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December 20th, 2002

The WTC Designs

The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation has put together its plans for rebuilding the former WTC site. There are detailed slideshows with copious amounts of pictures for your perusal.

My overall impression is not good. There are nice aspects of almost every plan (mostly in the memorials), but there’s nothing here that really encapsulates everything. I was somewhat surprised to see that almost every plan is radical; some have really challenging architectural designs, and some have tons of open space. But not a single one of these really stuck with me and engrossed me. None.

The design of the WTC was, above all, impressive. It truly was a symbol of capitalism and trade, with a design that certainly didn’t beat one over the head with gee-whiz features. It could win people over with its sheer size and volume. It is arguable as to whether that’s a good thing or not, but it seems that these new designs are full of gee-whiz features (a twisting museum 60 floors up?) that don’t feel truly timeless.

Maybe Roger Ebert said it best when he suggested that the site be an open, green field. Too bad the LMDC needs office space.

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