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January 26th, 2003

Your Favorite Donut

Several years ago, there was no competition for the best chain-store donut in Chicago: it was Dunkin’ Donuts, or nothin’. But then, Krispy Kreme breezed into town and changed a lot of minds on how good a mass-produced donut could be.

Out of the two, which do you prefer and why?

And of course, if you know of a small bakery that makes a donut superior to both… feel free to chime in with that info.

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday January 26, 2003 -- 11:22:56 am
There is no competition. Krispy Kremes are the food of Gods. I lived in Atlanta for 10 years, so they are not the "big deal" to me they are to people up North. I used to having a Krispy Kreme on every corner.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday January 26, 2003 -- 11:49:49 am
The Krispy Kreme near me has a drive-thru. They win for that reason alone, although I've used it only twice in one year.

FROM: SailorMoonFan
DATE: Sunday January 26, 2003 -- 1:27:25 pm

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday January 26, 2003 -- 2:06:50 pm
Krispy Kreme is definately superior to the wack-ass Dunkin Donuts. Most of my alltime worst food service experiences have come from Dunkin Donuts. One time I was at one and asked for water and was told I would have to buy it. Another time I wasn't allowed to buy any of the good donuts that were already made, because they were for the morning customers. Almost everytime you go to one they are out of anything good, and many times the ones in my area aren't even open at regular hours. As far as I'm concerned Dunkin Donuts is the pits.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday January 26, 2003 -- 2:52:07 pm
The summer after my freshman year of college, I was travelling by train to visit Huyen in Roanoke. On the way down, I sat next to this high school girl who was from the area and she told me that I had to try Krispy Kreme donuts when I got into town. I had never heard of them at that point, but I made it a point to try one out when I got to Roanoke... I was definitely impressed (I got it nice and warm, which makes a big difference).

No matter where the donut's from, though, I always feel like crap after eating one... usually because I pick the "heavy" donuts with the thick cream.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday January 26, 2003 -- 3:26:00 pm
One more thing: a bunch of glazed donuts right out of the fryer at the KK in Alexandria, VA and a huge cup of coffee in the middle of the night will result in the best/worst feelings you can get from food.

FROM: SailorMoonFan
DATE: Sunday January 26, 2003 -- 8:36:45 pm
I really like Krispy Kreme...I feel so sad...why r all of my comments being deleted? and i cant post on the driving ages one...i promise not to be off-topic anymore...please!

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday January 26, 2003 -- 10:33:53 pm
Death By Donuts: I first had Krispy Kreme donuts while in TN 8 years ago, and I ate close to a dozen glazed in one sitting. They are so innocently light and fluffy, you don't realize what you are really ingesting.

I remember reading a Newsweek article a few years ago saying that when Clinton first moved into the White House, he was having them delivered by Fed Ex. His personal dietician found out about it and put it to a very quick stop!

I also read that if you want to open your very own Krispy Kreme, you need to commit to opening FIVE of them! Yikes. That is why we don't see many of them in PA, but many grocery stores and convenience stores now carry the donuts, so we are not being deprived. I recommend nuking the glazed ones for 8 seconds before consuming them (since they are nice and room temperature when we buy them).

Here is a topic for another Ping! How and when did bagel shops drive out all the Dunkin Donuts!!??

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday January 26, 2003 -- 10:43:09 pm
SailorMoonFan -- Try posting something substantial rather than having ten "different" people posting from the same IP address in a five minute span, OK?

FROM: Robben
DATE: Monday January 27, 2003 -- 4:43:19 am
Tim Hortons donuts rule here in Canada!

FROM: cm
DATE: Wednesday January 29, 2003 -- 8:04:54 pm
Krispy Kreme is good for its variety of donuts, but sometimes I just like to have some small munchkins from Dunkin Donuts.

FROM: Nikki
DATE: Tuesday April 22, 2003 -- 2:22:19 am
Krispy Kremes are the best in the world. They taste very good hot.
My second would have to be Entemenn's CRUMB donuts, mmm...Where have those commercials gone?

FROM: Christine
DATE: Monday May 19, 2003 -- 1:40:06 am
KRISPY KREME SUCKS! They taste so gross. My friend took me to a Krispy Kreme once and was ranting and raving about how good they were, after eating the first one I was asking where the first Dunkin Donuts was. The donuts do NOT taste good. Plus they don't sell anything else besides donuts and the coffee SUCKS! Dunkin Donuts ALL THE WAY!

FROM: Rick L
DATE: Monday May 19, 2003 -- 3:09:34 pm
I use to work in a software store right next to Dunkin Donuts. Sure we'd see the occasional roach fleeing through cracks in the wall during spring cleaning time but it was still a good donut. However there is simply NO comparison when it comes to freshness. Not only do you get to see the fresh hot donuts come off the bakery line, the workers at Krispy Kreme are actually up front and honestly about how fresh/not fresh which donuts are and they even speak the correct language to convey the information to you!! How Could you possibly go wrong with that??


FROM: Valerie Barbeau
DATE: Monday September 8, 2003 -- 9:55:31 pm
No way KK sucks. We waited for 2 hours in line in Beaverton, Oregon and got 4 dozens of every kind. They were the smallest do-nuts ever. Do-Nut a Day here in Beaverton is the best and Walmart Super centers are second. ICK to KK

FROM: hater
DATE: Monday October 6, 2003 -- 5:43:58 am
Krispy Kreme is what's wrong with America. Drive through donuts. Lets watch the country get fatter off this corporate BS. Never had one, never will.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday October 6, 2003 -- 9:22:49 am
Sure, that's the way to go: post an anonymous comment on a website with a half-assed remark about what's wrong with America.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

FROM: donutexpert
DATE: Friday October 10, 2003 -- 1:51:25 pm
KK is way overrated. Some people in the south call them "Bubba donuts" because Bubba types like their food greasy and sugary. They have an awful aftertaste - if you burp 15 minutes after eating one you taste it for hours. Now they are going into Jewel and I think Jewel is making the biggest mistake of their lives. KK used to be known for the "hot donuts now" concept, but who in their right mind is going to stop in a Jewel to buy a KK donut that is about 24 hours old?! And the corporate theives at Jewel are charging $.75 for this crap. Their existing or prior line of donuts sold for $.39-.49 each. So much for Jewel looking to save their customers money on their grocery bill. Speaking of Jewel, they raise the price on their donuts, their profits are tumbling faster than an avalanche, but the big honchos at Boise, ID (Albertson's-parent company of Jewel) are seeing their salaries and bonus go up by 40-50%! Since taking over Jewel in 1998, Albertsons stock has gone from $50/share to $20/share. So the shareholders are getting ripped off, the customers are getting ripped off (Jewel doesnt pass along price concessions they get from suppliers - they keep the money), but the big shot execs in Boise get fat & happy. Krispy Kreme donuts suck!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday October 10, 2003 -- 3:35:08 pm
Sounds like someone's got a case of the Mondays....

FROM: kmw [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday November 21, 2003 -- 11:27:06 am
I stumbled across this page in my search for a place to vent my KK frustration. Krispy Kreme is probably the most overrated thing our earth has EVER produced. I admit that taking a glazed KK donut and microwaving it for ~7 seconds and eating it is "kind of good." It's light and sweet and all of that, sure. And their design is very cool, I like the logo and retro scheme they cover the boxes and buildings with. But it's NOT a quality donut. It is a gas station donut whose only merit shows when the donut is served immediately after birth. And this merit is limited at best; perhaps I have a spoiled taste or something but the ingredients seem very cheap. The coating on a chocolate-covered donut seems to be made of very sugary, processed, bulk ingredients like you'd find in the frosting of school cafateria cake.

The filling in a creme filled donut is reminiscent of the crap in a twinkie. Seriously, compare the two. Similar, except KK's white foam is even grainier and reeks of mass production and low-fidelity. It's full of cheap sweetness and air. Not what I want in a donut.

I believe America buys into these donuts because we LOVE kitsche value and Krispy Kreme is full of it. Perhaps, as Insane Clown Posse fans "love" Fago (another sugary abomination), so also Indies love Krispy Kreme. But this may not be valid either because my boss loves them, my friends love them, and I tolerate them.

What the heck is wrong with people? If you want a satisfying donut, with some "oompf" and the taste of quality ingredients and real soul, go to Tim Horton's. Now there's a real donut.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday November 21, 2003 -- 12:25:33 pm
Say, that sounds familiar....

FROM: Kent
DATE: Wednesday February 25, 2004 -- 10:57:48 am
Krispy Kreme sucks. Everytime I've eaten one it leaves a filmy nasty taste. A friend said I have to try a fresh one so I did. Well, I have to admit that it left a filmier nastier taste. I'd rather eat dog crap. Fresh or not. Besides Winchell's Donuts are the best! I've also never had a bad donut from Dunkin.

FROM: Dan Garcia
DATE: Monday April 19, 2004 -- 5:02:14 pm

FROM: Aaron [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday April 20, 2004 -- 1:36:09 am
Since I just got back from New Orleans, I must say that beignets have taken the top spot on my list.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday April 20, 2004 -- 8:25:27 am

Oh, please. Dunkin' Donuts? Those overfried pieces of dough? Okay, I admit... occasionally I think about them, and might even want them. But "KRISPI [sic] KREME" is a superior donut.

Aaron, I've heard great things about beignets!

FROM: piece of crap
DATE: Sunday June 6, 2004 -- 6:18:13 pm
i think that the KK donuts are too havy and the filling is so unapitizing- they should make donuts with actual fruit filling- that would taste better and decrease obesity (since more people die in america due to obesity than from starvation)

FROM: Lane Williams
DATE: Wednesday June 23, 2004 -- 11:21:41 pm
Krispy Kreme doughnuts are great. Just don't be a pig with them. Dunkin D.?, hah! Yankees can't make a doughnut, they don't even know how to spell them.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday June 24, 2004 -- 10:33:40 am
Wow, just noticed that comment from the appropriately-named "piece of crap..."

they should make donuts with actual fruit filling- that would taste better and decrease obesity (since more people die in america due to obesity than from starvation)

I am intensely curious as to how actual fruit filling in a donut will get rid of all those Darn Fat People. Do tell!

FROM: Krispi Kreme Mama
DATE: Monday July 19, 2004 -- 2:50:46 pm
Krispi Kremes r the BEST!they'll rele make ur day!!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday July 19, 2004 -- 4:45:53 pm
Rele? RELE?!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday September 1, 2004 -- 4:43:46 pm
Yankees can't make a doughnut, they don't even know how to spell them .

Yeah, but our grammar's gooder.

Waldbaum's grocery store makes awesome donuts. When they go on sale, four for a dollar, I have to loosen my belt for a week. Not a whole lot of variety, but what they got's better'n the rest.

Between KK and DD, KK kicks ass. In the Northeast, there's a DD every five feet, either in its own building or in the grocery store or the gas station. Soon, there'll be a little DD at the ATM. Good grief. They inundate you with schlock until you capitulate for lack of choice.

Go to Cleveland, Ohio where the independent donut shop still rules and the big DD demon went bankrupt! Go anywhere! The little shops that dot the landscape reign donut supreme.

If only Starbucks would die.

DATE: Friday September 17, 2004 -- 9:12:53 pm
Dunkin Donuts are FAR superior to Krispy Kreme. And here's the biggest difference besides DD's VARIETY:

Dunkin Donuts actually have TASTE to them. You can actually taste the doughnut, and it's an experience that is one of a kind. You can actually tell the difference between a DOUGHNUT and another sweet and fattening food if you eat Dunkins.

Krispy Kreme, on the other hand, are nothing but sugar. There's no doughnut flavor.

Case closed.

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday September 18, 2004 -- 9:29:33 am
JT: Dunkin Donuts actually have TASTE to them.

Like the chocolate donuts that taste like pure grease? I think I'll take sugar over grease, thank you.

Although, someone should definitely come out with a Sugar Grease Donut. That thing would sell like hotcak... er, donuts.

DATE: Sunday December 5, 2004 -- 11:25:45 am

FROM: Adam
DATE: Saturday February 5, 2005 -- 1:19:02 am
Krispy Kreme is the best hot cold anyway. There microwavable.

They need more shops

FROM: Marilyn
DATE: Tuesday February 8, 2005 -- 11:05:41 am
The best is KK - fresh & hot - with a steaming cup of Arabica Coffee House cafe mocha (Arabica is found in locations around Cleveland, OH). Too good!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday February 8, 2005 -- 1:47:47 pm

Do all the Arabicas still have nicknames? Back in the 1980s we knew them by these nicknames. Glad to hear they're still surviving amidst the Starbucks madness.

Shaker Square (wealthy area): Arachica
University (college kids): Aragreeka
Coventry (artsy fartsy): Arafreaka

I think there were a couple of other locations I've forgotten. I seem to remember an Araweaka all they way out in a lame suburb like *gasp* Mentor.


Any luck on developing the sugar coated grease donut? I'll take a dozen. If you need some ideas, I suggest trying a
deep fried twinkie

FROM: Clarence
DATE: Monday November 28, 2005 -- 9:58:34 am
In the Chicagoland region theres Buttermaid Glazed Donuts that can be found in most of the supermarket Grocery stores in that area. I think their glazed donuts are much fresher/softer and taste better than Krispy Kremes.

FROM: Bigger piece of crap
DATE: Thursday December 15, 2005 -- 11:07:56 am
I hate Krispy Kremes krap (kkk) it sucks very baddly, and i would appreciate it if all thier stores dematerialized from the face of the earth. It cuks!!!!!!!!

FROM: Telletubies that love ben
DATE: Thursday December 15, 2005 -- 11:09:24 am
BEn is playing chicken little again (krispy krap sucks

FROM: more telletubies that loves Ben
DATE: Thursday December 15, 2005 -- 11:12:21 am
We love u ben, we give u tinky twinky perse cause we love u so... Austin luve u too with all our tv screens, gabe, we have more affections for u because u gave us Suck ### krispy kreme krap! From your favorite telletubies that loves ben, Dock!

FROM: Dock
DATE: Thursday December 15, 2005 -- 11:13:09 am
I love krispy krap, gimmie tellies

FROM: ...........
DATE: Thursday December 15, 2005 -- 11:13:52 am

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday December 15, 2005 -- 1:23:16 pm
Kids love to post crap on the Ping.

DATE: Saturday January 28, 2006 -- 11:43:00 am
I would say Dunkin Donuts has the best coffee, and Krispy Kreme Glazed are the best on earth!!

JEFF January 6, 2007, 2:22 am


Opie Taylor August 16, 2007, 5:38 pm

I second the endorsement for Donut Den in Joliet!

I like KK a lot, but Donut Den rules. Big, fresh, not too sweet and not too greasy. Just the best.

I can’t stomach DD. They do no baking at DD, that’s why everything is stale and tasteless there. Tim Horton’s used to be good in the 1970s, but the last time I ate at one across the border in Windsor and later in Ohio, it was just a notch above DD. What a letdown.

Where are there any Winchell’s anymore? They used to be good, but I thought they went the way of BOSA donuts.

MIchael October 22, 2007, 2:46 am


anonymous March 30, 2010, 6:38 pm

Krispy kreme in louisville on bardstown road is a suckarse place.The management there when not vacationing excessively is overly intimidated by the majority black workers(whom there is an overpopulation of due to corporate welfare kickback programs overly taken advantage of by K.K.for hiring minorites)they refuse to correct whats wrong with that store.They treat good workers like shit,take sides and have favorites,they don’t allow for breaks or lunches for production violating state and federal laws.The things that get into those doughnuts are a sin ,as witnessed first-hand such as scrotum hairs in the glaze and tile cleaner in the doughnut water,not to mention mice in and around the building because it is filthy,I kid you not!If you are a customer of this store please try something else for your own safety and of your loved ones.If anyone at kkd corporate reads this it is the unvarnished truth!

JB April 2, 2010, 10:25 pm

While Krispy Kremes came into favor on the west coast a few years ago and were certainly different than the Winchell’s we went to in the 50’s and 60’s, they do appeal to a crowd. When hot off the conveyer belt, they are light and very sweet due to their double coating of sugar, however microwaving does not bring back the “hot one” flavor and texture. Dunkin’ Donuts in Scottsdale used to have a delicious donut until the corporate structure took over. Their donuts now are not as flavorful and the frosting is very skimpy, just barely covers the top. I’m not a coffee expert, but Dunkin Donuts coffee is above the grocery store grade. There are many mom and pop shops that make wonderful donuts around the country. An excellent example is Sweethearts Gourmet Donuts in Anthem, AZ. Beautiful donuts made from top quality. They even have a beniet type of donut that is remimescent of New Orleans.

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