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May 22nd, 2003

Pottery Barn

I must confess, I have no idea what the heck Pottery Barn is supposed to be about.

I stepped into one of their stores last week, and I couldn’t find anything. Then I realized, “This is almost all expensive crap.” Save for a pretty nice 50’s-style (“retro”) stereo, everything else was a little too… Crate and Barrel-plus for me.

Do we need Pottery Barn? Much less, Pottery Barn Kids?

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Jeff December 23, 2009, 5:40 pm

Pottery Barn sucks!! Two months ago I ordered a headboard for the bride and groom’s bed, and in spite of being backordered only 10 days, and in spite of it being in their warehouse in New Jersey “getting ready for shipment to Florida” for 3 weeks, I still don’t have it.

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