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July 15th, 2002

Oreo Barbie

If you’re ever stuck wondering, “Geez, what should I get Ryan for <insert holiday here>?”, here’s the answer: Oreo Barbie.

I was in a Kroger the other day and saw a display of these Oreo Barbies and had to do all I could not to buy one. The main thing that held me back: having to admit to buying a Barbie.

Oddly, the official Barbie site has not even a mention of the latest product-shilling Barbie on their site. Only a few stray fan/detractor pages make note of it.

I will admit that I was a bit disappointed to see that Barbie didn’t have bits of Oreo falling off of her face. And with that figure, I doubt she’s ever eaten anything other than the “Reduced Fat” line of Oreos.

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michelle April 19, 2007, 4:08 pm

Oreo barbie seems racist because she is black u sick sick sick people

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