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March 17th, 2003

For Sale: Air!

While I’m still trying to grasp the concept of paying for air to fill the tires on your car (yeah, yeah, I know — it pays for the machine, but why all of a sudden when it used to be free?), in recent years, I’ve become even more amazed with a new kind of air-for-sale: Fill-Air.

Fill-Air (and PolyAir’s Air Space) are machines that fill up those little plastic pillows that you find in your mailings with air. Who would have ever thought, with all the effort and time put into manufacturing and using styrofoam peanuts and torn up newspaper that one of the best packing materials turns out to be something we fill our lungs with 21,600 times a day?

As odd as it seemed to me at first, it’s actually probably a good thing for consumers from a cost perspective: mailing a small item packed tightly in a box with air pillows probably costs a noticable amount less than that same box padded with shredded paper (though the plastic may be less eco-friendly).

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