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April 13th, 2003

I Love the 80s

No, this isn’t an 80s nostalgia Ping… rather, it’s about the series on VH-1 that I had heard a lot about a few months ago. Yesterday, they ran a marathon of all ten of the I Love the 80s episodes back-to-back and I ended up sitting through more of them than I had planned.

By inviting people like Hal Sparks and Mo Rocca to comment throughout the series in addition to the musicians and actors of the era, the show didn’t take on a heavy, documentary feel. Somehow, it managed to be funny without being fluffy, and it certainly inspired a lot of memories (particularly 1985, for me). I was also reminded how much I liked “Wild Boys” by Duran Duran and anything Billy Idol recorded.

Anyone else gotten to see this great series? I’m surprised it hasn’t hit DVD yet…

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