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September 7th, 2002

International Star Registry

For the past 20 years, the International Star Registry has allowed people to name a star after a loved one. The name is recorded in a book and kept at the Library of Congress. Quite a gift, right?

If you even thought “yes” for a second, I worry about you. It costs $48 to “name” a star… but what exactly do you get? For some reason, I doubt this company owns the universe. They’re naming of stars isn’t recognized by any professional astronomical organization. The only organization that’s licensed to name stars is the International Astronomical Union.

So, for your $48, you get a certificate (er, a piece of paper), a chart with your star circled, and a small book on astronomy. And, yes, it’s recorded in an all-important book that’s kept at the Library of Congress! Oh boy!

What a friggin’ scam. And to the tune of $50 million (they’ve sold one million packages-of-crap in the last two decades).

BTW, you can buy a Ping if you want. We’ll name a Ping after you for a mere $139 (with the exception of the “Bayside” Ping, which goes for $500). E-mail for details.

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John Day October 20, 2007, 12:53 am

Re. International Star Registry
I have shown people “their Star” several times. The coordinates they receive are epoch 1950. You have to convert it to Epoch J2000 using conversion programs on the internet. Then go to Google Earth, use the sky option, enter the J2000 coordinates and you are then within seconds of “their star”. I then print out a 1/2 degree star field so we can see where it is in the telescope field-of-view remembering that it may be a mirror image depending on the optics. Of course you also have to know what your image field size is in the telescope so you can choose an eyepiece that has a 1/2 degree field of view. Also you have to have a telescope such that you can direct it to a particular right-ascension and declination. I know this seems like a lot of work but it actually only takes a few minutes once you get the process down.

Brent Kozlowski November 19, 2007, 6:54 am

You think that’s crazy. You should check ut my new company. We sell people a DAY. Yes, I said day! You people are missing the whole point about the star registry! It’s not wether or not the star is really named after the person, It’s the idea and thought behind it. It’s a unique and creative gift that comes from the heart. I can’t wait to see what your going to write about the International Day Registry.

Ryan November 19, 2007, 4:03 pm

“I can’t wait to see what your going to write about the International Day Registry.”

Not much to say beyond, “I can’t see anyone ever paying money for something like that.” But obviously people will if things like the bogus star registry are still around.

Derik May 19, 2008, 5:50 am

You can sell anything. I never would have thought some 25 years ago that folks would be willing to buy bottled water.

Anonomous PROUD Sister January 9, 2009, 7:25 am

*What is the matter with you people???* The person who commented that it isn’t about the star being “named” for someone,but that it IS all about the idea & thought from the heart that is behind it,was absolutely _CORRECT_. I don’t feel as though I “wasted” my money nor do I feel foolish because I just made my little sister’s day when I presented her with “her very own” star. You see,although she is now in her 30’s,mentally,she is no where near that since she is mentally impaired from birth as well as having a history of being abused by her “foster-family”. We,quite regrettably & unfortunately,didn’t get the chance to grow up together(due to decisions made by adult others way back when). In fact,I have just ‘found’ her after having searched my whole life for her. We have just recently begun to have contact (albeit “on the sly” since she is still in the care of that disgusting excuse for a “foster-family”). They don’t want her having any contact with any of her siblings *EVER*,having gone as far as to intercept & destroy all photos, gifts, cards,letters sent to her. They told her that her previous family was dead-she now knows that is a lie. They want total control over her & will stop at nothing to keep it that way. So,noting this awful history,having this “star named or ‘adopted’ for her”,meant that NO ONE,not even the evil “foster-family” could ever take that away from her(or us),they can never destroy or keep it from her in any way,shape or form. It meant the WORLD to her & quite honestly,to me also. It is a “representation” of sorts of a sisterly bond that NO ONE can ever break. I also ‘adopted’ a star right next to hers(coordinates-wise). I could never be so cruel & heartless to her as to ever reveal the “cold hard truth” to this whole “scam” as you people put it. She has the thinking- level of a child,& if this can give her just one thin shred of happiness-a sense of true connection & unconditional love,then so be it. My money nor my heartfelt emotions & gesture were *NOT WASTED* on her. I would like to give her the whole universe if I could,but this,”her very own star” to gaze up at & know she is loved,is plenty enough instead…_Open your hearts & minds people_…there is so much more out there then pessimism & narrow-mindedness. We all could learn from my little sister & her very BIG smile when she looks up at “her star”…

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