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December 30th, 2002

Slow Cookin’

Paul’s car broke down on the way to the Ping, so I’m filling in for him today.

With all the emphasis and shelf space that is given to microwave foods and quick-fix dinners, one method of cooking?a philosophy, really?is still alive and kicking, bucking the trend of “gimmie now!”: slow cookers and crock pots.

Most of us don’t think about dinner until we’re already home from work and are scrounging for something to eat. This usually results in throwing in a quick microwave meal, heating up some leftovers, or at the best, stir-frying whatever’s at hand and throwing it on some rice. All of these things are fine, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to take some time and cook a meal. Like, how about 8-10 hours?

We bought a crock pot earlier this year with money from our wedding. I remembered my grandfather always making soups with his and I thought a slow cooker would be just the right thing for preparing a nice stew or soup ahead of time. It took a while for me to find a vegetarian slow-cooker cookbook, but I got one for Christmas and this morning I fixed some potato, leek, and spinach soup that will be ready by the time I get home tonight. While I found myself a little rushed this morning (I definitely should have chopped the leeks and potatoes last night before bed), I liked the whole method and philosophy of preparing a meal far ahead of time, allowing it to cook slowly over the course of an entire day, and having it be ready to eat after a day at work. Really, it’s probably faster than a microwave meal if measured from the point I get home. Plus, there’s the added bonus of walking into a house that smells like soup… mmm…

Does anyone else swear by the slow cooker? What are your favorite recipes?

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday December 30, 2002 -- 10:40:00 am
We are frequent crock pot cookers - Michelle makes a wonderful tomato based soup that takes all day to cook.

FROM: Alette
DATE: Monday December 30, 2002 -- 3:21:40 pm
My mom taught me how to make Beef Burgundy in a crock pot. Mmmmm.

FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday December 31, 2002 -- 12:28:56 am
I would truly love the recipe for the beef burgundy!!!! Please share, Alette, if you read this!!! I know, you guys don't want this to be a recipe-swap site, but if it makes the day brighter for a reader, isn't it worth it!? Maybe in 2003 I will reveal my real name. While eating something from the crock pot. I made cheese soup in it once.

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday December 31, 2002 -- 2:55:16 pm
While there are a lot of things I love that are made in a crock pot, I feel really uneasy about leaving things cooking while I'm not home. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but you never know...

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday December 31, 2002 -- 3:39:35 pm
Rob -- I'm the same way... but the crock-pot we have has an automatic turn-off if it becomes overheated. Of course, if this happens, the unit is rendered unusable and you have to call the company, but it's still a nice little assurance.

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