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May 11th, 2003

Near Accident

Yesterday I was driving home and was travelling at about 45 mph on a 4-lane road (2 in each direction). As I approached an intersection with no traffic light (I had the right of way), a car came shooting out from beside another car to make a left hand turn. The problem was, she didn’t inch out and look and instead pulled out in front of me. As I laid on my horn and slammed on my brakes, she looked in my direction with a look of fear on her face… if I had to translate the expression it would be “Oh shit, what did I just do?” My wheels screeched and I had to swerve to the right to avoid slamming into her driver side. If I had been looking away for a split second, there’s no doubt I would have plowed into her. I would have walked away from the accident OK (I’d like to think), but this woman, because of her rush to make it across a busy intersection, would have been in some serious trouble.

This was probably the closest I’ve ever come to having an accident… have you ever come really close to wrecking your car, but narrowly avoided it?

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