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September 3rd, 2002

E-mail ‘Sackable’

According to a recent Reuters story, “inappropriate” use of e-mail and an Internet connection at work has topped theft of office supplies as the most common reason for disciplinary action of an employee. And by “inappropriate,” they don’t mean spending too much time doing personal e-mail or web browsing, they mean sending pornographic e-mail or visiting porn sites.

Two questions arise in my mind after reading this: 1.) Are there actually that many people visiting porn sites and having e-mail “relations” at work? If it’s such an epidemic, I’m going to have to start being more careful about visiting a co-worker’s office unannounced… and, 2.) Was stealing office supplies that common? Yet again, I’m quite surprised that people were stealing so many office supplies that they had to be reprimanded. I think I took a pen home from work once, but jeez, do people haul home mail meters on a regular basis?

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