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July 16th, 2002

Pibb Xtra

I am a Dr Pepper devotee. Dr Pepper is the best… er… Pepperlike drink of its kind. But at a restaurant this past weekend, I was tempted to try something out of sheer dislike: Pibb Xtra.

I had heard of the developments over in Pibbland, where the Dr is just a Mr., and he’s a Pibb instead of a Pepper. And something called Xtra was emerging… but what was this xtra? And what’s with all of the bad spelling? I decided to find out.

I took my emptied cup up to the fountain where Pibb Xtra was being served, ice cold. I tried it… and… lo and behold, it tasted funny! Imagine a drink somewhere between Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper with more flavor than the latter, but not as intensely unique as the former. Pibb Xtra is pretty close to that. It’s okay, but nothing I’d drink out of choice.

That said, these quotes from the Coke site are telling:

Mr. Pibb appeals to 12-to-15 year olds who are just gaining independence from home and looking for things to call their own. Mr. Pibb enables them to have an uninhibited, fun and unconventional attitude because it has the sweet, refreshing bold taste they need to express their independence.

Finally, we’ve discovered the best way to express the independence of youth: by drinking a sweet, freshing, bold beverage loaded with sugar and caffeine and bottled by a heartless multinational corporation! Oh, but wait:

[Pibb Xtra’s] bold taste and graphics appeal to young adults who are looking to get the most out of life and the most out of their soft drink. Based on its tremendous success in Texas, Pibb Xtra will replace Mr Pibb across the U.S. in 2002.

That’s right! Pibb Xtra will give young kids a life. And if you’ve already got one, it’ll enhance it! Imagine… no lack of life! And I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of not getting the most out of my soft drink. What has Pepsi done for me lately, hm?

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Jacob February 19, 2008, 6:38 pm


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