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September 8th, 2002

The Last Stupid Thing

Every day, for some reason, we do stupid things. What was the last stupid thing you did?

Mine is simple: after making coffee this morning, I took a very large sip. For some reason, I forgot the coffee would be extremely hot – and now I’m enjoying having a numb mouth. Fun!

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday September 8, 2002 -- 9:20:42 pm
I find myself doing things like putting the milk away in the cabinet and the cereal in the fridge (though I always catch myself while I'm doing it).

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday September 8, 2002 -- 11:14:17 pm
The last stupid thing I did was floor it as I drove up the highway today...I so rarely get out of 4th gear and it was such a lovely day....Shortly after I got off at my exit, a cop pulled up behind me, and *turned the other way*!!!!!!! Boy was I lucky. And stupid. I am not in Germany. Repeat: I am not in Germany. phew. The guy in the SUV must have done something worse.

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Monday September 9, 2002 -- 10:04:29 am
I just ran a red light this morning. I saw it beforehand and everything. My brain just decided not to tell my foot to press down on the brake pedal.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday September 11, 2002 -- 12:23:49 am
Mine would involve consuming some White Castle fozen cheeseburgers a few minutes ago. Those bad boys will run through me in about 5 minutes.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday September 11, 2002 -- 12:37:41 am
Oh man, I used to make those all the time when I babysat. They'll tear right through you...

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