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May 23rd, 2003

Jackasses of the Month:

The winners of the Ping’s Jackasses of the Month Award for May are the folks at Not only are they spammers, they’re technically inept.

They started with frequent spamming to a general info@ account at my work, meaning a host of people get it. I can guarantee no one ever asked to be on the list. That alone elevates them to Prince of Jackasses.

What pushes them to King, though, is the fact that their spam list was contained as part of an internal address So, when people that received the spam started replying, they ended up doing a reply-to-all and included the entire spam list in their reply. All day yesterday I (and who-knows-how-many-thousands-of-others) received business inquiries, “please remove me” requests, and people responding to other people’s response saying “I AM NOT PRINCETON DISC!” The assholes at Princeton Disc are spammers and technological idiots at the same time. It’s a deadly combination.

I also nominate every dumb ass who replied to the original message for Co-Jackass of the Month. I say that “Reply-to-all” must be removed from all e-mail programs because clearly, there are just too many people that can’t handle it.

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