some reason someone missed the window box and watered Janet's (Joyce DeWitt) back while she was sun bathing beneath it. First she gets mad, and then she turns to the camera with a, you guessed it, the big "Hi Folks!" smile. I think she peeled off her sunglasses before the smile hand just for effect. From there it gets cloudier because I really have tried to forget it. Thank God I can never remember what the Chrissy character did in the intro, but that's because she changed so many times from Suzanne Somers to someone other actress to some other actress.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday June 29, 2002 -- 5:14:53 am
The show with the worst intro ever was "That 80's Show." The records flipping with the actors on it, ughh.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday June 29, 2002 -- 10:38:15 am
You just had it out for that show, didn't you?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday June 29, 2002 -- 11:49:09 am
Robert -- Different Ryan. :)

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday June 29, 2002 -- 2:17:41 pm
Oops! How little I pay attention! :-D But you do have something against said show, don't you?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday July 1, 2002 -- 6:19:42 pm
I don't have it in for "That 80's Show," I just don't like the intro :)

FROM: Ping Ryan
DATE: Tuesday July 2, 2002 -- 9:25:45 am
Unlike "Other Ryan," I plain didn't like the show, either, except for the punk chick -- her character was pretty cool.

FROM: Denise
DATE: Tuesday July 2, 2002 -- 5:04:53 pm
Joseph-I must correct you on the Three's Company intro-it's Janet who waters Chrissy's back. And although I don't recall every season, I know for a fact that at least in the first one, Jack is riding along the beach on a bike, turns his head to look at some women, then falls off his bike. For the life of me, I can't remember what Janet does and I think The Ropers are in bed and Helen goes to kiss Stanley and he pretends to be sleeping. Now I'm gonna have to see when it's on so that I can see the intro or it will drive me crazy.

FROM: jon
DATE: Tuesday April 29, 2003 -- 1:57:04 pm
Denise is absolutely correct.

FROM: Leslie
DATE: Monday June 19, 2006 -- 4:52:54 pm
Sorry kids but, "Walker Texas Ranger" has to have the most heinous intro EVER! La Norris sings as well as he acts! I know I just bought myself an a** kickin'.

FROM: Sammy Reed
DATE: Tuesday June 20, 2006 -- 10:13:34 pm
One "delightfully cheesy" opening is the 1st-year intro to "Facts of Life".

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