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December 10th, 2002


Once upon a time, there was a TV show called Punky Brewster. The show was so successful, it spun off a Saturday morning cartoon called Punky Brewster. The characters were identical, save for one: Slimer… er, no. Gazoo… er, no. Glomer!

Was I the only one traumatized by Glomer as a child? Here was this perfectly normal set of people, albeit animated, and a strange rodent thing. It just doesn’t mesh.

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FROM: Monica
DATE: Tuesday December 10, 2002 -- 12:46:49 pm
I remember being mad that Punky Brewster wasn't on because of some baseball game. It was the World Series.
I was confused why Glomer wasn't in both shows, but he didn't scare me any more than the robot girl who slept in the closet.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday December 11, 2002 -- 12:25:52 am
By that "robot girl that slept in the closet" you mean Vickie my future wife.

FROM: jj
DATE: Tuesday July 15, 2003 -- 12:12:38 am
I've been telling girls for years that they remind me of that "little magical animal" from Punky brewster and noone could think of the name for years, true trivia, until I looked it up today. Its Glomer!!!

FROM: Emma Brewster
DATE: Monday December 12, 2005 -- 8:09:56 pm
Yep- My last name's Brewster. I basically am Punky...err....


Glomer is a shady little character. I never really knew what his deal was. Talking little racoon/prairie dog with magical powers? And what's the deal with Punky stealing him from his homeland? Is he not resentful at all? Shady business...

However, I wasn't really traumatized by him. Given he is a tad questionable, he does get punky and co. out of some sticky situations...reliable little fella!

I think Glomer is just a guy you have to take at face value and love...if one can love an animated magical koala (or whatever he is).

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