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February 10th, 2003

Parking Habits

When you visit a mall, plaza, store, or other place of shopping with a very large parking lot, where do you tend to park? Are you as close as possible, about halfway to the end of the lot, or at the end of the lot?

A few weeks ago I tried something different than my usual habit; I parked at the absolute last spot in the plaza, far from anyone. I walked to the store, and then walked from store to store in the outdoor plaza. It felt nice to get a little walk in with my shopping duties, and as a bonus, I didn’t have to worry about anyone running a shopping cart into the side of the car.

I do tend to just go for first available, though. And underground parking is often overlooked when above-ground parking is available.

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday February 10, 2003 -- 11:05:55 am
I usually go for the first spot I see, regardless of where it is. I love it when I see somebody waiting for a close in spot and I park far out and they are still waiting as I walk past their car on my way in.

FROM: jk
DATE: Monday February 10, 2003 -- 11:37:50 am
I park far, far away. Even my mother who could qualify for a handicapped space won't get the necessary documents because she fears dings.

Despite this, my brand new bright red car was hit in the parking lot at work last summer, and of course they did not leave a note. I suspect it was someone in a mini-van with blind spots who was not paying attention because her kids were screaming. Kind of like that Brady Bunch episode where the kids didn't see Carol turn her neck because they were fighting.

Funny story: at a restaurant one time, I parked next to a bunch of motorcycles because I thought "No car doors, so they can't possibly ding me!" I happened to sit by a window where I could see my car while we ate, and out came the motorcycle owners, and one of them LEANED on my car like it was a bean bag! So I set off the alarm with the remote. It was priceless to see him jump.

FROM: vlm
DATE: Monday February 10, 2003 -- 2:06:59 pm
In parking lots with shopping carts, I try to park *uphill* so that the carts won't have an easy time flying into my precious ride. I also choose spots where the adjacent cars have smaller doors whenever possible. Street parking, on the other hand, is an absolute JOY since I got the MINI--12' of absolute parallel parking perfection. Yeah, baby, yeah!

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Monday February 10, 2003 -- 5:42:56 pm
It really depends on where I'm going. Forget about going to the maill, and worrying about dings, the real place to worry is the doctor's office, with so many old people..I got my car nearly totaled 6 months ago, because of a 94 year old woman with no insurance. Bah!

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday February 10, 2003 -- 5:51:59 pm
Paul: I'm sorry, that does not count as exercise!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday February 11, 2003 -- 8:38:32 am
Robert: maybe in your twisted world of Soloflexes and treadmills, it ain't!

Oh, wait. It really isn't. I know. I know.

DATE: Monday June 23, 2003 -- 12:22:07 am
I am looking for presentation (charts or power point presentation) for displaying to my colleagues who park in an area where parking place is no limitation, but there is a great indiscipline. Can some one show me where can I find such one.

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