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April 12th, 2003

Store Locators that Suck

Sometimes, all I want to do on a commercial website is find store locations. No more, no less. Tell me where it is, give me basic info, and let me get out of there quickly.

The upshot is that most sites understand this, and work pretty well. “Store Locator”, “Locations”, and “Store Locations” can be found atop most any site. That’s good. But what happens when the locator is there, but stinks? Bad things…

I had a hankering for a tasty sandwich, and I thought of Quiznos. I like their goods, and according to their store locator, there was a location about 8 blocks from my place of employment. So I headed there on lunch yesterday. Guess what?

The store isn’t open for business yet!

Amazingly, it was listed on the Quizno’s site as an open store, complete with phone number. I didn’t try calling, but gee whiz, a simple, “This store is opening soon” would have been courteous.

The best part of the story is that there was a local sandwich shop across the street, where I got my tasty sandwich fix – and they sold Sprecher soda. Yum.

Have you ever used a store locator that was just awful?

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