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May 14th, 2003

Lincoln Sells, Baby!

After reading a story in the Chicago Tribune about Brunswick’s rebranding (ho-hum), I started looking around their billiards site. And right there on the front page is… Honest Abe.

So I clicked, and found a large history of the company. What did Abraham Lincoln have to do with it? As it turns out, he was the first ‘celebrity’ owner of a Brunswick. Okay, so that’s somewhat interesting. But scroll down to the bottom of the page. Oh, look! It’s an ad with Abe Lincoln as a non-paid, deceased, immensely popular spokesperson-by-proxy!

Does that strike anyone else as a little odd?

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday May 14, 2003 -- 9:38:37 am
At least it's better than the Coors Light commercials from a few years ago with John Wayne pitching beer.

When did Abe Lincoln become sexy to the advertising world? Did I just say Abe Lincoln and sexy in the same sentence? I'm gonna throw up now.

Seriously, what's the attraction to dead people advertising? I think it's just a poor excuse for the next of kin to rake in money off someone else's name. Is it wrong? Probably, but however tacky it is, I can't really say I blame em. If my dad was famous, and someone wanted to pay me a couple mil for him in advertising, I'd probably do it, unless I was already famous/wealthy myself.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Wednesday May 14, 2003 -- 3:08:14 pm
One would think that Abe would be selling cars for Ford.

FROM: evan [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday May 17, 2003 -- 8:07:34 am
Abe might've been shilling for Ford's Lincoln division, except for those bad memories of a particular night at Ford's Theater. He's probably not to thrilled about the dour likenesses of him, (the original) George W. and Andrew J. in those debit card commercials.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday May 17, 2003 -- 11:18:28 am
Can you imagine the campaign for that? "Abraham Lincoln for Ford (we're sorry about that theater thing)...."

DATE: Friday May 23, 2003 -- 8:50:19 am
On the subject of 'Honest Abe', has anyone seen the new video from Electric Six. Following up the amusing, yet disturbing 'Danger, High Voltage!' video, they are now going for the 'Abe Lincoln in hot-pants' look in 'Gay Bar'. I'm pretty sure they're from Canada, I probably shouldn't be surprised...

FROM: Carrolann Chambers
DATE: Friday July 11, 2003 -- 10:32:57 pm
I am researching the use of Abraham Lincoln in popular culture - advertising for a national scholarship essay. I found your discussion very interesting, may I quote a few sentences and your names in my essay??? Please email me to give permission. Winning essay gets published in the Lincoln Forum Bulletin...infamy anyone????? Carrolann

FROM: Mary Lee Behar
DATE: Saturday July 26, 2003 -- 1:41:14 pm
I am on the same quest as Carrolann. May I too receive permission by email? Thanks :)

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