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January 22nd, 2003

Just Like Me

A few days ago, I started actively reading Tinotopia, which I found through Ryan’s other little “side project” Internet website. And I found Tinotopia to be quite good.

Of course, I realized why it was so good: Tino’s opinions were very similar to my own, and he was simply expounding on things. That’s all. I read through a fair number of his entries and agreed on a lot of them. The ones I disagreed with, I skipped.

But that got me to wondering something. How many blogs, magazines, and books do I read offering a different opinion than my own? The answer is, “Not many, if any at all.” Everything I can think of is in line with my thought patterns. It’s hard for me to fathom liking George W. Bush, for instance. But there are people who do, and chances are fair that they’re in print or on the web.

I guess part of it is just human nature, and wanting one’s opinions to be validated. Do you read anything that differs greatly from your personal viewpoint?

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