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July 1st, 2002

The Best Type of Nap

I talk frequently about sleeprelated subjects. But one thing I’ve never talked about is what I’ve found to be the best sleep one can get: the television nap.

Lay on your couch in a comfortable position… turn on a television show that’s not boring, but not action-packed. It should be interesting enough to keep your attention, but not so engaging that you feel bad if you miss part of it. Then, let your eyes start feeling heavy… dose off for a few seconds at a time, startling yourself awake in an attempt to pay attention to the TV, until you finally fade off into a nap. When you wake up 45 minutes later and a totally different TV show is on, not only will you not care, the feel of contentment that comes over you like a wave will lull you back to sleep once again, for another short, restful nap. There are few greater satisfactions in life.

What I’d give to have a TV in front of me and a couch behind me right now…

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