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June 30th, 2002

Breakfast Foods

Breakfast is, still, the most important meal of the day. A while ago, Ryan wrote about breakfast to go, but when you’ve got the time – as on weekends – what do you like to have for breakfast?

If I’m going for a traditional food, I do like having either a homemade breakfast sandwich (eggs, cheese, meatless bacon or sausage on a bagel) or a fine, fine stack of pancakes. Chocolate chip pancakes, yes sir.

There’s something almost nostalgic about having a full breakfast, though… given that so many people are on the go during the week, finding time for a full sit-down breakfast seems harder. Until you have kids, that is; then you find that breakfast cereal bars probably aren’t the best foods for everyone.

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Winer June 28, 2012, 12:02 am

Well, sometimes on weekends I pick all the leftovers of the day before (rice, meat, lentils in most of the cases, but I pick anything) and heat all in a pan, and while is hot I add some eggs, sausages, mozzarella, onion, pepper and scramble all together until everything is done. In our family we call that “Terremoto con Derrumbe” or said in english and “Earthquake and Collapse” 🙂

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