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December 29th, 2002


I remember being fascinated as a kid by the 2XL, a little robot-looking device that acted as your own quiz show host. Interestingly, the original 2XL ran on 8-track tapes, fast-forwarding and rewinding depending on the answers that you gave. The smart-alec voice was actually pretty cool because it didn’t sound like a synthesized robotic voice, but more like a guy selling pizzas in Brooklyn.

I had a 2XL for a short time, but it broke pretty quickly, probably due to its reliance on the notoriously short life of 8-track tapes. Later on, a cassette version of the 2XL was released and presumably had a longer shelf-life.

Anyone else have memories of this cool, but generally forgotten, piece of eduatainment history?

Posted in Childhood Memories

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