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March 1st, 2003

The Magnificent x-Fer

So last night I go into a video store with the intention of renting one movie. Simple. But then I walk out with five. Want to hear how that happened? Too bad.

I had three free rental coupons left in my coupon book, so I went to rent Best in Show. As I was walking to the counter, I saw that the store was selling used DVDs for $10. Not bad. So I found one I liked and grabbed that as well. When I went to pay, the clerk informed me that if I bought one more used DVD, I’d get a third for free. So I snagged two more decent ones, happy with my $6/DVD purchase. I returned to the counter ready to pay for everything and head out with my rental and my three purchases when a different clerk lets me know that since I picked a 4-day rental, I could pick a second 4-day rental for free. I did. And that, kind folks, is the story of how I went in for one movie and came out with five.

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