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August 16th, 2002




No matter how many times I type that, I still think of something else. T-120 is the name of a VHS tape… at least, original ones were T-120. 120 referred to the number of minutes in SP mode (read: “the mode that almost no one really used”.) So what am I thinking? I’m thinking “T-1-2-20”, which is the way I saw it when I was a kid. Even though I know now that it’s T-120, and I know what that means, I still catch myself referring to it as “T-1-2-20”.

Another example is Sirius Satellite Radio. I don’t have Satellite Radio, and am not sure I’d get it, but I know that Sirius and XP are the two major players. Whenever I see “Sirius”, I’m really thinking, “Sirus”. That’s how I’d pronounce it, at least. Sure it’s wrong, but it’s mine, dammit!

Are there any words or phrases that trip you up every time?

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