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December 19th, 2002

Small Wonder

Small Wonder has knocked around the comments of various Pings through the ages, but the time has come that VICI and the Lawsons got their very own Pingspace.

We all remember Small Wonder, the story of a robot-girl named VICI (“Voice Input Child Identicant”) created by her father, Ted Lawson. VICI’s brother was the totally-dorky-but-supposedly-cool Jamie Lawson and her mom was the unbelievably annoying soccer mom-in-hiding Joan Lawson. The requisite nosy neighbors were the Brindles (whose daughter, Harriet, had a huge crush on Jamie, that sexy thang) and the mother, Bonnie, was played by Mrs. Poole herself, Edie McClurg.

If you were a fan of the show, be sure to check out the creepy, but complete, fan page dedicated to way more than you’d ever need to know about this piece of 80s sitcom history. Just be sure to avoid the scary fan fiction page.

Oh, and does anyone remember this great ad that ran?

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