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July 26th, 2002

The Coolest Fridge

If you want a sign that I’ve become rather domesticated, you have it. I love this refrigerator.

There are a few reasons. I’m not a fan of side-by-side refrigerators… but this one could change that. The unique door sizes are good for particular-size groceries. It has a shelf you can adjust with a crank. The water dispenser has a built-in filter. And, of course, look at all the food it comes with – standard!

I think that if I had a dedicated freezer for all of those frozen foods we buy, I’d strongly consider this fridge. Is it wrong?

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday July 26, 2002 -- 9:09:58 am
I've seen it in a store- it is a cool fridge, no pun intended. I upgraded the fridge in our new house to a side by side with water and ice dispenser. I've never owned one - my parents never had a side by side and we haven't in either of our previous homes.

Maybe that is the sign that we've "made it" in this world, a side by side fridge!

FROM: Anthony Liguori
DATE: Friday July 26, 2002 -- 11:23:24 am
I have a side-by-side Maytag fridge, and the icemaker chute is always clogging up and I have to reach into the freezer to grab the ice. But the motor is so quiet, you can't even hear it when you're watching t.v..

FROM: Stevie Gee
DATE: Friday July 26, 2002 -- 4:04:13 pm
If you have a side-by-side fridge, can you still go "upper deck"?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday July 26, 2002 -- 4:09:51 pm

FROM: Greg
DATE: Monday July 29, 2002 -- 9:49:47 am
I was at The Great Indoors and saw this fridge. It was a most excellent appliance. The only thing that they could improve on it is to have a vent from the freezer into an enclosed bin in the fridge. It would keep milk extra cold and prevent it from becoming melk.

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday July 29, 2002 -- 10:25:05 am
Anything that prevents melk is worth its weight in gold.

FROM: kenny anderson
DATE: Tuesday November 16, 2004 -- 9:29:20 pm
i think it should be are chose if we drive with some one who hasnt had there drivers license for 6 months or what the law in your state is if i was to get in a car and the driver crashed into a nother driver it was my chose to get in the car that is my opinion and to all thoese older people who didnt have to have this law i want to see you do it for a week it is hard it isnt that fun driving to a friends house then saying hey lets go down to town, OK let me ask my mom if she can drive me down there then pick me up later even thogh you are right there with a car that runs but no i cant its the law

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday November 17, 2004 -- 9:31:45 am


DATE: Saturday December 4, 2004 -- 12:51:15 pm
I think that the driving age should stay at sixteen and not be lowered or raised. You probably wouldn't count my opinion though because i am practically fifteen and do not feel or want to wait another two or three years just to get my permit!

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday December 4, 2004 -- 8:02:01 pm
You probably wouldn't count my opinion though because. . .

. . . you're a f**king idiot, that's why.

FROM: hmm
DATE: Tuesday September 20, 2005 -- 11:17:10 pm
I think its SO pathetic how the government is trying to change the age limit to be 18 years old to get your license. Because i don't have a my license i don't have a job my parents work and have lives too and don't have the time to take me and pick me up from work. As if you didn't notice EVERYONE gets into accidents may it be a 16 year old or older. You all act like teens are the only people who drink and drive were not. Its not just teens that get into accidents. and its not our fault some teens are immature and don't use their brains. Which i don't think you should punish these 15/16 excited year olds waiting till their birthdays to get their license. For me as example i tell my mom everyday how i can't wait till my birthday to get my permit cause ill actually have a job and ill be able to drive there and back. Instead of my mom or dad or someone having to take me. And its not fair how all these people waiting to get thier permits can't. because of these immature teens made a mistake. Obviously you should take these problems up with the driving teachers because their the ones who teach US how to drive. You made a rule, which i think you should stick to it cause its not fair having these teens excited to get their permit and finding out they can't. I think it who ever made this rule was 16 and was in my/everyone else's place they'd have a different point of view on this whole debate. Before you change anything in this world maybe you should take a vote on it because we live in this world to if you didn't notice and i think we have a right to have something to say and to make our on rules. Think about it.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday September 21, 2005 -- 8:31:36 am
Before you change anything in this world maybe you should take a vote on it because we live in this world to [sic] if you didn't notice and i [sic] think we have a right to have something to say and to make our on [sic] rules.

I think you have the right to not read something on a web site and post on it anyway, and you're exercising that right splendidly.

Hey! Read the page next time.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday October 24, 2005 -- 9:12:14 pm
These funny kids, they can't steer their ways into the right Ping. Imagine what they'd do behind the wheel.

FROM: bobby
DATE: Thursday December 1, 2005 -- 2:33:19 pm
i think ur all fucking idiots and should get a life

DATE: Monday December 5, 2005 -- 10:24:25 am
hi people

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