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May 15th, 2003

Two Weeks

If, starting today, you were given two weeks off but were required to stay home (not necessarily in your house, but in the area), how would you spend your time?

Me? I’m glad you asked.

I’d spend three days spring cleaning the house from top to bottom. I’d spend two hours each day focusing on work in my studio and two hours on my web sites. I’d eat lunch on the porch, take a 45-minute nap afterwards, and then go for a run. I’d also make it a point to cook a new recipe at least every other evening. At night, I’d catch up on movies, hang out with The Wife, and eat illegal Oreos.

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday May 15, 2003 -- 3:23:05 pm
I'm doing that right now - but it is only one week. It's a week between jobs - so I'm not paid either. I've cleaned and organized the garage, done some landscaping, ripped a bunch of CD's onto my hard drive as MP3's, played disc golf, researched jacuzzis and what is involved in installing one in my backyard, and I attended my daughter's horse riding lesson.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday May 15, 2003 -- 10:57:16 pm
I would bake something chocolate, flip my mulch outside since it's nice and dark underneath, IRON all the things that I have ignored for the past month...order from amazon, dust like mad, and watch way too much HGTV and Food Network.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday May 15, 2003 -- 11:17:40 pm
Sleep. Lots and Lots of Sleep.

Yeah, I'd do other stuff too, but I've gotta catch up on some sleep. At least sleep past 4:30a (when I have to wake up now)

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Friday May 16, 2003 -- 2:20:30 am
I would try and sleep in, read all the books I bought when I didn't have time to read, go window shopping, help my son plant flowers in front of the house, watch movies til late at night, maybe wear my pj's all day for 1 day.

FROM: Rick L
DATE: Tuesday May 20, 2003 -- 10:42:05 am
Hmmm... maybe I'm in the wrong place. You guys don't seem nearly as geeky as I'd imagined.

I'd have to say I'd play EverQuest until my eye's bled. And then I'd use a sherpa to guide me through some online Diablo whilst I was blind. After I slept for 12 hours and regained my sight I'd watch the porn movies my GF doesn't know I have... and some of the ones she does. I'd shave every 2 days but only half my face. I'd eat cheese sandwhich's like they were in style and then I'd play with the imaginary dog. And I would laugh and frolic since I don't have children to worry about stepping on. I'd also probably wander around the gap talking to myself and crying then yelling about how they don't have fat people clothes anymore.

That's just me though.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday May 20, 2003 -- 11:13:43 am
I'm scared. Someone hold me. *grins*

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