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January 27th, 2003

5 Gigs on a Credit Card

I get more psyched as technology gets smaller. Moreso with portable storage. And even more when the technology will be inexpensive. Like, how does 5 gigs on a credit card, due out later this year grab you? With a sub-$100 reader and $15 media, the credit card-sized drives will also contain a magnetic strip, making it possible they could be read in conventional credit card readers. The drives should be available later this year, if a proper distributor can be found.

The thought makes me drool… like in ancient China where each person might have their own Yixing teapot to carry from place to place, this credit card hard drive could be the average person’s personal storage that’s always kept at hand.

Hopefully, there will be an option for heavy-duty encryption, because losing 5 gigs of personal data because your wallet was stolen could be a pretty big deal. There are a number of other concerns, too, but overall, the technology sounds exciting and inexpensive, so I’m more than ready to give it a shot.

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Paul October 25, 2008, 3:54 pm

This Ping is pretty funny over five years later.

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