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November 11th, 2002


Here’s an app that’s been making its rounds recently, proving that the Web is full of procrastinators ducking work: Ghostzilla, a version of the Mozilla browser that lets you surf the web from within any application. It can make a web page look like the application your using or can display it normally and make it disappear when your mouse moves out of the window’s focus.

Ghostzilla’s publishers warn you to “use Ghostzilla to refresh when you need mental breaks from working, but do not use it instead of working” and “If you have a responsible job (an air-traffic controller, for example), where your full attention to what is going on on the screen is vital, please do not use Ghostzilla.”

Of course, I’d never use this application. I’m a diligent air traffic controller, after all. But you might want to try it.

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