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September 9th, 2002

I Refuse!

When I was downloading the free version of RealPlayer recently (“A Negative Experience Since 1996!”), there was a short form to fill out before I could download the file. One of the questions was “Why you downloading the Basic [free] version instead of the Plus [definitely not free] version?” Check out the responses, especially the highlighted one:

RealPlayer screen

“I refuse to spend money on software.” Who the hell would respond that way? I’m sure that it’s a thinly veiled swat at supporters of open source software and such, but the way it’s worded makes me think of a stubborn little kid crossing his arms and whining, “No! I’m not gonna’ pay! I’m not gonna’ pay!”

Perhaps Real should spend less time taking shots at open source software and freeware and more time developing a product that doesn’t suck.

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FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday September 9, 2002 -- 10:17:28 am
I think the only problem with that choice is the wording. "Refuse" is really strong. Maybe if it was, "Your software is laden with ads, and other free alternatives exist and are just as viable"....

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday September 9, 2002 -- 3:38:02 pm
Which did you choose? I would have picked "I refuse" cuz, hey, I gotta be honest.

FROM: Logic 3:16
DATE: Saturday October 12, 2002 -- 11:13:00 pm
There's absolutely no reason to pay for software unless you happen to really like it and want to see it improved upon in the future. There's plenty of freeware alternatives out there, and when something isn't free, just hop over to or or Usenet and MAKE it free. Show the greedy copyright industry out there that information YEARNS to be free and the Internet was never intended for making profits.

Oh, and Realplayer stinks too.

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Thursday April 24, 2003 -- 12:30:59 am
I always hate it when downloading software, and they make you take those surveys.

Worse yet, in older versions of the free RealPlayer (yes, it blows), they used to ask for your email address, and you couldn't continue the download until you gave an email address. Needless to say, tons of fake email addresses do the trick.

What a pain in the rear.

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