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August 31st, 2002

A Glorious Discovery

Pingers, last night I made a glorious discovery. One I am surprised I missed to this point. On March 14th, 1987, NBC aired the “Dorothy’s Prized Pupil” episode of The Golden Girls. This particular episode featured none other than Mario Lopez.

Yes, folks: A.C. Slater (from Saved by the Bell) was on The Golden Girls.

Mario Lopez played Mario Sanchez, a student of Dorothy’s that wrote a powerful pro-American essay. Dorothy was so impressed by the essay, she submitted it to a contest and the essay garnered first prize. Unfortunately, with the recognition came trouble: the INS came and deported Mario for being an illegal alien. There’s no word on Zach’s response to the situation.

If ever there was a bizarre rift in the time-space continuum, this was it. And I was there, glued to my TV last night, just waiting for Slater to tell Dorothy that she was smart, “for a chick.”

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FROM: dave
DATE: Saturday August 31, 2002 -- 9:34:18 am
This reminds me of the guy in PCU who gets all excited when he discovers that Gene Hackman and Michael Caine were in a movie together.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday August 31, 2002 -- 9:56:01 am
I, very vaguely, remember that. I can't remember seeing the episode with Quentin Tarantino, though.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday September 1, 2002 -- 12:56:15 am
That along with the Leslie Nielsen episodes are the ones I remember most. I saw the Mario Lopez one rerun a few weeks ago also.

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