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September 9th, 2002

I Refuse!

When I was downloading the free version of RealPlayer recently (“A Negative Experience Since 1996!”), there was a short form to fill out before I could download the file. One of the questions was “Why you downloading the Basic [free] version instead of the Plus [definitely not free] version?” Check out the responses, especially the highlighted one:

RealPlayer screen

“I refuse to spend money on software.” Who the hell would respond that way? I’m sure that it’s a thinly veiled swat at supporters of open source software and such, but the way it’s worded makes me think of a stubborn little kid crossing his arms and whining, “No! I’m not gonna’ pay! I’m not gonna’ pay!”

Perhaps Real should spend less time taking shots at open source software and freeware and more time developing a product that doesn’t suck.

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