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April 18th, 2003

Comedy Central Presents

If you’re ever looking for a good “fallback” program on TV, I think I can now recommend the stand-up show Comedy Central Presents.

Each is a half-hour, each with a different comic, so things can be very hit-or-miss. But when it’s good, it’s quite good. Last night we watched an episode with Bruce Bruce – and were totally impressed. He was hilarious.

The other bonus on the show, and its similar stand-up ilk, are that you may learn fantastic trivial bits without even knowing it. For instance, there was a fellow who had his own Comedy Central Presents one week… and was on Star Search the next. (He won.)

But my favorite story to tell is this. One night we had just watched an episode of Seinfeld, with a particularly good stand-up bit about banks and the roped-off maze-like lines. (The joke is that you still go through them, even when there are no people there.) Later that night, Kevin James had a special on Comedy Central. We watched. He told the exact same joke, word for word, motion for motion.

We were both shocked that he would take something so blatantly. Maybe James figured, “Heck, he’s off the air! No one will know!” But thanks to Comedy Central, we know. Now you do, too.

Stand-up. Good.

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