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May 27th, 2003

The New TV Season: A Wrap-Up

In October I talked about some of the shows of the new TV season that I enjoyed. In February, I wrote a mid-season follow-up. Here’s my own take on how the season ended for the shows I mentioned.

John Doe… It had its problems all season, but it was still enjoyable enough to keep me coming back. The finale was strong and ended with a good cliffhanger, setting up what was sure to be an interesting second season. Unfortunately, the show was recently cancelled. I think UPN would be the perfect home if somehow FOX would give up the rights. Not likely, so now we’ll never know about Digger’s involvement in the conspiracy against Doe.

Haunted… I’m still lamenting the early-in-the-season cancellation. Great show that had the rug pulled out from under it just when it was gaining some momentum.

That 70’s Show… I hereby predict a totally wack next (final?) season when the group is away at college. The finale was just… weird… with the characters acting very, well, out-of-character. The upswing in seriousness for the show hasn’t been a good thing.

Smallville… A very strong season, overall, especially in the second half. But the final minutes of the finale totally annoyed me, again, with Clark acting entirely out-of-character.

24… What an awesome show. It held my attention all season and ended with a good, strong episode. It wasn’t as much of a shocker as last year’s, but the addition of a cliffhanger (since they’ve already been renewed for another season) is a good move. Well done, Jack, now get some sleep.

With this year’s TV season behind us… now it’s time to get outside and enjoy the summer weather.

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