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October 7th, 2002

The New TV Season

I’m still way bitter that FOX cancelled Undeclared before they could even finish a full season, yet are showing jackass shows like Grounded for Life and World’s Craziest Police Brutality Bloopers 3. And to top it off, there’s not a single new comedy (well, maybe Cedric the Entertainer’s show, but I haven’t seen it) that’s worth watching. John Ritter’s latest might as well be titled, “Reason #40 John Ritter’s career has stayed beyond its welcome.”

But the new season hasn’t just brought out the cynic in me. Indeed, there are actually a couple of good new action-dramas worth mentioning.

John Doe… This show has a few strikes against it from the start. Number one: it’s in the death slot of Friday at 9pm on FOX. Number two: it’s a painfully obvious blend of The X-Files and Memento with that “Who am I? Maybe I’m an alien!” vibe. Number three: every line that a female on that show utters is painfully stilted, especially the teenage girl. The writers really need some work in that area. All that said, I enjoy the show for what it is: basic entertainment that’s trying to be witty and intelligent. The storylines thusfar have been pretty good, if a bit rushed (the first episode could easily have been a two-hour premiere and was paced very awkwardly at an hour). Still, fun stuff.

Haunted… Talk about a surprise from UPN. Matthew Fox (Charlie from Party of Five) stars as a detective who can communicate with the dead… actually, they communicate more with him, it’s not really a two way thing. It’s push, not pull. Anyway, the show manages to do what no other show has done in the last five years: be both tense and creepy. The writing is good, the lighting is phenomenal, and the overall feel is nice and gritty, reminiscent of a really good horror movie. Great stuff here that I hope hangs on.

And while I’m still waiting for the season debuts of The Simpsons and 24, I’ve been more than satisfied by the second season of Smallville. It continues to be a teen drama that rises high above the dreck, offering up a little fun for comic book geeks and some eye candy for both gals and gals.

That 70’s Show is off to a good start this season, but you can feel the steam being sucked out of the show. Nonetheless, it’s still maintains the laughs and has a good cast. But what ever happened to Eric’s sister? The first one or the second one?

What’s your favorite show of the new season?

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