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December 11th, 2002

The Worst SNL Guest Ever

I’m an off-and-on SNL fan… I’ve been on more often than off, but I can certainly acknowledge their bad episodes and frequently bad skits, even among their more clever sketches (ie. anything that doesn’t star Chris Kattan). This past weekend, though, was the worst appearance by a guest star—certainly in recent memory—and perhaps ever. Who was this world famous movie star?

Robert DeNiro.

Despite the talent that DeNiro has on the big screen, apparently he has a lot of trouble memorizing lines for sketch comedy. He was constantly staring just below the camera (presumably at cue cards) and flubbed his lines so frequently, it was getting embarassing to watch. His characters were mere cardboard cutouts of his own bigger-than-life personality. If it wasn’t for the amusing writing on “Bedtime Story” and Norah Jones’ surprisingly sublime performances, I wouldn’t hesitate to label this as the worst SNL in the last three years. Damn, DeNiro, even John McCain looked more comfortable and prepared than you…

What are your all time favorite “worst moments” on SNL?

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