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October 26th, 2002

First Day of the Week

This week, one of the projects I worked on involved lots and lots of calendar-related work, and a natural question came out of it: what do you consider to be the first day of the week?

People tend to jump between either Sunday or Monday. Sunday is traditional, and is used by most calendars… but it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to the working week, Monday is often seen as the real “start” of the week. Me? I stick with Sunday, although the idea of having Saturday as the start of the week is mighty appealing. Imagine: every week starts with the weekend, and ends with Friday. What’s wrong with that? Monday gets lumped in a bit, “humpday” goes away, and Friday becomes even bigger.

Now I’ll just wait until my new Saturday First ™ calendars roll off the assembly line.

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