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January 21st, 2003

Auto Relationships

If there’s one place where we jump to conclusions about someone else’s personality, one place where we’re apparently preprogrammed to prejudge, it’s in the car.

Despite the fact you have no verbal interaction with the other drivers on the road, it’s not unusual to peg somebody as “the type of jackass that makes a lane change without using his singnal” or “the type of jerk that travels the speed limit in the left lane.” And don’t get me started on tailgaters and my desire to send them through their windshield by hitting my brakes. At the same time, you begin to feel a kinship with people who are making the same long drive as you, the people you keep passing and who keep passing you over a several hundred mile stretch. And you think highly of the big rigs that flash their lights to thank you for letting them in.

I don’t know about you, but I make enough judgements in my 15 minute drive to work in the morning to last me the rest of the day. If I made those type of snap judgements about people when I wasn’t in my car, I’d be the most miserable person in the world.

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FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday January 21, 2003 -- 10:22:20 am
Yeah. Like that'd be SO different.

FROM: Robben
DATE: Tuesday January 21, 2003 -- 1:36:40 pm
Here all this time, I figured those lane-changing drivers had bought cars that came without turnsignals. I was happy mine came with all the optional safety features installed. :-)

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday January 21, 2003 -- 3:35:26 pm
I do think there is a difference between judging people that you have regular contact with, and people you don' i.e. car drivers. I like to apply the same rationale to professional sports and wrestling. There are people I hate on some teams or in the WWE, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like them in person.

FROM: you can call me joan
DATE: Tuesday January 21, 2003 -- 11:13:21 pm
I fear all SS Monte Carlo drivers. All of them.

I think that people who have xenon lights are inconsiderate....they cause me much pain at night. I drive a VW (as I have for 15 years) and when I was driving my dad's car cross country last winter, I marveled that people in the passing lane were literally getting out of my way as I came up behind them! I thought it must have been that I was in a car bigger than a mailbox, but my dad pointed out that it was because of the killer headlights. OW! I feel bad for those people.

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