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August 19th, 2002

Thanks to Corey, I’m now aware of the Greatest Site on the Internet:, pictures of urinals from around the world. I thought I’d see it all, especially after having seen a nasty concrete trough at a cemetary, but apparently I’ve missed a lot… I’d never even consider using an outdoor one… I’d be afraid to use this one, thinking it was a sink… and I don’t even know if I could figure out what to use here.

Like Paul says: I love the Internet.

(Tonight for dessert: a urinal cake! Ewww…)

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FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday August 19, 2002 -- 1:15:19 pm
More reasons to use a toilet, instead.

I do like urinals, but those troughs... can't stand them. There's too much information being shared there.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Monday August 19, 2002 -- 2:34:39 pm
I like the fact that you can send pictures of the urinals to friends.

FROM: Harry Butts
DATE: Sunday October 27, 2002 -- 6:26:23 pm
If you that's good, have a look at!!!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday October 27, 2002 -- 9:16:37 pm
1. does work without the "www." in front. Someone should take three seconds and fix that.

2. Otherwise, looks like a rip-off of the idea.

FROM: Urinal Cake
DATE: Saturday January 10, 2004 -- 5:36:23 pm
Well lets face it guys....Im irresistable

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