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August 5th, 2002

No I Don’t Have a Smoke, I’m Driving!

Yesterday, I was driving home from New Jersey, driving down 95 south. There was a couple-mile slowdown before one of the toll plazas. About a mile into this especially slow section of the trip, I look to my right and see the driver in the next lane reaching out his window and hitting the side of his door trying to get my attention. I looked over at him quizically, wondering if I had a flat tire or something. He looks at me, and makes a motion towards his mouth indicating that he wants a cigarette and do I have one? When I shook my head, he looked annoyed, accelerated, and proceeded to hit his door again to get the attention of the car in front of me.

My question is: even if I had a smoke, how the hell would I have gotten it to him? It’s not like we were totally stopped in traffic… we were cruising at 10-15 mph.

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