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February 2nd, 2003


When I was growing up, the entire idea of recycling things developed. It was one of those “new and radical” things that sounded like a great idea, and really made a lot of sense. Our town had a very simple recycling program: sort everything that can be recycled into the city-provided large, green bins. That’s it.

Once I moved out of my parents’ house, I was surprised to find that recycling programs vary so much from place to place. In Chicago, for instance, the Blue Bag program encourages separation of paper, plastic, and yard waste into special Blue Bags one can purchase at the store. But the odd thing is that this garbage goes in the same physical place as other garbage goes… and that confuses a lot of people.

Nevertheless, given that the city went and spent the time to set up a website detailing what happens, I’m assuming that recycling works. In any event, it feels better to know that I’m not contributing as much trash to the environment as I could be. Do you recycle, and what do you think of it?

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FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Sunday February 2, 2003 -- 7:26:15 pm
I recycle to a degree, but I'm not really motivated to do it.

On a similar note, I visited my folks the other day, and my mom is now gung-ho about recycling, even though there really isnt a local program here (Delaware). She keeps everything she can to recycle it one day, and the house is now full of crap. My dad wants to blow his brains out.

If recycling is ever going to work like it should, it has to be a hell of a lot easier and more accessable. Instead of the trash man coming around, the recycling man coming around..Until that time when this is nationwide, cans will probably be the only real consumer item recycled, with the exception of tires, which the trucking industry does a good job of recycling the rubber.

FROM: vlm
DATE: Sunday February 2, 2003 -- 10:17:29 pm
I remember as a Girl Scout we used to have paper drives. My mother still saves her newspapers...even though the recycling truck comes by weekly. Old habits die hard.

Anyone know how Berwyn does its recycling?

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday February 2, 2003 -- 11:34:55 pm
My roomate in college for two years had been a garbage man one summer in Delaware. He said they just took the tubs of recyclables and threw them in the garbage. That surprised me since he was a geology major.
As for myself, we take all our possible recyclables to the dump where they have all the recyling bins. I am into sorting everything, i.e.: newspapers, cardboard, any type of bottles, paint, and especially mixed paper.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday February 3, 2003 -- 10:19:22 am
There have been a number of exposes where the recycling trucks end up taking all the stuff to the dump -- the one I saw on the news actually followed the truck with a camera.

I'd like to think this is the exception to the rule, though.

We recycle as much as possible -- if you can't be bothered to put your recyclables in a different place than your trash, that's pretty damned lazy (IMO). I occasionally make a trip to the recycling plant to drop off large cardboard boxes, but otherwise put stuff out on the curb on Fridays.

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday February 4, 2003 -- 11:16:48 am
Hrmmm... maybe there should be a Ping about how recycling companies are the scum of the earth...

FROM: Name
DATE: Sunday February 23, 2003 -- 5:54:13 pm
i worked for a company that was anal about recycling. you had to have various recycling bins at your desks for the various stuff you were throwing out. i had to stay late one night at work and the cleaning crew came through... and they dumped all of the garbage from the various recycling bins into one big dumster, all of which would be sent to a landfill. that was a pretty funny moment in an otherwise sucky job.

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