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May 22nd, 2003

Pottery Barn

I must confess, I have no idea what the heck Pottery Barn is supposed to be about.

I stepped into one of their stores last week, and I couldn’t find anything. Then I realized, “This is almost all expensive crap.” Save for a pretty nice 50’s-style (“retro”) stereo, everything else was a little too… Crate and Barrel-plus for me.

Do we need Pottery Barn? Much less, Pottery Barn Kids?

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday May 22, 2003 -- 12:11:16 pm
I swear these kinds of places are made just to torture boyfriends and husbands.

"Honey, I'm sorry I was out late with the boys last night having a few beers.."

"We're going to Pottery Barn to teach you a lesson"


Where the name "Pottery Barn" is, feel free to sub in Bath and Body Works, Trendy Women's Clothing Stores, Scrapbook Shops, etc...

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday May 22, 2003 -- 12:30:45 pm
They sell reproductions of classic stuff to people that are too lazy to actually go find the classic stuff, but want their friends to think they did. Remember the Friends episode where Rachael is redecorating the apt with Pottery Barn stuff and claiming she is finding it at flea markets?

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday May 22, 2003 -- 6:21:43 pm
Yep, it's expensive stuff, which is why I head for the sale section. Their turkish wash cloths are quite nice. On the other hand, I LOVE Restoration Hardware. I would give up my career with my current retail giant employer if RH were to come to town.

Trivia: for a brief time in the 1980s, the GAP owned Pottery Barn. Back when no one shopped there.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday May 22, 2003 -- 6:40:12 pm
I don't think I've even seen a Pottery Barn store in my entire life. WTF?

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday May 22, 2003 -- 7:44:00 pm
Robert --

Trust me, you aren't missing a damn thing.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday May 22, 2003 -- 10:25:38 pm
....feeling like the lone female at the Ping.....sniff :o(.....

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday May 22, 2003 -- 10:29:38 pm
jk --

Don't get the wrong impression about me here, I'm a guy who does enjoy going to antique auctions to find furniture to refinish, electronics to fix, etc....In my last relationship, though, I would get dragged to these kinds of stores, even though she knew that they were my least favourite. I didn't drag her into sports games or sports bars, so I never quite understood why I was considered evil when I complained about going to these places.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Thursday May 29, 2003 -- 10:06:32 pm
My boyfriend has a really old metal desk that's really heavy. He got it for free, but said he was just going to leave it at the curb when he moves in August. That thing is really really hard to take apart... it's just not worth moving with.
I saw the PB catalog at my parents' and found his desk, in grey instead of tan, was going for 1500$. The description said something about the Eisenhower era... (rolling eyes)
The whole thing/attitude is Martha Stewart stuff crossed with J. Peterman crossed with Crate and Barrel... or even Pier 1.
There's "PB teen" now, too. Ghastly.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday May 29, 2003 -- 10:38:27 pm
Dave, I did not take it personally! In reality, my mom is a retired antique dealer, so like Monica, I have the real old stuff. I do like walking through the stores for ideas of how to arrange or accessorize my own stuff.

Unless it's my gay friend Mark, I would drag no man through Pottery Barn. (He is seriously a good shopping companion!) One time I went with my friend Bill to advise him as he bought a suit, and I thought I would DIE. I gained complete insight into what men go through. I was tired, thirsty, couldn't find a place to sit in most of the stores, and at one point, I just plopped down onto the floor and rested against a wall. I apologize for women as whole...we should not make you come with us.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday May 30, 2003 -- 1:07:10 am
jk --

Marry me. ;)

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday May 30, 2003 -- 8:53:06 am
The Daily Ping... bringing people together, two at a time.

FROM: jk
DATE: Saturday May 31, 2003 -- 12:06:38 am
Ahhhh, you guys are funny. I am probably a little too conservative for anyone on this board. :o)

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday May 31, 2003 -- 12:18:41 am
Try me. We have barely scraped the surface of my political views, with the exception of cussing out stupid people about French Fries..I think you'd be pleasantly surprised...

Got off topic, sorry.

Pottery Barn still sucks. ;-)


FROM: jk
DATE: Saturday May 31, 2003 -- 12:31:30 am
I recently stopped eating French fries because I read that a substance that's essentially a plastic is produced in the frying process. Were it not for that, I'd still be eating them, drowned in gravy. Wait, this should be on a Ping that made fun of people who couldn't say FRENCH!

FROM: meg
DATE: Monday May 24, 2004 -- 9:29:05 pm
I think it is time for people to start making their homes look their homes instead of page 57 and 12 from the pottery barn catalogue.

Jeff December 23, 2009, 5:40 pm

Pottery Barn sucks!! Two months ago I ordered a headboard for the bride and groom’s bed, and in spite of being backordered only 10 days, and in spite of it being in their warehouse in New Jersey “getting ready for shipment to Florida” for 3 weeks, I still don’t have it.

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