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December 19th, 2002

Small Wonder

Small Wonder has knocked around the comments of various Pings through the ages, but the time has come that VICI and the Lawsons got their very own Pingspace.

We all remember Small Wonder, the story of a robot-girl named VICI (“Voice Input Child Identicant”) created by her father, Ted Lawson. VICI’s brother was the totally-dorky-but-supposedly-cool Jamie Lawson and her mom was the unbelievably annoying soccer mom-in-hiding Joan Lawson. The requisite nosy neighbors were the Brindles (whose daughter, Harriet, had a huge crush on Jamie, that sexy thang) and the mother, Bonnie, was played by Mrs. Poole herself, Edie McClurg.

If you were a fan of the show, be sure to check out the creepy, but complete, fan page dedicated to way more than you’d ever need to know about this piece of 80s sitcom history. Just be sure to avoid the scary fan fiction page.

Oh, and does anyone remember this great ad that ran?

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FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday December 19, 2002 -- 9:38:43 am
I'm surprised there's no robot erotica in the fanfic. Unless I'm not digging deep enough.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday December 19, 2002 -- 9:54:15 am
The boy in the family looks a little... peaked... in that ad.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday December 19, 2002 -- 10:44:27 am
You didn't by chance watch "I Love The 80's" on VH1 last night did you? Small Wonder was in the 84 segment. I honestly don't remember the show - but I was living overseas from 83-85 so that might explain it.

FROM: Greg C
DATE: Thursday December 19, 2002 -- 12:31:30 pm
Small Wonder! In 1985, when I was 16, I knew the show was doomed, but wished it would stay on the air JUST long enough for the actress who played VICI to develop. They would *have* to write her father creating breasts for her into the script! But sadly, the show wasn't on the air long enough.

In college I was roommates with Daryl Bartley, the guy who played the next-door neighbor kid in the 2nd season. I dunno if all former child stars are this way, but this guy used to plug up the toilet with his humongoid turds, then refuse to unplug the toilet for 2, 3, 4 days.

I have more stories but it would bore you. :)


FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday December 19, 2002 -- 12:35:27 pm
I think the Ping crowd would be fascinated by the bowel habits of former child stars ;)

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday December 19, 2002 -- 1:21:15 pm
Chris -- No, I hadn't seen that. Very cool.

Somewhat surprisingly, Small Wonder ran for four full seasons.

FROM: aharris
DATE: Thursday December 19, 2002 -- 2:36:33 pm

uh..."creepy" would be the right word...

Does this site feel a little "kiddie porn" to anyone else?

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday December 19, 2002 -- 6:03:17 pm
Matt hasn't commented yet. I'm scared.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday December 20, 2002 -- 9:01:29 am
I think he's in Florida, Robert. :)

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday January 1, 2003 -- 11:52:00 pm
I was in Florida and missed seeing this Ping, but don't worry I imitated Vici countless times while there.

FROM: TheRaven
DATE: Friday March 28, 2003 -- 9:42:44 am
Hey now! Don't be dissin' my bud Daryl and his turds. Just because you wish you could plug up the toilet but couldn't. LOL

Hey, you should have grown some balls and unplugged the toilet yourself if you were so concerned about it.

See ya on the flip-side.

FROM: Jester
DATE: Friday March 28, 2003 -- 10:27:15 pm

You mean a big turd like that Greg?

You doughie dipshit.

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