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August 9th, 2002

Attack of the Monkeys

I’ve blogged this elsewhere, but it’s too Pingworthy to pass up.

In India, a farmer got his airgun and shot near a monkey in attempt to get her out of a tree. Unfortunately, his aim was off and he shot and killed the monkey, who was nursing her child at the time. After the police arrested the man for shooting a protected species, they tried to get the baby monkey, but he wouldn’t let go of his mother. So, the police had to bring them into the police station until they figured out what to do.

As they all sat in the police station, a posse of 30 monkeys converged on the station, gathering outside and on the roof. A couple of them snuck into the station and “quietly [took] the baby away with them.”

Makes it seem kind of silly to have monkeys caged up zoos after hearing a story like this, doesn’t it?

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