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August 20th, 2002

Good Companies

It’s very, very easy in this day and age to find companies doing things wrong. I know it, Ryan knows it, you know it. But what about companies that are doing good things? How about a little spotlight time for them?

Here are a couple of my picks. Feel free to add yours.

Tom’s of Maine: They make a fine, fine toothpaste. All of their products are natural, with no added garbage, and they donate heavily to organizations and non-profits devoted to saving the Earth. As a bonus, their FAQ is intelligent.

Great American Popcorn Company: A store that Jeani and I found on a recent trip, this store features loads of popcorn flavors – all of which can be shipped. I mention them due to their above average customer service.

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday August 20, 2002 -- 9:28:03 am
Tom's web site is really nice... tons of information you'd never see on an average corporate site. Impressive.

FROM: dave
DATE: Tuesday August 20, 2002 -- 7:45:55 pm
yeah, but the toothpaste is nasty. i'd rather use caulk.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday August 20, 2002 -- 9:54:56 pm
I love their fennel toothpaste. And I like the fact it doesn't have added sweetener... regular toothpaste tastes like you're brushing your teeth with pure sugar.

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