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November 12th, 2002

My My My

A few days ago, I surfed on over to my insurance company’s site to see what information about my policy was available online. Here is a list of terms used therein.

  • MyHumana
  • MyPrivacy
  • MyHealth Record
  • MyPlan Benefits
  • MyClaims
  • MyClaimsCenter
  • MyPrescriptions
  • MyCommunications Center
  • MyMessages
  • MyPharmacy Tools

Surprisingly, no MyLogout or MyCopyright Notice. Sites like these remind me of this old but accurate article on peterme.

The site, by the way, doesn’t work in anything but IE on the Mac… so I guess I can add MyMonopoly to the mix. (rimshot) Thank you! I’ll be here all week.

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