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May 12th, 2003

No More New Windows

I’ve had it. I have totally had it with sites whose links open in new windows, without any warning. I don’t want to have to do a Control-click on a link, and then open it in a tab, because you wanted to put something in a new window.

By far, I find that commercial sites are very guilty of this. I recently had an experience which left me baffled: every single link on a particular site (no names mentioned) opened in a new window. Why? Either the whims of some crackerjack FrontPage jockey, or a similarly shortsighted mandate from his/her higher-ups.

Opening links in a new window is bad. It is disruptive. Only the user should be able to determine if a link opens in a new window or not. Don’t second-guess me.


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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday May 12, 2003 -- 10:55:10 am
(flavor flav)
Yeeeeeah BOY-EEEE!
(/flavor flav)

Some sites are definitely guiltier than others. I find that a lot of the entertainment/music sites just do crazy amounts of opening new windows.

Bah. Annoying. Word to your mother.

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